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  1. this may seem stupid but now that I am closely monitoring my hair after the sunburn 2 months ago, I am noticing some very short hairs maybe 1 or 1 1/2 inches long coming out during my daily shed. Could these short hairs being shed be a result of damage done ? Man, I am worried...
  2. Thanks Dr. Feller and all who responded... one last quick question: if I did suffer damage to grafts due to sun exposure at the 6 month mark, can anyone tell me what it would look like? Is it hair falling out or what?
  3. Anyone have any advice or thoughts on a red donor scar 6 months post-op FUT? I believe I may have prolonged the healing process by unconsciously rubbing at it waiting in traffic or sitting in bed etc. I took some photos today and was unpleasantly surprised by how red it still is, as I recently had my hair cut fairly short on the sides and in back... Thanks all.
  4. Sorry for late reply...thanks for the responses guys. options, yes I do believe most of the grafts have already grown in. My dr was very vague with my queston and only said that "it could damage the grafts." At 6 months, I think most grafts are grown and frankly, I don't know what "damage" would look like... Thanks again for the input...
  5. Hi all, I reached 6 months post-op a few days ago. Last week I was in the sun for about 3 1/2 hours without a hat or any sun protection. I received a pretty bad burn and subsequently had skin peeling. The peeling was in my thin crown area though, not in the mid-frontal area where my grafts were placed. I messaged my dr and he said there is no way to tell right now whether i did damage to the grafts, i just have to wait and see. Does anyone have thoughts on whether a 6 month post-op HT could still have his transplant messed up by a sunburn? Also what is meant by "graft damage" from a sunburn? I thought the follicle was underneath the layer of skin affected by a sunburn... Thanks all! J
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