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  1. Suck it up, buttercup!! Haha, I felt similar when communicating with him a few years back. His responses came quickly, but seemed a bit curt. He's just a no-frills guy...nothing more to it, imo. I'll be following, godspeed.
  2. If this is a genuine statement then I think you already possess the miracle that you're looking for.
  3. Sorry, can't be of any help with what you're looking for. Just wanted to commend your attitude and outlook in this unfortunate situation.
  4. Used to enjoy his shows with my ex and also my mom. Bought my first piece of nice cutlery (Global chef's knife) due to his recommendation years back. Was an excellent investment, as it's still going strong today. And yea since it's a hair forum, the guy always had a dense mop. I think it looked even more impressive because of the grey/white.
  5. To celebrate the occasion, perhaps he could adopt King Buzzo of the Melvins as his avatar... Really though, the forum couldn't have selected a finer fellow for the job.
  6. Crazy density @ 7 months, appears to match donor hair. Take note for the future, Prince Harry?
  7. Your whole case looks good to me, hairline included. Excellent growth. That 9.5 month overhead pic especially caught my eye.
  8. I totally get the desire for complete discretion, but how does he explain having a boatload more hair now?
  9. There are minoxidil tablets called Loniten. I have no personal experience with them. I shied away from looking much into Loniten when I read something about possibly needing to take a diuretic with it to prevent fluid retention. That might have been for someone on a much higher dose than generally used for hair loss though, I don't recall exactly.
  10. I'd LOVE to ditch the minoxidil, but since I started the big 3 at the same time (albeit about a decade too late) I don't know how much of a factor minox has played. Never much of any regrowth on big 3, but maintained for about 5.5 years now. Just can't deal with the liquid anymore, it's a greasy ass ache to apply and seems to really irritate my scalp more than it used to. Even with the foam though, I still feel like I need to wash my head about every day. Would be nice to wash hair in the morning, slather on some dermmatch and toppik, then skip a day washing to be able to enjoy my fraudulent full head of hair for a couple days with no extra hassles.
  11. Underrated doc I think, at least on this forum. If he were US/Canada-based, he'd make a lot more short lists, imo.
  12. Matty, I'm pretty sure Dr. Feller has always been open about the fact that most, if not all, of his hair on top is transplanted. He'd likely be a total slaphead by now if not. Since this thread was bumped, just something I've thought about from time to time which likely has been brought up before... You don't see many (any?) reports of people who have gone to what are generally considered the top FUE clinics who seem to regret their decision in doing so. Dr. Lorenzo's reputation seems as solid as ever even though he might delegate more of the workload these days. Dr. Erdogan and staff still seem to be thriving while pumping out multiple procedures on a daily basis. By this time, surely the internet should be chock-full of their dissatisfied FUE patients if the results are really that much of a crap shoot. If the FUE procedure in general is really as unpredictable as you guys purport, even these top name FUE doctors should have plenty of negative press out there. Where are all these bad reviews?
  13. Bud, I'm certainly not the one to clarify those questions. I was just basing my assumption off various cases I've read about on here. Concurrent scalp/beard FUE transplants seem fairly commonplace, but I could probably count on Jason Pierre-Paul's right hand the # of strip/FUE one-session transplants I remember reading about. I'm sure Swooping will clear things up right away when he gets wind of your thread. Good luck.
  14. I would assume it means a combo of scalp and beard/body hair.