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  1. Hey Guys, sorry for the late reply. Here is an update. In general i think it has already improved alot, the hair are strengthening around the crown, and the crown is even filling in slowly. I however, increased the minoxidil dose to 1mL (from 1/2 of the dose) beginning of this month, and have no problems with side effects so far, so I hope this will improve the crown even further. Keep you boyz posted
  2. Holy hell, 6 weeks now, but wow... Even my crown whorl is growing back. I get comments from people (who know i'm doing this method) saying it looks like my balding crown is growing smaller. Thanks so much for proposing this lads, i will continue to needle and update you
  3. @CosmoKramer, Thank you for your comments! I am now also using a stamping motion. Its approx. 3 weeks since I started microneedling and I think there small improvement (definitely a lot more velus hairs). Currently, I'm at 1.25 mm. However, I have been getting positional headaches when i get up and do a bit more intense work (Although I'm not 100% sure its due to the minoxiidil), so i dosed a bit down on the minoxidil (using 0.5mm instead of the 1mm).
  4. Hello Guys, I'm here to share updates and experiences with microneedling my crown. I have had 2 hair transplants (https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/55183-2-hair-transplant-3200-grafts-fue/) which focused on the frontal 2/3 part of my scalp. So after seeing lots of potential in microneedling+minoxidil and getting nice and instructive comments on this forum, I decided to give it a go. I am using a dr. pen A1-W. My plan is to use 1x 1.5mm dermapenning every week, and after 24 hours continue with 2x a day minoxidil. I just did my second session (started a week ago). I'm currently at 1.1mm, (last time was 1mm) The first image is pre-needling, and second after. I do 3x horizontal and 3x vertical lines over the crown. I have several questions: 1. Currently, i am using a combination of lawnmowing :D, and pricking (so moving the pen from the skin and put it briefly on the new spot). What do you think is better? How do you do it?. 2. How fast do you set the RPM of your device? Currently, I have it on the standard setting which is I believe 8000 RPM Cheers!
  5. Thanks again guys! I read into microneedling, and bought a dr.pen dermapen. I just tried it on my crown with 2x horizontal lines and 2x vertical lines. I started with 0.5mm which i didn't feel and changed it to 1mm which did quite hurt (the scalp is also red (not bloody). Next time I will try 1.25mm :D. I want to do it 1x a week, and after 24hours start with 2x minoxidil daily again. Cheers, I will keep you boyz posted!
  6. Thank you so much for your comments guys @watterot: I tried concealers, but unfortunately the crown is to far gone for the fibers to attach. It looks like dark stains on my head. @Egy & Melvin: Thank you! Also for the links. I will read up into microneedling and try it out. Cheers!
  7. Dear All, Its now 6 months. Not much has changed from last month, although I don't know if i can expect much more. By any means i'm very happy with the results so far. I Also attached some pictures of the donor area and crown. Even though only a part of the crown was treated, it is still a very large area which is bald and is dropping down (see pictures). Maybe at some point in future, if donor allows and future baldness allows, i would like to do another treatment in combination with beard hair (as i have a thick and dense beard). However, before i venture into this I would like to perform a microscopic evaluation of my donor area, and if, for example the lateral humps already show miniaturization, i will have to take this into account to save grafts for repair.
  8. @harry_potter1 Thank you for your nice comments! A quick update as i'm nearing the 5 month mark (next week). Its getting better and better, and i'm already very happy. Lets hope the middle part and beginning of the crown will also thicken a bit more.
  9. Hello guys! Its been 4 months now since I underwent the hair transplant and would like to share the recent status. The hair is thickening nicely (especially in the front) and I'm already very happy. I hope that the hair will continue to thicken also more towards the crown. The last photo is just after I washed my hair, here you can nicely see how far they went with the implanting of the grafts. Cheers!
  10. Its been almost 2 months now since the hair transplant and here is an update. I noticed that my hair is getting thicker by the day (I think my regime of minox, foligain and regenepure keto shampoo is working again).
  11. @ JohnCasper: Thank you! I will keep you guys posted! @ Melvin: Yeah time flies man, 27 indeed! My hair and myself have been through quite a rollercoaster . Once I noticed the skin-irritation I switched to a minoxidil foam without the ppg. A few months in I noticed the loss of hairs which did not seem to came back (I have to add that i also dropped the foligain tabs due to financial reasons). Furthermore, it got quite hard to order minoxidil (as it became illegal in my country to buy it), so i tried to get it second hand on sites like ebay (which came with the risk of not knowing if they had actual minoxidil in there, as often the lid was already broken). So I decided to just leave it as it is and 'accepted' my hair loss for the time being. I think this really shows the effect that minoxidil (and maybe some synergism with the foligain tabs) had on my hair. I guess because I lost so much hair in a diffuse pattern, minoxidil greatly enhanced the miniaturizing hair in conjunction with the strong new hairs from the hair transplant. Luckely I found a good seller and bought 30 months supply of liquid minoxidil (sealed and all) just in case. I hope that this time it will not cause skin irritiation as I try to moisturise my scalp with cremes and neutral shampoo. I hope that with this regime I can maintain and maybe grow back some native hair. Altough I hope that the hair transplant will be enough, even when minoxidil stops working, to enhance my looks and appears natural.
  12. Hey All, I decided to take the plunge 16 days ago and received a second hair transplant. After my first hair transplant of 2300 grafts I had massive hair regrowth. This was probably due to the combination of the first transplant and the regime (minoxidil & foligain tabs) that I was using. When I quit the minoxidil due to skin irritation, I lost a lot of ground. Link to first topic: I uploaded a pic of how my hair looked pre-operation (almost all native hair was gone - and I was left with the transplanted hair from the first operation). With hair fibers i could still make it look good - however I didn't want to be dependent on these fibers. So 16 days ago I received 3200 grafts over the course of 2-days at the same hair transplant clinic as for the first hair transplant. We started in the morning with an intake in which we discussed the areas where the grafts would be inserted. We came to the conclusion that the balding area is large (NW-6 pattern) and we decided to emphasize the front and middle, with some grafts placed on the first part of the crown. It is impossible to cover the whole balding area, as this would be low density all over. A lot of scabs with hairs have already fallen by now, but I really like the density how it looks now. Furthermore I restarted minoxidil, foligain tabs and regenepure shampoo (I will use this after 1 month - until the skin is fully recovered). I will try to avoid skin irritation by minoxidil using a neutral shampoo and skin creme. The operation went very well. The team and I were very happy to find out that I had a lot more 2s than 1s hairs in the grafts (more than last transplantation). Furthermore, I am lucky to have thick wavy hair. My donor is also very nicely recovering (it's still a bit thin, altough not unexpected as in total 5500 grafts were extracted from the area). Many hairs and scabs have already fallen, so now my long watch begins
  13. Yeah i'm going for the same clinic. They said around 7000 at the time. But I think it's hard to estimate the real number of grafts left (without proper analysis), and 7000 does seems a bit overkill I think :D. My donor does still looks thick, even when i shave it down to a few mm. So I hope 3000+ does not thin it out too much.
  14. Hey all, I had a hair transplant in 2015 (2300+ fue) (so long ago already :D) and the results were amazing. I regained full head of hair and my curls. I was also very happy from all the nice reactions i got on this forum. https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/43136-2300-fue-23-years-old/ Sadly, i experienced a terrible shed after I switched from liquid (with ppg) to foam (without ppg) minoxidil, and did not recovered from this (i also dropped foligain tabs though - perhaps this also had some effect - but unsure) Some time went by and although i have a lost a lot of hair, I'm still very happy with the results from the first hair transplant, and i would probably be fully bald on top if it wasn't for this decision. When i use hair fibers it looks really nice. I have booked a second hair transplant for September, here they are going to extract 3000+ grafts (i have attached some pictures of my current donor, but they said that i have enough - in the future i could even resort to beard grafts should it be necessary). I have attached an image on the current plan on how we are going to use the grafts. Feel free to comment and discuss, I for one are very happy with this plan, as i also don't mind using hair fibers (but i need some hair for em). The plan is to: add 20 grafts/cm2 to the area behind the hairline. add 25 grafts/cm2 to the midscalp towards to first half of the vertex add 10 grafts/cm2 to the lower part of the vertex I'm happy with my hairline (but perhaps i could use a few more in there - this is still something i'm thinking off) Furthermore, i restarted minoxidil, foligain tabs and added regenepure (1% keto) to my regime. Happy to hear from you guys.
  15. Hey Guys its me again. So i had a nice consult at the same place i had my first ht of 2300+ grafts. They checked the areas which could be treated en discussed with me about the possibilities in which they mentioned that my donor barely showed signs of the extraction from last time. They proposed a treatment of 3000+ grafts (in practice more likely to be around 3100/3200 grafts). This isn't the maximum treatment they offer but they want to ensure i still have grafts left for another ht if needed and wished for. Their idea was to put 1500 grafts in the frontal half (last time they planted 2000 grafts there) and 1500 grafts on the crown (~60cm2) (last time there were 300 grafts placed there). But this division can be changed to preference, as i was thinking to put some more in the front and less in the back, like 1750 grafts in the frontal half and 1250+ in the crown. I dont know how you feel about this, i rather have a stronger front/mid scalp and a weak crown where i can put fibers on. I'm curious how you feel about this, and your reactions and ideas. I posted 1 pic with fibers and 2 without as well as a pic with a plan of approach (in which you can see the grafts that were planted last time). Regards!