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  1. Considering to get a fue done at Shapiro med group. I know they are a great doctors with a state of the art facility but I cant seem to find many fue cases they have done and I really want a very expierenced fue doc to do my procedure. Does anyone have any information they can send me to help make my decision? feel free to cantact me! thx in advance
  2. very nice result! congrats. So let me get this straight she does not use the motorized fue machine but the one that you spin with your fingers? Does this give less trama on scalp?
  3. besides Dr Diep I have not seen many Docs showcase temple point work!!
  4. thats some impressive hair line work in your pre op pics!
  5. Melvin. Do you know why some scars get indented like that? fortunately my scar is almost flush with my scalp
  6. Thats a grerat point! I have been wondering that myself also
  7. seems like dr Diep clients get so much more coverage and density then other docs using a smaller amount of grafts... anybody know how this is possible?
  8. Woah! Must be nice to get almost a full head of hair with just one procedure!
  9. This is just my opinion but I must say from my years of following hair transplant Dr Deip does the absolute best work out there his hair lines and temple work are on another level makeing people look better then they can ever imagine. Gotta give credit where its due.
  10. just wondering how come you had so may so many procedures with such small fut sessions? I understand the 1800 grafts procedure but the rest of them seem kina low. From my understanding you loose grafts from getting cut open.
  11. I hope shes able to do simular work as him and gets approved by this site soon.
  12. Hey Alex, How maany grafts were extracted off your chest? i am also interested in moving hair off my chest into scalp but its hard getting ingortmation on growth rate survival and density ect.
  13. det9925

    Great FUE Physicians in the USA

    thank you Shera.