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  1. I hope you will have good results with electrolysis For me the redness is so light now but the shiny texture is the problem along with bumps skin Can the v beam help in removing the shiny texture ? Should i try mirco needling to remove the bumps ? I do not know, i m thinking to try fue out with good doctor
  2. What about the texture and the tiny bumps ? can the laser improve them as well ? Now i cannot look closely to my head, it looks so disgusting texture is ruined and bump under each hair, so ugly, i just want to rid off from all of that
  3. I cannot tell as i only treat one hair so It does not give any indicator The issue is the whole scalp look like it is covered by another layer of skin (pink and shiny with bumps) really it gives impression that i have serious disease and even i notice people they keep distance from me after this, the scalp before was matte I do not believe that the hair shaft is the main reason, if you look to the roots of hairs in your humps, you will find normal skin regardless of the shaft So it is the surgery that make all of those problem, it is like hair growing in abnormal skin so it wil
  4. Softenning the hairline is really an issue in hair transplant that no doctor so far give true picture about it Only said using one hair graft would be enough which is not true
  5. Yes, electrolysis can do the trick to make the hair softer but with minimum power You need one session to make the hair finer or 2 to 3 to remove the hair Also keep in mind that when you use electrolysis the hair will fall and the area might become red for a while (pin point in the hair place) but unlikely with minimum power It is better to do test or start slowley so nobody notice your transition No scar is possible if the skin is normal and the tech is skillful If you have a center near to you that would be great so each day you can treat a few There are 3 types of
  6. Thanks harry That is really a beneficial reply, we need to share those information and see what is the best route to solve those issues, i will put the vbeam laaser on my list now and the good thing as u said it might not harm the hair, about the bumps i checked with few doctors and they advise against dermarolling as it might create scars, so i m avoiding that for time being For electrolysis, i tried it on one hair at the hairline and it make it finer, i think this option will be good to make the hairline softer but use the min power, for me i m still guessing between the 3
  7. You think i did not ask doctors so far ? I asked more than 10 between dermatologist and surgeons and all of them they do not want to remove any hair or think the skin has problem so they try many things on me . all of them want me to continue doing hair transplant because they said i do not have other option and the hair does not look that bad but i do not believe that, also my problem is in the skin not the hair so i do not care more about the hair in this stage Only 2 doctors they are ready to do hair removal sessions but first they want me to treat the skin which something no
  8. Hi mikey I m living in denial and cannot accept there is no solution I m sorry i m repeating every few days the same thing, i m trying to make people pay attention so maybe someone come with solution, I cannot believe there is no one case of hair removal hundreds of thousands had hair transplants and there is no one case of hair removal ? I m looking for people who had those hair removal thing or skin repair as i cannot trust doctors anymore, best place to finf those people are here on hair forum I m not looking for pity, i want solution or at least hope that there is a
  9. Is there any hope to remove the dots under each hair ? There are little redness and shiness also which make the scalp so ugly How i can get back the smoothness and healthy scalp again ? Nobody told me that the receipient area would be ruined ? Any help ? How i can continue living with this ruined scalp ? Can removing the hair get back the smoothness ? Sorry, but it is now 17 months and i cannot accept what i see, each time i m looking to the mirror i can see flesh pinkish shiny meat on each hair, i cannot describe my feeling, depress, frustrated, maybe disg
  10. 16 months ago and i still cannot go outdoor without feeling serious discomfort
  11. I want to dignose what is happening under my skin The skin is always red and painful from time to time, some areas became lower from others and give tight feeling The skin is always look dirty, the hairline has permenant pinkish swallow and i cannot go outdoor without feelling burning sensation, it is always like i made the surgery yesterday All of my research is to find a way to treat this curse, and that start from proper dignose at least to understand what is happening inside and how can be treated I want my scalp to become smooth again
  12. Hi I read about a tool which i believe can be so useful in hair transplant This tool is dermal scanner (episcan)? this tool use ultrasound to scan the skin and give a virtual picture on the area it can examin all skin layers including hair and can provide analysis about the skin, hair and nail Also it is useful for scars, wounds to give better dignose and treatment In general it is a virtual biopsy but for the whole body Now, when i read about it, i thought, this tool can check my scalp to estimate the damages that happen after my surgery and also to know the depth
  13. Hi After 16 months the receipient area is shiny and not smooth, also i always feel pain or discomfort in receipient area I hate the hair becuase of the skin and it is color I went to many doctors and each one has it is own way of treatment I know i write that before but there is a new doctor who took different approach in the treatment and i want your opinion He think that the shiny layer and the irrgularities in the receipient area are resulted from excess sebum and that happen due to the large glands that are attached to the hair follicles Therfore he prescri
  14. i post the same issue here many times and also they consider me crazy with psycological things This is real and Fue or FUT are surgeries and nobody can control the side effects, I m one of the victims of FUE markting or the whole hair transplant thing, becuase of this procedure i still cannot go outdoor without feeling pain even i did the procedure 16 months ago It is simple, everyone cares about hair and nobody cares about the skin, like it is a byproduct and no problem if you loss it, 99% of the hair transplant surgeons do not care about the skin, they just tell you about t
  15. I know that feeling and i m sufferring from the same but in receipient area Here most of the people have only succesfull surgeries without any side effect, so i doubt you will find an answer If it persists, I think you should use the following meds but discuss it with a dermatolgist first - GUPISON for 15 days - Neurorubine for a month And try to make the area always moisturize by alo vera or honey and avoid sun i hope it will help you when you using them
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