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  1. Yes, In my case at least, at 8th month now I can see that is really happening, I will try to post some close shots for reference soon.
  2. I still have some sparse growth but things are looking better now. As everyone mention I got this much grafts and this much hair per graft. Now I can see how that works. I think in my case most of the grafts are already grown (except in few areas) but now I can see single hair is converting into twos or threes, which was expected and in upcoming months that will increase density for sure.
  3. First of all thanks for your kind works, My hairline is still sparse but I can see new growth in after 8th month. Hopefully it will make it better in next couple of months. Second, yes I continuously taking 5mg biotin and fin 1 mg up to 7 months and then reduced to half tab daily. After 6 months I started Multivitamin 2 tabs daily from Optimen. Another things I brought 99% aloe-vera organic extract online in spray bottle and used sometime, that is very good for hair growth. Also I am using organic baby oil and shampoo from honest company as my kids are using same. Nothing special, sometime I wash my hair after 3-4 days and sometime after 2-3 days no particular days. Just don't wash too quickly and don't keep them dirty as well for long.
  4. Thanks bro, I have no plans yet, I want to give it full time for maturity. Also I regrow some hair in crown area, I think that is a result of Fin. Currently I am fine with using occasionally concealer in crown area.
  5. Totally agreed but still I have to cover my crown, want to get rid of the concealers. I want to reserve my excitement for that moment. Also I have few areas less grown or maybe as every other transplant patient that area is just a slow growing area. I know it is fixable thing during crown coverage, so not too worried about it. I am happy with my results so far and confidence is back again. :-) At-least no one can see my baldness through front posing pictures. ;-). Big thanks to Dr. Bhatti and his team again. Hopefully next few months will be more exciting.
  6. I am getting new sprouts even after 7.5 months. Check out my thread specially top shots. At 6 month I was about to declare my HT below average but now around 8th month I must say it is above average and I know it will still improve little bit.
  7. Yes it is a waiting game, which is little hard but as per my own experience, don't consider final results until 12 months mark, I know mine will improve further as I notice now after 7.5 months, new sprouts feel to my fingers after a close look I notice single root is now producing another hair which were grafted as three hairs in single graft. Till now most of the roots have single hair but if in next few months I get more hair from single root it will be fantastic to see.
  8. I think my recent update will answer your all questions and concerns. :-). Congrats on your HT, hope you will also get good results.
  9. I am approaching towards 8 months next week, last night took few pictures and want to update you guys. So far everything is looking very well, I am satisfied with my selection of doctor and the decision to cover only half area in one session as I had a big head to cover. Still I have some areas with less growth but I can understand it is hard to achieve teenagers look with just 2942 grafts. Still I feel lucky to choose Dr. Bhatti over other cheap options available in India. No body can notice like I had a hair transplant 8 months ago. My hairline and texture of hair both are looking very natural. These picture are taken under a light from top on head and with flash, as you all know transplantation is all about to hide your baldness and a way to manage your hair to look normal. I know in next session when I will cover my crown Dr. Bhatti will take care of other less grown areas too. Two weeks ago more hair were sprouted and hopefully that will make some difference. As everybody says it takes 18 months for 100% maturity, I think that is true and I notice improvement every week now. FYI:- We had a family function few days ago and I colored my hair first time to cover some grey hair. That come out very well and I get very fuller and with little bit more thick look. One more thing as Dr. Bhatti told me to take meds just for 6 months but I decided to take it longer. Now after 7 months I reduced the dose from 1 mg to .5 mg daily just want to play safe (No sides so far). Have plan to reduce further to .25 after nine months and will keep continue with this small dose as long as no sides.