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  1. Looks amazing for 6 months and you'll certainly get where you want to be very soon, well done mate! Keep the blow dried back pics coming in the following updates please, cheers
  2. Definately continue to improve month on month, hope your concern area resolves itself soon too. Can you please do a spike up pic , close up from front and top both to get us a better idea of density? TIA
  3. Great result mate. Can you please do a spike up pic , close up from front and top both to get us a bettwr idea of density? Thanks
  4. You have come a longway from where you started and it continues to improve, well done! I assume no hair product used in above pics? Looking great already and hope it gets more dense soon, cheers
  5. Wow great progress and shorter haircut is certainly making a huge difference. Would you mind doing a pic with dry hairs spiked up or combed back please to give us a better idea of density at this stage?
  6. Very promising progress and the comparison pics certainly will help calm a lot of people, thanks for it. I think by the end of 7th month you'll be able to style it however you like
  7. Great result so far. Looking at pic 4, think slickback style will look even better with some styling product. Thanks for your regular updates
  8. What a great result man, very happy for you. Try a bit of volumizing mousse and styling putty, sure will look even better. Tks for your regular updates
  9. Looking good for 6 months, hope it keeps getting better from here on. Looking forward to your 7 months update
  10. Definately improving as time passes, hope it continues to grow further. Looking forward to your 6 month update.
  11. Good even growth and progressing well, a lot of people will be very happy to be where you're in 19 weeks. Thanks for the updates, very helpful
  12. Great result for just 6 months. Seems density look pretty good when u hold hairs back with your hand but a bit see through when left styled (pic 2 vs 1), do you feel the same or is it just me? Hope this improves as hair gets thicker in following months
  13. Right on track mate, looks amazing for just 3 months and 20 days. Very few ppl see majority of the growth in 4th month and no worries if you're not one of them. I'm very confident you'll have excellent result by the end of 6th month. And pls dont change to monthly updates, share the exciting weekly updates with us pls if possible
  14. Dude what an excellent result! I'm sure this was one of the best decisions of your life.
  15. Great result for 5 months and very excited to see your 6 months update soon. Being that said, I'll expect it to get denser in following months
  16. Amazing result mate, you shiuld be very happy. I wouldnt worry too much abt redness as not really visible and unfortunately everyone recovers at a different pace, i'll recommend keep using aloe vera gel everyday and sweet almond oil once a week
  17. Wow you have had great growth for 4 months, one of the best I have seen. Highly recommend to grow your hairs in length while your shockloss recovers.
  18. Doesn't look that bad mate, 4 more weeks and you'll be thru it. I plan the same post 2 weeks, leave as is in office and home and wear baseball cap everywhere else. Have day 2 surgery on Monday, doesnt look like I'll have much redness but lets see.