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  1. Hello NYCFUE I did one hair transplant with Dr. Konior to repair a previous bad HT and i couldn´t choose better. It was FUT. In the recipient area after 3 days nobody could tell i had a HT. The scar is minimal, i use a 2 guard and is undetectable. He is very professional and makes a long term plan to the patient. We never know what we will need in the future... My choice was based in the fact that Dr. Konior can achieve good results with less grafts, he does only one patient per day and he is with you the entire surgery. Dr. Hasson is also one of the best surgeons in t
  2. Hi electronjets, I am from Portugal, and the portuguese clinics that you visit (cm2c and Medicapilar) i don´t recommend you at all... I did one procedure in the cm2c and the result was very poor. But if you are interested in portuguese clinics the only one i would recommend to you is Clinica O´Porto. The doctor is Bruno Pinto Gonçalves. You can see is youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5yNTsOPK7Z6V_00wTjiXnA. He is becaming one of the best hair transplante doctors in the Iberian Peninsula and you should ask is opinion on your case, if you are consider
  3. Hi guys, Can anyone answer me this questions about Scalp Micropigmentation: 1- Can we do it before a HT or it will affect the result of a future HT? 2- The Scalp Micropigmentation is reversible (in case of unsatisfactory result)? 3- How many years does it lasts? It´s necessary future touch-ups? 4- It´s expensive? Thank you all for your time and help. Best regards
  4. Don?t worry, the shed is gradual and it will happen in the next weeks for sure.
  5. Hello Bill, You are correct. I posted this thread to try to change my HT date with someone who has HT schedule with Dr. Konior in the next months but i didin t know if it was appropriate to say it clearly, so i posted hoping someone answered. Thanks for your concearn and advise.
  6. Hello, I?m looking for someone with HT surgery scheduled with Dr. Konior in the next months. I?m needing some advice. If there?s anyone there please send me a message. Thanks
  7. Hello keeponplucking, If you could post some pics would be nice to see how your hair is... And are you thinking on doing FUT or FUE?
  8. Hello, Can anyone explain to me why in hair transplants of Dr. Alexander he usually does not shave the hair of the patients. I want to do a hair transplant and i prefer not shaving the hair, but almost all the doctors do it. Thanks
  9. Hello pkipling, Yesterday i had a haircut and i m uploading photos 7 months post-op. As you can see my results are bad.. I will be waiting for your comments. Thanks
  10. Hello pkipling, Sorry for the wait. I?m sending pre-op photos taken in the clinic when i went to the first consultation and some photos taken one week post-op. Today i will hava a haircut and i will take some photos without any product (Toppik) so you all can see de results so far. I use nanogen or toppik every single day, so i dont have any real pictures to show. I will be waiting for your comments. Tomorrow a will upload the photos of 7 months. Thanks
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