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  1. So three days ago I got a touch up on a previous procedure to bring down my hairline just a tad and to go a little better with my temples that were filled in before. I was just wondering, is the very front of the hairline too spread out? I may me over thinking it but I just wanna make sure I'll still be able to use topping once it grows in. Thanks!!!
  2. Well I agree with you here. I did experience I a lot of shedding a few months after the surgery which is when the TE would have kicked in however, I never noticed a difference on the left side from it nor did I have any hair on the right side to shed. This is why I am ruling out TE.
  3. Ok, thanks for your opinion. I think you are right. I will send him an email today.
  4. Whats so funny?? It happens all the time. Major surgery, general anesthesia, and extreme weight loss and all causes of telogen effluvium and when I broken my arm I went through all three... know your facts..
  5. I had a transplant on March 9th of this year. I am devastated because I have this patch on the right side of my hair line that has very little to no growth. Its like day and night compared to my left. Granted, my right has grown in A LOT slower then my left. Is this normal? My doctor (very sweet guy) said it could be Telogen Effluvium from a broken arm surgery I had 3 months after my transplant. However, I stil have a bad feeling this isnt it. A ,ot of hair has grown on both sides except for this area and I still have to style my hair the same way to hide my hair line. He offered to fill it in
  6. Well it may or may not be shedding... i may be paranoid i nothiced when i shampoo 8 or so hairs are on my hand also when i run my hands through my hair ill find a hair in my hand
  7. Even though I have been usuing propecia for 5 months?
  8. I bought gen propecia (finasteride) from 4rx.com Supposedly this manufacturing company is backed by GMP (good manufaturing process) and WHO (world health organization) Its been 7 days and I think Im am noticing shedding... I dont know if its me being paranoid or this stuff is just a fake.. it also tastes kinda funny... Can anyone help!?
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