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  1. happy things worked out well for you, although I chose a different doc I still get amazed on how hes able to creat such natrually looking hair lines, I love watching his videos every friday, If you watch his last youtube vid he created a dent like patern on the left side of his clients hairline which blew me away!! Looked super natrual
  2. they got good results on insagram but dont know much about them.
  3. Of course there is a few good docs on here located in the U.S. my point is they are such a minority, I seen way to many people get surgery done only to have very minimal growth 12 months later
  4. I was on Fin/Propecia for a receding hairline only than about a year afterwords while on it I noticed my crown starting thinning, It def does not work for everyone
  5. Melvin: How long did you wait to get back in the gym after your fue surgeries? I been sitting around the house for over 2 weeks now... would really like to get back to getting active but dont want to chance anything
  6. when do you guys think is a good time to start hitting the gym lightly? 2 weeks long enough?
  7. Harry did you do anything for your new hair after the 2 weeks post op? water it, conditioner, aloe etc
  8. what about chest hair?? is it almost as good as beard hair or how much less likely is it to grow?
  9. You choose a good place, they seem very dedicated and hungry to show what they can do since they joined this site, so you should be in good hands.
  10. Can having (pain and inflamtion) effect the growth on hair transplant
  11. theres alot of stuff going on with your scalp after a big session like that, I dont think adding chemicals like toippik is a good idea for at least a few months while things are heal up.. just my opinion tho