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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 10 years
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    Dr. Bijan Feriduni
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  1. It's growing really well but to be honest your hair was killer before the procedure think it will be an amazing outcome.
  2. That's a brilliant result I am looking at getting a 2 small procedure to augment my transplant from 2014 where I had 1800 grafts via fue. To increase the density of my left temporal zone as I have a similar lack of density in the same section of my hairline. Though luckily more density behind.
  3. That's a great result a definite home run plus you are blessed with great natural hair colour.
  4. Thanks for the replays guys something I definitely looking into but just the corners very happy with the central part of the hairline in looks thick even at this length. I was originally quoted 2650 on my initial op but only had the 1750. I feel using another 300 or 400 each side would make a huge difference.
  5. Please find enclosed close ups of both transplanted temporal areas shaved dish recently to grade 3 under harsh natural sun light. I think it shows what I mean pretty well
  6. Hi guys I had a procedure of 1750 grafts back in May of 2014 it had a positive impact but maybe not quiet as much as I was hoping just had my hair cut grade 3 allover and it looks ok. But I have always felt the left was slightly behind the right and under harsh natural light close I can see it's a touch weaker. Happy to provided before and after plus current pictures as well. My original procedure was done by FUE by Dr Feriduni in Belgium I don't think it would require more than a 1000 grafts at most as it's such small area. My question is twofold would i stick with FUE again due the small size also which surgeons would you guys recommend. Thanks Steve
  7. I paid 7700 euros for 18 hundred grafts back in May 2014.
  8. That's a very misleading set of after photos with no top down shots which need to be seen to give a true view of the results.