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  1. Thank You Sir, your results are also a great example of what Dr. Cinik can do for anyone suffering from hair loss.
  2. Month 7, FUE Surgery done in Turkey with Dr Cinik. He drew the line & opened up the channels. Techs did the rest, so far so good.
  3. Thanks, I haven’t had a haircut in about 15 days but I usually cut the sides with the number 2 clip and if you look very closely and stand right in back of me you’ll be able to see some slight scaring, nothing big but you can barely see it, and that’s only because I cut it so short on the sides but if you don’t have it short on the sides then you won’t have nothing to worry about.
  4. Thank You, i’m hoping my final result in March 2019 will be great. And as for the pics of my donar area, here is my pics for alex79..i tried my best but it is a little difficult taking pictures of the back of your head when your by yourself.
  5. Great progress, I did my surgery with Cinik on March 8th of this year. I will attach some pics. The most recent pic is from my 5 month mark. I’m happy with my results so far.
  6. 2500, and Thank You. I went to Turkey twice, once to consult with a handful of doctors & on the second time to do the surgery. Out of 6 doctors only 2 said they would add grafts to the mid scalp area & crown. Dr Cinik opened up my channels, that’s one of the main reasons I chose him, plus the surgery was only 1900 euros so that also got my attention.
  7. Yes on March 08, 2018. So far it’s going good, well at least in my opinion. I’m happy with the progress so far. I’ll attach some pics that I have. The most recent one was at the 5 month mark.
  8. Yes Sir, definitely great results so far. I went to Cinik as well in March of this year and i’m very satisfied with my results so far. I will post some pictures soon.
  9. Im going on 36 myself and have been very slow losing hair for the last 10 years. I have had tons of online consultations and in person consultations as well. Doctors from Canada, USA, Turkey. I made up my mind and decided to go with Turkey because I can not afford to pay $18,000 dollars for a fue hair transplant in the USA. I have been doing research on this for a few years already, I recently made a trip to Turkey in January and met with several doctors. All of them except 2 told me I need around 2500 grafts. The other doctors gave me a way higher amount of grafts and price since their excuse was that they extract the grafts manual. They are good clinics and the work looks good but im not going all the way to Turkey to spend $6000-8000 when all the other clinics over there charge way less. I get the idea of you get what you pay for but I have seen online plenty of good results from the less expensive clinics. I just came back again from Turkey and had my transplant done with Cinik, everything went well and the pain was very minimal. He took 2500 grafts, did the front part of my head, and a very little around the mid scalp and crown area. I chose Cinik because he take part in the operation vs the other doctors around the $2500 price range who don't. Dr Cinik draws the line for you and opens up the channels. Other doctors such as Acar who happens to be Cinik's old business partner will open up your channels but charge way more for that. I was about to go with Acar but he doesn't take place in the surgery unless you pay more and he told me he didn't want to place grafts towards my mid scalp and crown area. He told me because it might damage the other hairs in the area that are still good, I get his point and understand what he is saying but if the clinic/doctor is good at what they do, they would be able to master that technique of places grafts in an area of other good hairs, it's done all the time by other clinics. I ended up paying $2500 usd and $1000 for the flight from LA to Istanbul. So far I have some tenderness around my donor but it's not too bad. Everyone online states that you will feel pain around your whole head up to maybe a whole month but it does go away. The trip to Istanbul was not too bad, everything went well over there and the people are not bad at all. I felt safe the second time, the first time I was alone and did not know what to expect, especially since it was around the time Turkey had just started to invade Syria. Everything is fine out there no, worries. They have lots of cops out there and believe me, they know what they are looking for when it comes to the bad guys. Example-I took a tour in Istanbul and the tour guide happen to be from Iraq and he does look different from the Turkish people, nice guy by the way but anyways it was a walking tour since the traffic is nuts out there and walking and public transportation is faster but when we were going towards the metro, the cops jammed up our tour guide right away, took his ID and ran his info. Everything came back good and he was released right away. Im from the USA but of Mexican heritage so I don't look like your average American. But the cops didn't jam me up or anything, even though I totally looked like a tourist, they focused on the guide. Getting back to the doctors, please do your homework, look on youtube, facebook, instagram, google, realself, all those sites because there will be info everywhere on all the doctors you are looking for. It was a tough decision and it took me a long time to pick a doctor. Now im just going to play the waiting game and hope for the best results. I am not going to take Finasteride due to the side effects but did buy some natural hair vitamins out there so I will take that in hopes of helping my hair grow a little better.
  10. Hello, I am considering Dr Cinik. Would you recommend him? I would appreciate any feedback, Thank You.
  11. E-Visa is not an option for American Citizens, they blocked that option and directed me to a website that requires me to set up an appointment at my local consulate. Also getting a visa at the airport is not available for Americans right now either.
  12. Hello, Im from LA. I have an appointment at the consulate in a couple of weeks and then after that im scheduled to fly out to Istanbul to meet up with some doctors out there before I actually jump the gun and get my transplant with the first doctor I see online. I want to talk, observe, and get the feel of the doctor before I choose one. Cinik is one of the doctors I will be visiting. My question is this, do you think I will be granted a visa to travel to Turkey? I heard that there is issues going on so I was wanting to ask someone that has recently traveled out there, Thank You.
  13. If your hair loss is a large amount or your family members suffer from a norwood 6 or something in that nature, most likely you will have the same male pattern baldness. There are some pretty good doctors in the States that can give you a good FUT to start and that would get the most hairs for you in one single procedure. You want to be able to have a good donor area if you are a serious case of male pattern baldness because if one procedure doesn't cover a good amount in the first FUT or FUE transplant, most likely you are want to go a head with a second procedure. I would do the FUT first and that way you have a good donor area after. An FUE transplant is good, but if they are going to do a large amount of grafts in one session, your donor area will not be as good as it would if you had an FUT transplant first. Get the FUT first and the FUE after, that way you maximize the amount of hair graft you have.