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  1. I can't believe it's been almost 10 years since my first FUT. I was 28, panicking and depressed at what was happening. I went into Dr Meshkin and received 1500 grafts to the front and mid section. Couple of years later at the age of 30, I went back for 1800 more grafts, this time I brought my cousin with me who also had 1800 grafts done. I again added 1500 grafts to the front and mid section and 300 to the crown area. I am now 37 and have been thinking of going back in for a 3rd and final procedure to replace the native hair I've lost since those two procedures and thicken my hairline.
  2. I had my first FUT at 28 with Dr Meshkin for 1500 grafts. It lasted about 2 years where more of my native hairs continued to fall out. At 30 I went in for another 1800. 1500 to my mid section to front hairline and 300 for the crown. I am now 37 and have been contemplating a final FUE procedure to solidify my frontal hairline. You need to rethink this realistically. You will need 2-3 procedures over the next 10 years to achieve the results you want.
  3. You're flight reminded me of when I got my first and second HT's. I am an airline captain so you could imagine the thoughts I was having. For my first HT, I made the mistake of going back to work 4 days after my procedure. Luckily, I could wear my captain hat while walking thru the terminal. We aren't subject to security checks so I avoided that whole thing. Secondly, an hour before I was to leave my house for my trip, I accidently scratched my head, forgetting I had the procedure done. My head started bleeding uncontrollably. After stopping the bleeding I went off to work. Big mistake
  4. I had my first HT at the age of 29 in Jan of 2009 with Dr. Meschkin with 1800 grafts to give me a hairline and keep somewhat of an appearance of thinning hair. It looked good but after 8 months the remaining native hair continued to fall out. I couldn't take propecia because of the sexual side effects(read my previous posts about my experience with it, stay far far away from it). So this week I took the plunge and got my second HT with him and also convinced my cousin, very easily I might add, after he saw the great results the doc did with the first HT to do one as well. So we both went i
  5. Dude, trust me, youre fine. I had 1800 grafts with Meschkin in 2009 and my second ones is next month. I plan on starting to run after 2 weeks and then light lifting 2 weeks after then back to normal 2 weeks after that. Thats what I did during my first HT and my scar is so small and undetectable that I can cut my hair shorter than I'd like to without anyone seeing the scar. Your in good hands with Meschkin, pun intended.
  6. I have yet to see anyone mention the fact that the transplant does somewhat(not a lot) change the shape of your face. After all, you're taking away a good portion of your skin, pulling the remaining skin down, and stichting it together. If that procedure would of happened on the front of your face, it would be called a face lift. Does anyone else notice a difference? What is everyones thoughts on this?
  7. Futbol, First off, you went to one of the best doctors around. He does a great job as described numerous times on these forums. I had my procedure done with him in Jan 2009 for 1800 grafts. Since then, I have had more hair fall out and have scheduled a 2nd session for another 2000 grafts. My recommendations to you are not to take so many pictures so close together in time. You won't be able to see much of a difference. Try to space them out to maybe every 8 weeks. Also, I would stop shaving your head as it makes the scare very visible and the point of the surgery less appealing
  8. I took Propecia for 5 years. It stopped all hair loss. During my 5th year of taking it, it virtually rendered my sex drive kaput. Literally, stopped in its tracks. I stopped taking propecia in 2007. I had my HT #1 in jan 2010. Never took propecia after the HT. I did continue to lose more hair, but with permanent damage done to my sex drive, I will NEVER take it again. I have HT # 2 scheduled for Sept 2011 It simply comes down to which you want more?
  9. Sorry about the confusion. The two on the left are post op, the two on the right are pre-op. Post op is April 2010, the pre op is Nov 09. The hair that you see in the front of my head in the two pre op photos on the right is pretty much all gone. I know this because when my transplanted hair grew out, I had a good amount of thickness. It has since thinned out. I am very glad I had that first procedure when I did because had I not, I would be going from totally bald in the front to medium thickness which is very noticable. The way this scenario worked out in real life is such that no one
  10. Sorry it took so long, but here are my results 14 months post op. I've suffered more loss from my hairline to mid area, so I am now planning another session with dr meshkin. Any suggestions on graft amounts? My initial procedure was 1800 grafts in the front to mid area. I am thinking of adding 2500 in the second procedure to mainly the front. 2 pictures of pre-op, 2 post op taken yesterday.
  11. I had my first procedure in Jan 10'. At the time, I was in the mid phase of rapid hair loss, because I had stopped taking propecia. By the time I did my procedure, my hair loss was significant in the front area. I didn't know at the time I'd be losing this much hair 1.5 years later. So now, I am definitely doing the 2nd procedure at the end of summer. My first session was 1800 grafts, my second will probably be about 2500. Although, at 4 months post op of my first HT, I wasn't thinking I would need a 2nd one. It wasn't until now that my hair loss has gained speed.
  12. I had my first hair transplant procedure done with Dr. Meshkin in Newport Beach, CA in Jan 2010. I would consider hair loss in different phases or rates. Some are losing it slow over time, some medium, and others its falling faster than the market crash of 2000. Now that considerable time has passed and I can better evaluate my hair loss, I was losing hair at a very rapid pace during the period of 2008-2010. I had been taking propecia from 2001 to 2006. I stopped in 2006 when I noticed severe sexual side effects. Not only was an erection not possible, but there was no desire. I 100
  13. Here are photos of my temple areas. Can anyone tell me why there are real dark spots? Are those ingrown hairs? Also, I'm at 3 months and one week and I see about 10-15 dark hairs growing per temple. Is this the start of the growth phase? Do others start growing at different times.....ie some won't grow until 4 months others 6? I had 1800 grafts, mostly in the front part of my head.
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