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  1. Got it. Thanks everyone. Last question. Is this Dr Konior's practice? I want to make sure I'm calling the right place. Thanks 🙂 https://www.chicagohairinstitute.com/
  2. Thanks Triple7. I can't lie. A 1 month recovery time for FUE sounds a heck of a lot better than 6 months with FUT. Based on your experience, do you think if I booked a consult with Dr. Konier, he would be able to let me know if a FUE would get me through until I'm old and gray or if it would put me in a bad position when I'm an old man (i.e. needing another HT and not having enough donor hair left to do a decent job)? Obviously the ideal scenario would be 1 FUE... in and out. 1 month recovery. Done... but something's telling me those expectations aren't realistic. Thanks. 1978Matt, any thoughts on the above since you've also gone with Konier? Thanks.
  3. 1978Matt. Got it. That's all super helpful to know. $20k is doable. I'd pay more if that could get me in sooner than a year out. Wonder if he'd take that into consideration? As for the number of grafts, I honestly have no idea. I still have have, but receding in temples quite a lot and starting in the middle as well. And overall thinning compared to the "good old days". Did you go in for a consultation prior to scheduling with Dr. Konior or you just showed up on the day before surgery and away you went? I just read through most of your HT results thread and it sounded very encouraging. The strip definitely scares me though. I think I'd much rather have a bunch of tiny scars on the back of my head than a big strip cut out. Seeing that you just had a FUE done, would you say that the recovery is similar or MUCH easier/faster? Really appreciate you taking the time here, Matt.
  4. Melvin, absolutely... But if you have Doctor A who is equal to Doctor B but lives 12 hours closer, I'll choose Doctor A in a heart beat. That's what I'm trying to get right now as a good starting point. Do you guys know if Dr. Konior does FUE just as well as FUT? I'm leaning more towards FUE, primarily because I don't want that giant strip and I want far less recovery time. I know I know... from what I've heard, FUT gets you better results (long-term), but I didn't know with the improved technology nowadays if FUE compares well and if Dr. Konior does that really well?
  5. Thanks Triple7. Have you had an HT? And may I ask why you would choose Dr. Konior? Does he have patient pictures here on the forum? Thanks!
  6. Hey everyone. Long-time member here. I think my first post was over a decade ago. I've still held off from getting an HT. Although I'm not sure if I can hold off much longer. I'll turn 40 next year and I think it may finally be time. That said, could you all recommend a surgeon that's "somewhat" near Columbus, OH? I want someone that other forum members have used a lot and they have a proven track record. I don't want a surgeon that only has before/after photos on their website, as we all know those can easily be made to look better than reality. I'm willing to drive a distance (or fly in extreme cases I suppose) for a doctor that is 100% proven and isn't going to make me look like Dr Frankenstein. Is there a "no-brainer" surgeon that is essentially guaranteed to deliver. Cost is not an issue for me. Thanks for your help! You guys are amazing.
  7. Hey all, I just came across an article about Replicel/Shiseido where they'll be releasing a public version of their hairloss cloning treatment in 2018. Have you all heard anything about this? Is it legit? Sounds too good to be true. Thanks.
  8. Hello Dr. Alexander. I recently posted on this question and was directed to this thread. Came across your post and was very intrigued. I watched the sample video in this thread of a FUE you did without shaving the head. I'm wondering if someone like this would lose the hair around the donor area and the recipient area due to shock loss? Are there any negatives to not shaving, other than the cost and the time involved? Thank you for your insights!
  9. Hey all, are there any doctors in the US that are GOOD and will do FUE surgery without shaving your head? I would look terrible with my head shaved and also wouldn't be able to hide the fact that I got a hair transplant. I live in Columbus, OH and am looking for a good surgeon. Thanks for your help!
  10. Hey guys, is there such a thing as shampoo that you can use in the shower that will stop future hair loss? I've heard about the "volumizing" stuff, but I need something that will stop future loss (or at least slow it considerably) And would prefer to just be able to use shampoo. Thanks!
  11. Hey guys, I just and across this video today about an arthritis drug being the cure to hair loss. I know they probably have a long way to go but the results look crazy good. Have you guys heard of this? Arthritis drug helps bald man regrow hair, Yale study says - NY Daily News
  12. Thanks Tom. I appreciate you taking the time to reply amongst your busy schedule filming.
  13. Thanks Fellas. I'm not actually in Columbus yet, but likely moving with the family next year, so not a clue if Max and Erma's is still alive and kickin :-) So, I looked up: Dr. John Frank with the interactive map and it shows him as Columbus, when I click through to his profile, it says he's in NYC? I'm confused... Also says he played for the San Fransisco 49ers. So, he played in the NFL and then just decided he randomly wanted to be a surgeon? I don't get it.
  14. I know that many will say it's worth flying across the world for a quality HT, but if a good doc is nearby, I would much rather not fly across the world :-) Do you guys know any quality doctors near Columbus, OH? Thanks!
  15. Ok, so I take this answer as a no? Are there any hair loss prevention treatments that work as well as rogaine, but when I can basically just spray it on in the morning and not even notice I'm using it?