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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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    In the last 5 years
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair
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    I'm here for support

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    Propecia (Finasteride)

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  1. Thanks, hopefully I'll see an improvement over the next few months 🙂 unfortunately I get side effects from both monoxide and finistride. (Had to be me 😣) with monoxide so the results are without those. Is ppt or what ever it's called any Good? It's £350 per injection so I wouldn't want to keep paying that amount for something that might not work ext.
  2. Wow I do see a difference now 😐 just hope the crown thickens up guess I just got used to seeing it how it is now.
  3. 5500 grafts. I'm waiting for them to send me pics as I lost them on my phone
  4. Hey well it's now been 10 months since I had my hair transplant and still no sign of the crown growing or thickening. It was the crown I mainly went for as I was thinning on it and hated it when people stood behind me. The left side hasn't caught up with the right on the frontal area too. I'm happy with the front but like I said it was the crown I mainly went for😣 Here are the pics now but the crown is pretty much the same as it was before I had it done. I waited until I was 32 and hair loss slowed down which wasn't dramatic but still pretty bad if you look at the crown area now.
  5. 8 months in guys and tbh I'm getting pretty fed up of the whole experience because the people who did the operation are only interested in me giving them a review and never get back to me regarding my problems yet they seem to have a lot of good feedback so I refuse to write them anything until the whole 18 months are over. Anyways here is my 8 month update and the only thing that's different from before I had the transplant done is I have hair at the front sides but one side is nowhere near as filled as the other side. Everything else such as the crown just looks the same as it did before I went. Like I said before around 6 months I see a lot of people having almost 60-70% growth by that mark where I am now 8 months in and I would say I have about 20-30% tops if that. What do you think guys?
  6. I had 1 prp injection when I had the transplant done that's it. The doctor said I had really healthy donor and had a lot of follicles averaging at 4-6 hairs per follicle. So 5 months without prp is still normal for my results?
  7. Thank you but I'm going to admit im very depressed a lot more then I was before I went thats for sure. Ill upload a quick mug shot of me a few weeks before I went but it's not the best as it's very rare I have photos of myself. It is now 5 months today I have had my hair transplant done and I waited until I was 32 as recommended even though I wanted it done in my mid-late 20's. I only really had a receading hair line that I hated and thinning bald spots on back of my crown that was it. Now what they did was take 5500 grafts and covered my whole head as there was signs of thinning all over but now look at the state of my head. It's a 100x worse then what it was before I went and they focused more on my crown then they did on my front so I hardly got that hairline anyway and now my whole heads a mess and after 5 months I'm still not seeing any decent results and my hair should of at least grown back my native hair to where it was before I went surely?. Really depressed and worried and I checked the clinic I went with for months and they have had a lot of good feedback. Here is a pic under yellow light and without light and a before pic.
  8. Been having problems with red spots on one side so I am not sure if that's the reason why one side is slower but antibiotics are working so they are going now but I seem to be worried about the amount of hair I have compared to others online. Everyone else has a lot more hair then I do in the 4 month videos and one side is growing faster then the other. Should I be worried or is this normal? Thanks guys
  9. Thank you, do the old hair also go into rest phase? I have been very stressed out with my breakup from a 10 year relationship so i am hoping that hasn't done any damage.
  10. Hi all i had my hair transplant in turkey 6 weeks ago now but my hair looks alot worse then it did before i went. My scabs fell out after 3 weeks and i started shedding 2 weeks in but parts of my head still feels slightly numb and scabby although there is no scabs left. Ive lost alot of old hair so now i can no longer use hair fibers and i can feel larger bald spots which i didnt have before. The doctor said my donor was excellent and i had more then enough to remove 5500 grafts although i was told i only needed 3500. Did anyone else have this issue and all these bald spots filled in eventually? Im getting really depressed because like i said i looked way better before i went. Thanks