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  1. Yeah correct. Not completely straight but a mature hairline and some temple points to frame my face better. Touch wood I don't have any side effects from almost 4.5 years on finasteride and I don't have any intention of stopping. I am fully committed to the Big 3 meds. Do you think I can be reasonably confident of restoring a hairline which looks natural and gives me freedom to style it again?
  2. I don’t want to lower the hairline. I have a naturally higher forehead. You will notice from the photos that my temples and temple points have receded. It seems like my hairline is nw3 and my temple points are like nw7. What I am looking for is a nice conservative, even slightly receded hairline with some actual temple points. I don’t have any interest in touching the crown.
  3. Here are photos from today. What are your thoughts after comparing them with the photos 2.5 years ago? Reckon I am in an ok spot at 27 to seriously consider a transplant?
  4. Well 2.5 years on, I will be 27 soon. I have been on finasteride and nizoral for 4 years and 4 months and Minoxidil for 7.5 years. I think my crown is the same. I honestly find it so hard to tell with my hairline and whether it has further receded as my perception of it is shaped by my haircut and also what I believe to be shedding cycles (real or imagined im not sure). The reason I say this is because in my "down" times (less optimal hair length and/or going through a shed) , I will go through phases of despair as I perceive my hair to be a ticking time bomb and my resolve to get a transplant ASAP hardens. Then I might get a shorter haircut, the hair looks thicker and/or I go through a non-shedding phase and my morale is boosted. It has been like this for years. I will upload new photos soon so you all can judge my HT candidacy but, based on more or less the same pictures at the start of the thread, at 27 years old on meds with what I can only describe as non-rapid hair loss, how would you all re-assess my candidacy for a hair transplant?
  5. How did you reconcile and justify your decision to undergo a HT at what is regarded as a young, and thus riskier, age? I am soon to be 25, have been on finasteride and nizoral for 2 years and minoxidil for 5 years; so I am doing everything in my power to arrest my hair loss. I believe that over the last 2 years my crown has actually thickened up under these treatments. It has certainly not gotten worse. As for the frontal hairline region, I think it may very well have slipped slightly below baseline, albeit very slowly. Perhaps this is not the case or perhaps the fin couldn't save hairs that were already too far gone, I'm not sure. Anyway I am severely bothered by my hairline. I feel like I am always inhibited by this nagging spectre. I desperately want a hairline transplant so I can fully enjoy what should be the best years of my life. I have been quoted 1500-1800 by Dr. Bhatti and this appeals to me as I have no interest in dense packing a hairline. I want to get the hairline done as conservatively as possible and still have plenty of grafts in the bank down the track. Younger patients, how did you reconcile your decision to undergo a procedure even though the risk of further loss is quite considerable? Because that is the only thing I am hesitant about, further hair loss and an unnatural pattern down the track.
  6. Firstly, your results look outstanding, congratulations. I myself am the same sort of age with a similar (nw3ish) hairline and got a quote from Erdogan too. I notice that he seems to quote massively over what other surgeons will. I'm talking I had other surgeons quoting in the vicinity of 1500-2000 grafts and then he quoted 3000. I feel that the quality of his results (exceptional) are dependent on his liberal harvesting. I'm of the feeling that it is wiser to be more conservative with your graft usage, particularly at a younger age. I just hope that down the track Erdogan's younger patients don't regret using so many grafts to dense pack a hairline. FTR, OP i'm not trying to startle you. Your hair loss is less aggressive than mine and you seem to have more favourable characteristics. For example, in my family history of hair loss is prevalent on one side. You may very well never need to be concerned. It's just that for me personally, at a similar age to you but with less favourable characteristics I am erring on the side of caution and thinking of going to a surgeon who will keep it more conservative for me.
  7. Appreciate your opinion. Do you think that it is of any significance the fact that my hair loss is progressing at a glacial pace, or, in the case of the crown, reversing under the treatment of the big 3 (nizoral, finasteride and minoxidil)? As mentioned I have been on minoxidil for 4 years and all three for 2 years. I can obviously see the folly in getting a hair transplant at a young age when the hair loss is unaddressed and aggressive, but in my case, it appears to be a very slow progression, if progressing at all. In such a case do you think the risks might be mitigated to a sufficient degree for a HT or would you advise against it in any case? Cheers.
  8. All opinions are appreciated. Might I ask for a little elaboration? You don't think my donor zone looks sufficient or you don't believe I am a good candidate for a HT period? I receive advices from an IAHRS member and, while he said I was maybe too young, he said at a glance my donor looked good.
  9. Hey guys, Been lurking for a while as my thoughts about a potential HT mature and I thought I'd throw it over to some of the HT community to get some second opinions. My situation: I am 24.25 years old and my hair loss has been an issue since I was about 18 years old. Even though it is patently obvious to me, through a combination of creative styling and hair loss remedies, I have maybe been able to find off joining the "obviously balding" group. However, given a less than ideal situation for hair styling, whether it be sweating, swimming or a windy day, then all bets are off and my chief preoccupation becomes my hair. Sometimes I feel like, until I either improve my hair in the form of a transplant or else I grow to accept not having full head of hair; I will never truly be able to enjoy my life to its full potential (and yes I feel very vain, self absorbed and guilty for admitting it). Im sure many of you can relate. I started minoxidil at the age of 20 and added 1.25 mg finasteride daily as well as ketakonazole shampoo twice a week at the age of 22. So for about 2 years I have been on the big 3. I think since starting on fin my crown has thickened up. As for the frontal third, I think it has more or less stayed the same - maybe slightly thinned out a bit. Anyway, I have been seriously contemplating nipping this thorn in my side in the bud in the form of a HT. I have no inclination to lower my hairline at all, and I am more than happy with a conservative placement. Moreover, I have no delusions about the limitations of HT surgery. I am not looking to add grafts to the crown (at least at this stage.) My desire is to hopefully get a transplant which builds my hairline and frontal third if necessary while retaining enough grafts for the mid-scalp region if required down the track. I am seeking opinions on whether you think my donor region looks sufficient for my desires and if so what sort of graft numbers i might need to fulfil said desires. Attached are some pictures after washing my hair. Thanks in advance guys!
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