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  1. Hi guys, Here with my 15 month update. I probably won't post again after this as I'm quite done with worrying about hair anymore My results: I'm pretty happy with the results given that it was only 1400 grafts. It made me care less about my hair, I don't honestly think about it that much anymore. The hairline looks extremely natural to me, which was my most important requirement. The donor zone I can't tell where the grafts came from at all and I've looked very close in harsh light. Here in this photo my hair is shaved very close, zero guard and 1 guard. You can't tell I had a H
  2. Got a haircut today so I thought I would take a few pics and do a better progress update. Cheers.
  3. Hi guys, Quick 7 month update. Getting more growth and starting to thicken up more. I'll post more detailed photos at the 10 month mark. So far so good, no complaints or problems.
  4. Hi, So 4 months have passed and I'm beginning to see a few hairs coming out at last! Very few but still early days. As you can see my hair is getting pretty long and I need to get another haircut soon. I combed it back so you can get a clear view of the hairline zone. Happy growing brothers!
  5. Hi guys, 2 month update. Went for a checkup with Dr Nel and he said the donor area has healed very nicely. You can see from the attachments where I'm at. I took a very close up of the donor area and it's impossible for even me to see that anything is going on here. From the hairline you can see there's a couple of hairs starting to sprout but not much to write about at this stage. I would say that 95% of all redness on the hairline has subsided at this stage. Any lingering redness is hardly noticeable.
  6. 2 week update: Donor area is looking pretty normal by now. The scabs on the recipient area are finally all gone. There is some slight discoloration (it's not pink though, more purplish-bruisish color right now). I would say there has been ~30% shed of hairs that came off with the scabs. I also think there is a slight bit of shockloss on the recipient area where the new hairline meets the old, which as I've read is also normal. Right now I'm hoping my original hair grows out a bit more so and sitting tight to get over the inevitable "ugly duckling" phase. Good luck fellow brothers,
  7. Hi all, Here is an update. It's now day 7 post-op and donor area is looking pretty good, a few scabs still left, but overall it looks well. This is still slightly shorter than I would usually shave my hair on the back if I went for a close cut, so I think "coverage" should be good if I want to sport some close haircuts in the future Pain in occipital zone is also clearing. Recipient area looks to be healing nicely, still lots of scabs but that is expected until at least day 10 when I can start washing my hair more normally. From now on I'll do 1 week updates until month 1. Foll
  8. Quick update: I went for a 5 day post-op checkup and Dr Nel says everything is looking very good. The donor area has healed up very nicely for 5 days. I have some occipital nerve pain which is common and I take a mild pain killer every 8 hours which eliminates this. I want to add some baseline images as a comparison for pre/post op over the next 12 months, but first some history on the medications used: I started using Fin + Minox on 09/2011. I stopped using Minox around 05/2013 due to seeing limited benefits and getting a bad skin reaction. I also used Niz but very irregularly (someti
  9. Since I don't see much about Dr Nel and I had a hard time deciding on this doctor, let me give more details on how and comments about the Dr for other people like me looking for more info. Note: I did not do this in Ireland but as I understand Dr Nel's staff travels with him (there's 4 people that worked with him during the transplant) and 2 of them live in Ireland. Dr Nel is first and foremost NOT a hair transplant "salesman". He will tell you this himself and he will not try and convince you to do anything or get anything done. He has also had FUE done on himself by Dr Bijan Feriduni,
  10. Hi all, I haven't seen any forum posts by people who've done an HT by Dr Andre Nel so I'm sharing my experience. I started on the Big 3 in October 2011. You can see how my hairline looked on 10 Feb 2012 in the 1st photo. The second 2 photos show how it looked on Thursday 27 August 2015 the day before surgery. I stopped using Minox about 2 years ago because it was too much hassel and I didn't get much growth. But for 4 years the fin seems to have kept my hairline pretty much were it was. On 28 August I did a FUE 1400 graft procedure with Dr Nel. He is a very good HT surgeon and c
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