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  1. I think I'm doing a poor job of articulating my point.... I'm resigning myself to the fact that I won't have a full head of hair - I'm trying to get the best result possible, and for me, that's getting an illusion of a full head of hair. I've been researching for years now, and got SMP done as a filer a few years ago and wore my hair at a 2 guard, and since I've thinned, now a 1/2 guard in order to keep things uniform. I am not totally comfortable with a slick wet shave which is what SMP requires once there is no growing hair on top. I'm trying to come up with the best possible solution - If I'm Able to wear my hair at a 0, 1, 2 , 3 or 4 all around after transplanting a lot, or a little, through FUE, and in combination with the smp give the illusion of full hair, I would pursue it . The reason I thought of this was cases I've seen - (and some doctors recommendations) - get FUE after SMP to add "texture" to the scalp. That would mean avoiding the 2D wet shave of smp right ? I'm also fine with grafting everything I have to the frontal third of my head and SMP'ing the rest of my head, then growing out that frontal region long to rock a military style or " extreme" high and tight look. Again, I'm just asking for opinions on which route would be best - dispersment, or density in the front, based on these picture
  2. When you say very short, is a 1 guard ok? a 1/2? a 0?
  3. Hair loss, hair transplant and hair restoration advice This looks fantastic to me. Can I have this?
  4. Honestly in addition to this ^ post, if thats a bad plan, please tell me what to do. I just want to get the best possible result. shaved down to a 0 is as far as i would go.
  5. If i am destined to be a norwood 6, lets just say, could i get fue (lets say 4500 grafts) disperse them evenly around my head, get SMP (which i already have) and then keep my hair at a 1? Would i work at no guard, but at 1/2 length? I'm trying to be as conservative as possible, so my idea is to keep buzzing my head, i am just against a wet shave or anything less than a 0. How would that look? Is that reasonable? Thanks!!!!!!!!!
  6. Last thing - I wanted to mention I am a fast healer....and just wanted to throw that in, in case it mattered somehow
  7. Hi All, Been a long time reader, occasional poster. Really value everyones opinion here, and I was about to pull the trigger, but now am sort of at a crossroads.... I was planning on going with a top doctor on this site. I keep my head shaved down to a .5 (0 guard, but the long side) and I do that every 5 days. I have had SMP done but i have some hair on top (even though I am a norwood 6) so I dont have to shave it to the bone. My plan : I want to take 3k grafts and put it on the front of my head. I want to frame my face. Everything else can be shaved down. I plan on having the SMP done a little darker around the remainder of my entire head. SO, once i get the surgery, i want to keep it at this .5 (0 guard) length, and eventually a little shorter so that the SMP matches it throughout, and just grow out the front (think military type cut). I am 6 foot 5, with a slightly tan complextion, and I believe that i could pull off the look. The real question I have is, will the scarring, surgery, etc etc etc be noticeable? I am seeing some people talk about white dots, i am seeing some examples of white dots being so spread out that you cant really tell, I am hearing from some doctors that it wont be an issue and i am hearing the opposite from others. I don't know what to do, I am at my end here with all the reading and research I have done - i don't care about a little white scarring, the back of my head isn't that important to look perfect - I just don't want people to be able to notice it if you get what i mean? I want to get my surgery, keep it at this length (see pics) and not having anything notice - then darken the SMP EVERYWHERE (in about 4 months when things have healed) so that i give the appearance of having a shaved dome, and then grow out the frontal third. I will grow my hair to a 1 guard for the surgery (as was required) and then 2 weeks later I will shave it back down to a 0 guard (will scarring be noticeable or not really?.......) Any, and all advice, is super super appreciated. Thanks!!!!!!!
  8. Have any of you guys looking into India heard of or considered Dr. Arika Bansal or Dr. Pradeep Sethi of Eugenix? I believe they have multiple clinics, in Guoragon and New Delhi
  9. Where is the update??? its been 4 months! VERY VERY curious on how that crown is shaping up. Need to see it in light!
  10. Interested in maybe going to this doctor....how do they rank in India? Asides from Bhatti, is this clinic up there? Who are the best doctors in india for FUE?
  11. Hi all, I've posted a few times here about my situation and have narrowed down my decision to do a maximum FUE yield, using beard and body hair after some larger multi - day scalp sessions. I am getting SMP in on week (little nervous) at HIS, as a diffuse thinner (currently a 5 pattern with thinning in the crown) I think it will allow me to grow the top to a 4 guard for the next year or so (until more hair goes) and keep the sides shorter. Regardless, I wanted to know people's opinions on this : I live in the U.S and was considering going to umar, konior, or vories. But then I saw the patient who went to dr Pradeep sethi in New Delhi. And I saw some Bhatti results (some good, some bad. But it got me thinking - if I went to a top doctor in India, they have to be close enough to where these 1.00 graft prices make sense?? What is everyone's opinions on good doctors outside the U.S, who can do good, scalp + BHT large FUE sessions, and maybe even with SMP as a base laid out? Any recs or opinions?
  12. I would prefer to have medium hair length, for the rest of my life. SMP is going to act as a thickener for the next 5 months. It will allow me to grow my hair to a 3 or 4 guard length (just filling in the diffuse areas and not touching the hairlines) at which point I plan on getting either FUT or FUE.