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  1. OK Here is the 6th month pics to update this thread. as I said I am quite pleased so far as KO pointed out earlier in the thread I do have fine hair caliber and also I would like to point out is that I did ask Dr D to approach step 1 of my restoration with the strategy of placing a light sprinkle of grafts over as large an area as possible rather than go for the dense packing for complete coverage in a smaller area. Just my personal decision but with my limited donor I thought this was best for me. Also as I think I mentioned in the opening post I am more than willing to explore to possibility of SMP to plump up the density or maybe contact Dr Hakan in the future in Antalya Turkey, he is a body hair expert so I have beard and chest hair to bring into play if needed. But I am only 6 months into step 1 and that is for the future, step 2 is attack the crown with remaining donor and assess from there. Meanwhile here are those pics....
  2. Hi all , I am just past the 6th month point and I will update some pics when I return from work this evening. I am really pleased with how things have turned out so far.
  3. Hi KO, yes i do have relatively fine hair calibre. I realise this is another thing that's gonna go against me so I'm just trying to give myself the best opportunity which nature will allow. After my next visit to turkey I'll probably explore the idea of beard hair and possibly smp too. I've always wore my hair as short as possible but I need to address my fut scars also so I'm thinking beard + smp will come into play at some point.
  4. After all that Ive just realized ive put this thread under the wrong topic !!! Ive emailed Bill to see if there's any way he can get it switched to Experiences and reviews...
  5. Thanks Guys, Just thought I'd say also, some of the advice and support on here which makes up this community it really is amazing. I've read so many posts and threads especially from some of the more regulars, I think without some of your help I would never had done this.So Thanks guys. Anyway here's a few more pics over the last few days up until today, day 10. Yeah I agree gotta get through the first few months, it all feels good now but not looking forward to the ugly duckling phase but its a long road and its only part 1 of my long term commitment to "doing something about it"
  6. Hi everyone, Long time lurker here and i would like to share my recent experience with you. I'll start with a bit of background, I was about 18/19 when I had that horrible feeling which I guess you all know so well, the dreaded thought of losing my hair. After a relationship break up I decided to do something about it so at 24yo I had my first HT. This is 12 years ago now, I am the big 40 in a few days so let me just enjoy the next few days by saying I am a 39 yo guy... Anyway, I was so naive back then, very badly advised and chose the wrong clinic, but to be honest even 12 years ago the quality of hair restoration techniques and surgeons isn't what it is today. The procedure was just a few hundred grafts to plump up the hairline. It looked ok at the time, mingled in with my native hair but I had bad sides to Fin and had to come off after a few months so I very quickly realized i would be going back for more work. My 2nd HT was 2 years later to fill in a strip of hairloss in behind my 1st 1/3 of scalp, a little natural tuft remained front centre and it was becoming isolated. Again not prepared to go on Fin and was becoming very down in myself knowing id be chasing this round my head. I've worn caps and hats whenever I can for the the last 8 or 9 years now. Needless to say these procedures were FUT and I was left which the horrible scars which comes with it, it was the scars just as much as the dodgy looking hair on top I was more conscious of, I well and truly have my FUT club membership card to show off lol ! It was probably 2 or 3 years ago I stumbled onto this wonderful community and was quickly gathering information on finding a solution, reading just about every thread by every patient on every clinic. I looked at several clinics In India, Belgium, Turkey, Spain and many more. But after careful consideration I decided to go with Dr. Erkan Demirsoy at Armamed Clinic in Istanbul. Yes finance is a factor, but so were results I could have gone cheaper than him if it was about finance but i really liked what I saw from him and the fact he only sees one patient a day and is very hands on was also a big factor. I booked through Health Travels Dr. D's representative Mr Clemens Weber and after I sent my pics off, I was contacted by Clemens who had talked to the doc, he said he could extract about 3000-3500 from my donor. As you can see from the thread heading I had 2910 grafts in the end I cant say I'm disappointed because I was being a little greedy anyway as I know people say around 2500 is about the max you should do in 1 FUE session but its along way to go and I do need as many as I can get lol. Dr D said that this was because my donor isnt as strong as my photos suggested so we would only go as far as 3000 which I thought was highly ethical as he could have took 3500 and just took more money but he decided this would best so I totally agreed. On that note I would like to say that my expectations are totally realistic and I realize I will never have a full head of hair, I do remember joking to the doctor and Muzzafer( who is the Doctors right hand man he takes care of everything and is an absolute top bloke) that I dont plan on joining any rock bands and I just wanted to tie together what I have left on top and maybe a sprinkle towards the back with a second pass planned for next year this would be plenty for now. Also I explained id rather have a lighter sprinkle over a bigger area as I didnt want a hardline hair then scalp going on just a nice 'feathered in' look so the further he goes back toward the crown to space the grafts out a little and he agreed this will give a better look in once grown in and before the next pass. So after a long day, I think it went on for about 2 hrs longer about 9 hrs in all as the doc said I had thick skin on my scalp and the grafts were popping out slightly when planting next to them. The two nurses were also amazing their tireless and tedious work didnt go unnoticed they were always asking if I was ok and if i needed some more anesthesia. Dr. D does all the extractions and makes the recipient sites the nurses just plant the grafts. Muzzafer then took me back to my hotel where I didnt get much sleep but I rested well and felt no pain whatsoever. I returned the next day for hairwash all after care products and instructions painkillers anti-inflamatory pills etc..Muzzafer took some pics and burned them to cd for me too. Luckily enough for me this is when I met Clemens Weber who had booked all the hotels transfers for me we had previously exchanged close to 50 emails so I was really glad to thank him in person, after the hairwash we had lunch and chatted for a while about the HT industry for quite some time, it was good to talk to him a very knowledgeable man, although he didnt let me pay for lunch which I tried, insisted infact, but Clemens would have none of it, I thanked him very much, he's a real gent. We stayed in touch over the next few days checking in on me. I was in Istanbul for 10 days in all so had a week to recover before I traveled back to the UK. I could go on filling in details but I feel like I'm waffling now over stories you've heard a million times before lol ! but If anyone has any questions feel free to ask and i will do my best to answer them about my experience. All in all, a truely seamless operation, from start to finish from my very 1st email months ago, to Clemens texting me this morning to make sure I'd arrived home ok !! I cant thank Clemens Weber, Muzzafer, Dr Demirsoy and his two nurses enough they were all superb Ive attached my pre op pics which were originally sent to the doctor and some from immediately post op. I've taken quite a few and am 10 days post op today so I will keep you updated.... Many Thanks for your time...
  7. Absolutely HairJo! I had my 1st HT 12 years ago and now I'm 40 touchwood I've not lost anything ...well only thing I lost was the use of other certain body parts personally I'd never go back on it. Just minoxidil and biotin for me. But it's a personal choice, some swear by it others won't go near it. And like you said we ain't gonna stay young forever so if and when the time does come, out come the clippers for the Bruce Willis look !!!
  8. The newly transplanted hairs will grow as long as it's extracted from a non DHT affected area or "safe zone" that's why it's so important to find a highly experienced and ethical surgeon in the first place who has the best possible opinion on where your safe zone will be not just now but in years to come. To give yourself the best chance of a successful HT you need to consider Fin otherwise what you thought is permanently transplanted hairs will fall out in years to come. But as your probably aware fin does come with a risk of side effects,I'm still experiencing them 12 years after coming off and believe me they are no joke. On the other side of the coin you have thousands of men who aren't affected by these sides and Fin is an absolute 'must' for them. All I can say is approach with caution maybe start by taking a little less than the recommended dosage and see how your body reacts. Sorry to be vague my friend but it's a bit of a roll of the dice whichever you decide. I wish you luck with your decision.
  9. Good thread, always love the big Fin debates many pros and cons to consider... Anyway sorry to be corrective but in his defence Wayne Rooney, has never and will never be able to take Fin, not at least he's still a pro footballer. Fin has properties which are able to mask other banned substances so all athletes who are governed by anti doping agencies are unable to take it. Google Austrailian footballer Stan Lazaridis who received a lengthy ban just by taking the anti hairloss drug. Must be the one thing that sucks about being a footballer!! Although I'm sure Rooneys 200k a week and his hot wife will soften the blow slightly ...
  10. So I have been in contact with David the moderator and he has kindly informed of how to create a thread, so when I return to the UK in a few days I will start from the beginning under a new title. I have been taking regular pics and have bought a new digi camera as it's quite difficult to document everything from my iPhone. So for now I'm gonna enjoy my last few days in Istanbul and update everything shortly. Many thanks Burlio
  11. Hi everyone, I'll try and keep this short for now as this is my first time posting on here and I'm doing this from my iPhone and I've already lost what I've typed twice argh !! Ok, I'm 39 years old been losing my hair since the age of 19/20. I have had two previous HTs in the UK just a few hundred grafts each time this was when my hairloss was in its infancy and I also took Fin at the time. I since had side effects from it so I'm just on minix, biotin and any other natural supplements which come recommend. The first HT was just to fill in my receding hairline and the second was to fill in a strip of hair between my 1st and 2nd 1/3 of my scalp. Neither one was satisfactory and as native hair continued to fall out this became very isolated and was left with a natural tuft in the front centre with transplanted hair including gaps surrounding it. It looks appalling these days and it's only getting worse. I have had no work done to the crown as yet and if I had my way I would have shaved the lot off s long time ago but have been left with the trademark scars which come with strip surgery especially back then. So after stumbling across HRN I discovered there was people out there just like me, and more importantly hairloss experts which offered help advice and support, suddenly I didn't feel so alone anymore and had given me so many options I never thought I would have. So after assessing my financial situation saving hard and taking the plunge I am now typing this from my room in the Asia City Hotel in Istanbul awaiting my procedure with Dr Erkan Demirsoy. I have booked through Health Travels and Dr Demirsoy's agent Clemens Weber. So far I have to say that Mr Weber is amazing, over the last 3/4 months he has arranged everything seamlessly from start to finish, even when I was getting cold feet about coming to Istanbul due to political tensions but his calming influence and his constant help had been nothing short of fantastic I really hope I have the pleasure of meeting him over the next few days. Ill try to attach a few pre op pics to this and update as I go, including when I return from the procedure tomorrow. Thanks for now.
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