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  1. looks great congratulations. How many months is it? Did you tell anyone you had a ht? Did anyone notice? How about styling now, can you shave your sides down low or can you see the fue marks? can you style your hair easy now do you have to keep it longer or can you go shorter if needed? Just curious and sorry for so many questions! Have been contemplating the same procedure and I'm at the same norwood or worse than you were so still not sure if I can pull it off but very happy for you!
  2. I'm a norwood 5-6 i have a little hair on top that I keep short and use toppik and paste to fill in everyday, I buzz the sides real high like the patient in your picture, I was wondering if you can have smp all over the top first while I have the hair that I wear now, and then do an a large fue procedure 3000-4000 . Can a fue procedure be completed after smp, is it safe and would that help minimize the redness post procedure?
  3. Hello just wondering if you had any updates and wondering how you are coming along?
  4. Thanks Newbie for posting this, Ive been researching this as well and am very interested in the same information regarding having smp prior to fue. I talked with Dr. Vories about this and he said he has had some patients do this before and he said that if I were to have the smp before the fue surgery, to make sure it was at least 2 weeks prior to surgery. I agree with you Newbie that hopefully the smp prior to the fue would camouflage the redness and ugly duckling phase. I've searched and searched though and there are few examples of this type of procedure in the smp then fue afterwards. There is an example on here of Dr. Shapiro doing this for a patient and also Dr. Wesley, which can be found on this forum and also their websites. I haven't found many other examples. There is a Dr. Yates in Chicago that has some examples from a few years ago on youtube but only a few and in my research he has had mixed reviews. For those of us who can't take a month or more off work and don't want to let anyone know about the procedure maybe this would be a way to hide it? Hopefully we'll hear some additional information from the forum. Thanks again Newbie for asking this.
  5. Thanks everyone I really appreciate all the info. and advice! It's great to have this forum to discuss these issues knowing that everyone is talking from experience. My problem is I'm the boss, and I have 40 people who work for me and I also have clients I have to meet in person quite often. All my employees see me in the office everyday working and I am in a professional setting, business casual and I have to be at my office to keep my business running. I'm also in a very small community where I know almost everyone so I can't hide from my office or my town and hats and medical caps won't really work for me, it would cause too much of a discussion and also attract too much attention in a small community where I know everyone. I'm sure twenty years from now I could have my business setup to run for a month without me but right now it's in growth mode so I can probably only get out of the office for 2 weeks or so. I'll probably pull the trigger sometime next year, maybe in the winter when my business is in the slow season and try and take two weeks and hope to heal well and use concealers and makeup to cover it up. Just a question has anyone heard of taking human growth hormone to help with the growth and recovery period? I've read from 3 different people on other forums that they did this and the redness, and shockloss was really minimal and the regrowth was impressive and quick? They said this is why athletes take it after an injury because it aids in recovery, just wondering if anyone can validate that it would help in a ht? Thanks again for all the help!
  6. Hello, I had to cancel my ht a few weeks ago because I couldn't get enough time out of the office to get away with no one knowing I was having a ht. I'm really bummed. I've asked a bunch of different people and asked for different ideas on how to minimize the redness and to promote growth and healing in order to cover up the ht in the recipient area after a few weeks. I"m just wondering, from Drs. and patients, if you can't wear a hat, and you need a large 4000-6000+ procedure, how the hell can you minimize the redness and increase the recovery so you can go back to work after 2-3 weeks without anyone knowing? I saw on another forum some people said to take human growth hormone, others said they took anti inflammatory meds, others said they wore makeup and used concealers. I've heard about aloe vera and witch hazel and other stuff but no one says they definitely help. Some Drs. I've consulted with say the redness only lasts a week or two, others say it can last up to 6-8 weeks or more. Which I understand a lot depends on me, my skin tone, my healing, etc. But how do you take the chance that it won't be red, and then after two weeks I have to go back in the office with a really pink scalp? If I have to I understand but what do Drs recommend or patients that have hardly any recipient native hair to camouflage the procedure, what do you do? I'm so frustrated right now, where I see so many people getttng ht's and I can't figure out how they can get away with it if they have to go back to work? I'm envious. I can't wear a hat or stay out of my office for over a month? So please for the love of all that is good in this world of hairlessness can some Drs. or experienced patients tell me, what to do if my head is still pink how do I get it to look somewhat normal so I can have an ht and go back to work and not get noticed?? Thank you for the help!
  7. If you don't mind me asking what was the cost and did he give you any extra antibiotics or steroids for post op recovery and to help healing and minimize redness? Also do you know if he can do larger procedures as well?
  8. THanks Matt! Thats really interesting did Dr. Diep recommend the Growth hormone or was it recommended by someone else. Wondering if anyone else has had the same experience in the forum with Growth Hormone for their procedure and any Drs. advice on the subject. Also Matt would you letting me know how big your procedure was and do you have any before and after pics? Thanks for the input. Oh and is the Growth Hormone a prescription from a Dr. and is it an actual shot you get or is their a pill form?
  9. Thanks yes of course I have but as I mentioned I have hardly any native hair at all and after two weeks it won't be long enough to add toppings or nanogen to it to conceal the redness. After a few months maybe but if you look at my pics there is hardly anything there.
  10. This is my biggest problem as Im' sure it is with many, I need a large fue session and I have hardly any existing hair to that will grow back to cover the redness. I can't wear a hat, I can probably get out of work without being seen for 10 days to 2 weeks, but then I need to meet with my employees and customers on a daily basis. I can't hide for a month or two without seeing people. If this wasn't a problem I'd have the procedure done already. I've read some people have been prescribed steroids and creams that get rid of the redness but haven't confirmed anything. Like what if you get a few cortisone shots, and steroid pills, and other heavier prescriptions to get rid of redness? Is there prescription, or steroid, or anything that would get rid of the redness right away if it was still apparent after all the scabs were gone after 10 days/two weeks? I just can't do a wait and see, it's great if I'm lucky and I have no redness, but if I'm not lucky it could ruin my life. I'm not pale, but I'm not olive skinned or darker. Other than wearing makeup on my head, with all the advances in the hair restoration industry there has to be some testing or trials to help conceal the redness quicker than many months? Any Drs. want to chime in? Or anyone who had a HT and was prescribed something that really worked, other than aloe vera, and what's already been mentioned? Thanks for the help! I'm looking for the "Magic Pill" I guess.
  11. Magick hair I'm Wondering why you don't recommend Dr. Vories for FUE in the US? In my research his results look good and his prices aren't that high compared to other Docs? I had a transplant scheduled with him but had to postpone for business reasons but was wondering why you don't recommend him for FUE?