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  1. I would like to see pics too. Does the work done by Nadimi at least look natural? Is the density good? What do you need to change to be happy with it?
  2. Do you use the "stick and place" technique when performing fue cases? Also do you charge the same as Dr. Feller for FUE, which is if I recall correctly something like 10 dollars per graft. Also, what is the best way to contact you? I admire your work!
  3. Looks great! Let me ask you this. Does it look thin in some conditions? For me this result does not look like an "illusion of density" it looks like a totally natural and dense and hairline. If your hair isn't styled does it look much worse?
  4. The frontal zone looks amazing. But I can see fue extraction scars all over the parietal scalp. I would take that trade anyday though
  5. Spanker, You have what many here might deem a top result from a top surgeon. Is the contrast between fair conditions and harsh conditions as depicted in Melvin's OP similar for you, as good as your results are?
  6. Curling, I think you're in a good spot to pack a few hundred extra grafts in there. Should look excellent.
  7. I would also like to see a picture of this combed regularly please. I am considering this doctor.
  8. Thanks for the update man! looks amazing. I am usually not that impressed with cases of black hair on light skin. It almost always looks pluggy to me. Yours however looks very soft and very natural. Your doctors collectively did a very nice job. I am considering gabel to fill in some minor temple recession. Would you recommend him above Rahal? Thanks. Also, you sort of remind me of Cillian Murphy.
  9. I love the result bro, and no I don't think it looks thin at all. Looks completely natural and with a lot of maturing to come probably. I am schedule for a consultation with Dr. Hasson soon and your thread was a big motivator for me. Do you think any doctor could have done a better job than this? I don't.
  10. No offense doctor, but I don't think surgery was warranted in this case. I understand everything is relative and for some patients even minor hair loss can be devastating. But this is VERY minor. Looks good though.
  11. Does Rahal perform his FUE with a motorized punch? I remember reading that somewhere. What did he use on your head?