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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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    10 years +
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    Norwood V
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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    Erkan Demirsoy
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    Propecia (Finasteride)

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  1. Dont know how to rotate poctures from my phone,sry
  2. Yes iam really happy,just hope for little mote,these are some pictures i took few min ago.
  3. I took this pictures this morning(not the best picture quality but will post better soon).Its 7 months and its improving still,crown is thin but thats part i did not had any work done. Iam still at FIN daily 1mg.
  4. Before my surgery I had a lot of conversation with Demirsoy(his agent Clemens) and always got replay same day or next day.I talked to them whole year before i booked my surgery,never had any problems.Be patient
  5. 2 days ago was my 4 month after procedure.I took some pictures just after shower,wet and dry.Still had no haircut will do soon.
  6. Thank you sir on kind words,i hope best for us.2 months is when u look worst and yes ugly stage sucks but hope it will be better soon.Happy growing to you,i will update at 4 months mark.
  7. Yesterday was my 3 month,i took some pictures.There is a lot of small tiny hairs growing so something finaly started(dont know if is shock loss back or transplanted hair growing)
  8. 2 months. I have some shockloss but on positive side i see some small white hairs in area(hairs not easy visible at pictures) so i hope next few months will bring better.Iam daily on 1mg Fin.
  9. 1 month. I shed a lot these days and still shedding,most middle part of top of my head dunno why but that happened around 20 day(doctor said its all ok). Honestly its hard time when u are at this stage.My sister who knows for this for example did not say notning 2 weeks before and yesterday when she come just asked me what happened to my head so i guess its really obvious.Iam just at home and went out with hat(hate them) just once for 30 min for whole 31 day so it will be better as times goes. Pictures are from outside under natural light only donor picture inside but door was behind me and its under direct light(donor look ok)
  10. Maybe its not about lady and definitly not "half bald".Its suit him perfect for his age.I would like that iam in his shoes as 64 year old man
  11. Wow what a difference few months made.I must say you look younger with hair combed back,definitly much more younger.At year mark you will make your wife jealous
  12. Look so good for one month ser.Your donor is really perfect for one month.Even light is stronger at your pictures i would never know you had any work done.You will be happy in few months,wish you all the best
  13. My friend post your questions at Hair Restoration Questions and Answers - Forum By and for Hair Loss Patients (with pictures of your hair).Dont take it wrong but u wont get replays here,its someone tread with his experience,hope you understand
  14. Post your question at section"Questions And Answers"(Hair Restoration Questions and Answers - Forum By and for Hair Loss Patients. Even you are probably too young and look like you need to do lot of research there is lot of knowegable guys here who will give you honest answers. At start maybe you should start educate about Minox and Fin and see how they work.