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  1. Here is the results after six months and I think 9 months and 1 year results will be much better than this but this results by itself is miracle for me. It's a new life!
  2. Hello everyone, Six months passed from my repair surgery and here is the result so far. I want to thank everyone and specially Dr. Parsa Mohebi who restored my hair, hope, social life and most importantly my faith in humanity. Thank you everyone again and I'll update you guys with more pictures and later news about my case. God bless you all.
  3. Here is the picture from 2 weeks after surgery.Excellent job from Dr Parsa Mohebi. everyone knew my head wasn't a virgin head and it was a repair job. It's only 2000 grafts and my next surgery will complete the job. Now everytime I look at the mirror I thank heavenly father, Dr Mohebi and everyone in this forum in my heart. I will post more pictures soon
  4. Sure I will. If you think you have some information which can be useful please share it and I forward the information to my lawyer. I have to keep my posts as short as possible since I'm in the middle of lawsuit but I will update everyone as soon as I can. Thank you in advance .
  5. Thank you David and thank you everyone! I can't put my happiness in the words but all I can say is whenever you think "it's the end, that's it, you're done for good" then suddenly you face a miracle, you see a light and everything changes in the way which you never imagined before. You guys are the miracle! I will keep you guys updated and share the moments of this journey with all of you. My story started from sadness and pain and now this miracle is changing my life to a new start with happiness and hope. And again my special thank to the good man and great surgeon Dr. Parsa Mohebi, who made my dream come true. Thank you again everyone and I'll post the updates more often.
  6. IT'S ALREADY STARTED That's all I can say as of this moment but I'll update you guys as soon as possible ( as you know when lawyers are working on a case first thing they ask is not to talk about the case to anyone, online or in person ) I will post more details as much as I can provide in near future. But for now please allow me to share my happiness with you guys since I got my first repair surgery performed by the great surgeon and good man Dr. Parsa Mohebi and his amazing and professional team. Thank you everyone and God bless you all.
  7. Hello everyone, This is Sanjar. One year passed from the date which I butchered in Colorado Surgical Center and most of you guys know about my pain and suffering which I had after that (so called) surgery. Thanks to all of you in this forum, my voice has been heard and I WON the free hair transplant contest which announced by good man and great surgeon Dr. Parsa Mohebi. The surgery took place two months ago and I'm telling you guys, it was amazing,amazing,amazing. No pain, no bleeding, 8 hours of surgery and I was conscious witnessing the whole process. Everyone was so friendly and professional at the highest level you can imagine. 2000 grafts and not a bit of discomfort. it was like a massage! to be honest after end of the surgery I was feeling I can have another 8 hours of surgery. it was pure pleasure! I'm not talking about my excitement and happiness. I'm just explaining my physical condition during the surgery. it was hard to believe specially for a person like me who had the horrible experience not a long before this amazing surgery. I had a delicious lunch and dessert around noon and it was great as well. I didn't need to go to pharmacy because after surgery my prescription was ready for me plus extra items like a travel pillow ( which was really high quality and comfortable and made me sleep like a baby without damaging the grafts) and special shampoo,etc. Donor area almost completely healed within 5 days! and before I forget I must say this: I didn't use any pain killer and medicine which Doctor gave me for preventing my face from swelling because I had no pain at all and my face didn't swell, just a bit of swelling and that's it! I'm telling you guys, this surgery was pure pleasure and I can't describe it with words. Thank you everyone! Thank you Thank you Thank you! My special Thank to good man and great surgeon Dr. Parsa Mohebi and his professional and friendly team. I'm uploading some pictures now and I will constantly update this topic with more pictures and share my happiness with you guys. Thank you again everyone and God bless all of you. P.S. First picture is one day before surgery, second and third picture is from the day of surgery and last picture is from one day after surgery. I will post more pictures soon.
  8. Hello everyone, I want to thank you again, each and everyone of you guys. I had my repair surgery with Dr Parsa Mohebi and it was a great experience from the first moment until now.I didn't even need to take the pain medication and sleeping pill after surgery. not even a bit of pain or discomfort. it was truly a great experience beyond my imagination. I'm taking pictures everyday and very soon I post the pictures and whole story in a new thread and update it constantly. At this moment also I want to special thank to HRN team for keeping this forum up and run to give each one us a better chance to find happiness. Thank you everyone for your support,thank you HRN team,thank you Dr Mohebi and your amazing staff and God bless you all.
  9. Hello everyone. I was about to send some pictures of my head after almost 9 months suffering and amazingly I got this unbelievable letter signed by Chris McTyre from Colorado surgical hair! Well, since I'm not interested in visit them again except in the court of law I will post a picture here ( picture is taken a week ago) then they will see their great job result's right here. Also they threatened me a month ago by sending a "Cease and Desist" letter stating I'm posting "disparaging statements" on the internet and my words are "false" so I have to delete them all or I'll be in trouble! really Chris? anyways we will see each other soon in the court of law ( is that what you call disparaging statement?) and I make sure to be the last victim of you and Dr Boland's barbaric butcher shop.
  10. Thank you so much for your time and advise. Of course this butcher shop didn't care about me and many other victims like me. I will go after them legally soon and I'll update this topic about any details of my case which my lawyer allows to share. Also I will update the topic soon with another picture of my head and you guys will see the result of 8 months after (so-called) surgery. I'll do my best to be the very last victim of these non-professional criminal con-artists. Thank you again. Thank you everyone.
  11. Hi everyone. Here is the picture which I took today ( 6 months post-op ) . I'll post more details soon about my case Thank you everyone .
  12. Thank you Dr Mohebi! Thank you Brenton! Thank you Bill! Thank you everyone! Because of your care and support finally I'm able to get my hair restored and it will be priceless for me. why? Because this hair restoration is empowered by love, kindness and humanity of every and each one of you.I will post the post-op photos to share this joy with everyone. Thank you again everyone, I'm really and deeply happy!