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  1. Thank you I appreciate that, I've been told I have fine hair which has helped the result.
  2. That is not the easiest thing to do, I've had so many changes in my life in the last 3 or 4 years divorce yoga Etc. There's not a doubt in my mind that the hair transplant help my confidence and my dating life. I don't really think of it anymore is just part of who I am now. Love and light.
  3. If you go back through the posts you can find it. Not sure and no alopecia.
  4. Hey guys. Just wanted to check in. It has been 3 yrs this Nov. No regrets and would do it again in a heart beat.
  5. Yes, I think the biotin helped. With my nails and beard growing so fast hard to imagine it not helping. Any mens hair paste/gel that says fibrous or textured should do it.
  6. Hello All! Could not be happier with my decision to get FUE. Pics attached. Still on biotin. Have noticed some hair that appears to be breaking off, bout 2in long. Nothing drastic, but worth noting. Also using a texture or fibrous hair gel does the trick to tame it nicely.
  7. All is well Gents. No regrets. Still on biotin. Very happy with my hairline too! Thanks Dr. V
  8. Well, I did miss last month so I apologize. Things are going really well. I would totally do it all over again. No issues to report. A stylist friend did recommend using a fibrous styling gel, really makes a difference. Let me know your thoughts. Still taking biotin daily.
  9. Things are moving along nicely. Had my 6 month follow up with Dr. Vories and no issues to report. I can still see some small short hairs in the recipient area that have yet to take off. Doc said hairs will continue to thicken up as time goes on. No regrets, super happy!
  10. Hey guys, Still pleased with the procedure would totally do it again. Attached are my 5 month photos. Still taking Biotin daily. It is getting a bit longer so I am playing with it to see what looks best right now. I did get barber shop hair cut about 2 weeks ago, barber could not tell I had the HT even after telling him. The grafts are placed in a way that they grow to the right, if you cannot tell.. Comments welcome. :cool:
  11. Things seem to be progressing well up to this point. No issues in the donor area. The recipient area appears to be filling in. The growth you see is right around 3.5 weeks, since I last buzz cut it. I can see tons of little hairs not so apparent in the pics, so really looking forward to next 4 weeks. Still tend wear a hat, maybe you guys can tell me if I can stop or not. Still taking the biotin to help growth. Let me know you thoughts.:cool:
  12. Current state of mind- Not much has changed for since last month. A few more hairs here and there. I get excited by the idea of letting it grow out, just need some hairs to rise in strategic areas. Comments welcome.:cool:
  13. aldoury- No infection, I did have it checked. Like I said the donor area is much better now at 2 months. home1212- Noted and I will heed your advice, thanks. Maybe something fruity.. lol.
  14. Current state of mind- overall positive, continue with the buzz cut to keep all hairs even. Sometimes I wonder why some areas in the recipient area lost so many hairs when others did not. When these areas begin to grow new healthy hairs is when I will let it go, that is let it grow out. I am noticing that many grafts in the recipient area are starting to turn somewhat pinkish red, hopefully this is a sign of hairs to come. I am taking 500 mg biotin daily to aid in growth. Still using head and shoulders and buzz my head about every 3-4 days. It is absolutely nuts how lighting changes how you perceive the density of hair transplanted. Recipient Area- Since my last post no other hairs have shed and I do not think they will. I can begin to see little hairs popping up here and there, but as stated above I hope the redness on the grafts indicates future growth. Having some native hair in my vertex plus what grafts where added makes me feel that the only area I am waiting on to thicken up in the frontal third, which was essentially hairless before the procedure. For sure the hairs that did not shed are strong and growing. Donor Area- The ingrown hairs are not as bad as they were, nor as painful. Scarring continues to soften in appearance and has no bearing on my choice of haircut. Pics attached from just a few minutes ago. I invite feedback on my personal assessment. Thanks guys. :cool:
  15. I buzz cut mine right at two weeks, per doc this would be a safe time. Allowed me to keep everything even. I shaved it at 1 month, would not recommend this with FUE patients. I think it has led to increased ingrown hairs. Gone back to buzzing now, for time being anyway.
  16. 1 Month Update Current state of mind- I feel confident going out with no hat. With that said I feel the ugly duckling stage is an accurate description of how I and most feel at this stage. When I look in the mirror I feel fairly good about the recipient area’s appearance. Today I did ask stranger if they could tell I had a HT and they said no, only after divulging the truth did they notice. Miscellaneous- I am continuing to wash my hair with head and shoulders and using some anti-folliculitis gel twice daily on my donor. No meds. I buzz cut my hair about every 3 days, this makes the recipient area blend in much better with native hairs. I am on the verge of shaving my head, more or less waiting on the bumps to clear up. Just as I reminder, I previously shaved head daily. Recipient Area- During my procedure I remember the doc sating that my scalp was elastic, i.e. none of the tightly packed grafts were popping out. I mention this because I feel like approximately 50-60 % of the hairs transplanted are still intact and growing (may be related to the elasticity). Those hairs remaining are weakly and unhealthy looking. When I rub my recipient area now, no hairs appear on my hand. More shedding to come, probable, but we shall see. I have notice in just the last 48 hours 2 bumps in my recipient crown area. Donor Area- No pain in the donor area concerning the procedure. All of the sites are healed. As stated before I have no issue presenting my bare donor area in public, you would have to be looking very hard to notice. In grown hairs on the other hand have been a real pain. I would say my 15-20 ingrown hairs in the donor area. They do seem to be clearing up now. Pictures enclosed. More to follow. :cool: sorry for upside down photos
  17. All is well post FUE. All of the pain has subsided. I can only notice a little pink in the recipient area. Thus far I would say only about 14-20 hairs have shed. To be honest I have really enjoyed it this far. Yesterday I gave myself a buzz cut with no guard, reason being all my native hair keeps growing: so I made it all the same length. I have been going out with no hat or anything ,no problem, have not noticed anyone eyeballing my dome. With a mirror the FUE scars on only seemnoticeable from about 2-3 feet away if you are looking for them. I told my wife how cool it was just to wash my hair, lol. Not looking forward to all the shedding but I understand the process. I have started using some anti scar gel in the donor area to help. Will post again at 1 month folks. Pics attached.
  18. Hello All, My FUE procedure was completed 4-5 November 2015. 4000 grafts total, mostly two counts: about 8000 hairs total. I am happy with the hairline as I am 35 and frankly more is there now than ever before. I think I started losing my hair when I was like 8, lol. My caliber is of medium density. The only real pain during the procedure was when getting injections at the base of the neck, the rest was a cake walk. I traveled from Lexington, KY to Charlotte Douglass International via air and stayed at the Comfort Inn. The hotel was quiet pleasant and had been newly remodeled. Dr. Vories and his staff are true professionals and friendly as all get out. The Doc did all of the extractions and implanting. During all of the implanting I got to watch Guardians of the Galaxy which rocked as I had never seen it before. Today the pain is about the same, mostly coming from the donor area. My face resembles a puffer fish as the saline and topical fluids are absorbing into my head. I am having a bit of a itching reaction to the pain meds so I am going to start taking some Benadryl per the doc. I have been sleeping at a 45 degree angle nightly using one of those traveling neck pillows. I also tie my hands up while sleeping as to not inadvertently scratch out any grafts. So far I am extremely happy with it all. Feedback is welcome. Pre and post-operative pics enclosed. :cool:
  19. Tomorrow is the day I will be flying out for my FUE HT. I am excited and nervous! The procedure is set for the Nov 4, so I will be checked in and ready to go for Wednesday.
  20. I have officially booked my FUE procedure for 4-5 November 2015. I have chosen to go with the Carolina Hair Surgery. The goal is 4000 grafts into a conservative hairline with maximum density. I have been shaving my head for many years now, so long I do not know what my hair would even look like if I grew it out. I recently retired out of the military where a shaved head was common place. Now that I am out, I am looking forward to starting the rest of my life and think that getting a hair transplant will be a welcome change. I am excited and nervous all at once. My hair color is light brown and the doctor says my donor area looks solid. A few facts that I think will help me out with density is my lateral areas are pretty high and my crown loss does not dip down more than half way. Also I have always been told I have a small head, based on helmet size etc.. All for now.