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  1. Dang, new hairs after just a month and a half. This is going to turn ourt great! I'm eager to shed the little scabs and transplanted hairs so I can shower 100% normally and not even think about scratching/toweling off/bumping my head and so on.
  2. Ok, day 10 photo below. Starting to get the crusting. Have less pain than day 5. Definitely still pain, but I think it's primarily from the places where the shots went in for numbing. Those things were crazy painful. Head is also still pretty much exactly as numb as I was on day 2. Still water running down head sensation (I assume nerves healing?). Not painful, just annoying (and wondering if this will happen forever, so lots of self talking going on inside my head). Overall, I think it looks really good. Any thoughts on anything I mentioned above? Thanks everyone.
  3. Hey, how long did it take for any of the pain in your head to go away? I’m 7 days post and definitely still have pain pretty much all over my head. Not unbearable at all, and I’m likely just a big baby, but am curious what the typical time frame is to feel normal without head pain.
  4. Hey, just a quick update. I’m now 7 days post FUE. 2200 grafts. Back home now. Feeling decent but still have head pain. Honestly I think it’s from the numbing shots. Those things were brutal. I stopped the Ibuprofen yesterday as I didn’t want to get into a habit of popping Ibuprofen every day for minor pain. I’m nervous showering regularly but have showered and let water run over the back of my head and onto the grafted area in the front. Are you still experiencing any pain in any area other than the donor scar area? And are you cool with shampooing etc just like
  5. Btw, here's the total graft counts that Dr. Konior ended up doing, in case anyone was curious: 1 – 150 2 – 1,072 3 – 978 Total: 2,200 No idea where which grafts were inserted, or if it even matters. Any thoughts on those numbers from you seasoned HT people? Side note: I emailed him about 30 min ago to ask, and he replied already. Pretty awesome.
  6. 2 years ago pre-op pic I initially sent to Dr. Konior via email. It receded a bit more in those 2 years by the time I got the procedure.
  7. Thanks guys. I’ll post a couple before shots I took about 2 years ago when I initially sent Dr. Konior an e-mail for his thoughts. I don’t have his official before pics pre-procedure, at the moment. 2 more questions for you all. 1. How long does it take for the numb head to not feel like a numb head? 2. When am I 100% fine to spray the shower head directly on the grafted area with 0% chance of screwing something up? I’d like to get rid of this marker on my head and also take a GOOD shower again 🙂 The thought of knocking out a graft or more is terrifying, given I don’t want
  8. 5 full days post FUE. Today I had a little less of the "water dipping down my head" sensation. Head is still very numb to the touch. I believe this is normal. I had some off and on discomfort from all of the various holes in my head, but nothing too awfully bad. Here's how things look currently. What do you all think that have had HTs and know how things should look by day 5? I wish the recipient hair would just stay and not fall out. I'm definitely not looking forward to what things will look like once the new area falls out for those 3-4 months.
  9. hehe... No blood running down my head 🙂 Definitely would have noticed that. But it does feel like that sensation. Swelling shifting around makes sense and that's kind of what I'm trying to tell myself. Thanks for the reply.
  10. So I'm 3 days post FUE and I noticed on day 2 that I have this weird sensation as if water is running down my head... even though there is no water. Nothing. It happens off and on throughout the day. It's not painful. Just annoying and super weird. Has anyone else had a similar things happen?
  11. Ok, first shower since Tuesday. Success. Only washed body and the back of my head. And face (not forehead yet) in the sink. So far so good. Only somewhat weird thing is the feeling of water dripping down my head when there's not actual water anywhere on the outside. That, and the swelling that seems to be moving to the lower middle of my forehead and temples. Dr Konior said no worries and that it'll all go away soon. I emailed him, and sure enough, he emailed back within a couple of hours. The guy is a machine. When he drove me back from the office after surgery (yes, he actually drove me hims
  12. Oh, got it. That makes sense. I've read everywhere else that you shouldn't apply rogaine until the hair is dry, though? Your method definitely sounds best if that actually works.
  13. While I have you guys, any recommendations for Rogaine use once it's time? So, normally I would wet my hair, then use a towel to dry and spike the hair straight up. Then I'd get some gel in my hand and spike down/style my hair a bit. Then I'd blow dry with one of those diffusers. The main reason was just to give my hair some volume since it was so thin and receding. It worked fairly well. Now that I'll hopefully have decent hair with a good hairline, I'd like to start using rogaine, but is there some sort of smart process for using it maybe as styling gel for the spiking/somewhat messy look? M
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