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  1. det9925

    Hair Concealer after an FUE Procedure

    theres alot of stuff going on with your scalp after a big session like that, I dont think adding chemicals like toippik is a good idea for at least a few months while things are heal up.. just my opinion tho
  2. Home run result right there!
  3. I noticed Rahal does his hairlines outwards! Looks good
  4. that dont even look like an HT, not sure why that Dr is not recomended on here since theres so few domestic FUE specialists on this site.
  5. do they recomend antibiotics after an fue ht? just womdering
  6. det9925

    3500 grafts FUE

    this guys ahead of his competition by leaps and bounds...
  7. Your going all the way to India to do only 1200 grafts? thats crazy... get you a nice hotel since your already getting a great deal on an HT with a great doc.
  8. can you post some good before and afters?? also would love to see some good recent bht, I know Dr Umar is a legend in the bht field!
  9. det9925

    Dr. Nadimi FUE

    Harry how are things going??
  10. Anyone on here ever had an FUE procedure with Dr. Christopher Varona or Dr. Baubac?? Verona uses a really small punch and displays his work on instgram and Dr Baubac has some pretty good work youtube videos.