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  1. its not terrible but Diep usually delivers much better results than this
  2. test and find out bro, everyone has different hair characteristics... its not rocket science
  3. I cant understand why its so hard for some fully commited doctors to do an HT. I mean they study it so much, go to all the conferences learn tips from other docs and have thier life commited to it. just doesnt make sense to me. I actually had two techs do my HT 10 years ago and had atleast 95% growth.
  4. If your gona go to Turkey also consider Rr Demirsoy and Dr Keser they are good too
  5. whos does the best smp in your opinon and whats the best kind of ink to use
  6. I only know of him on instragram. Seems very dedicated to his work, He used to work for Zierling medical if im correct. I cant vouch for anybody so do some research. Good luck!
  7. Try Dr Chris Varano, He's reasonable with fue and located in Cali
  8. One of the smartest statements I have read on this site. In the states we pop pills like popcorn and dont think nothing of it but when you travel to foreign countries you couldnt pay them enough to take meds.
  9. going to wait 6 months to go back to Nizoral!! BTW has anytone tried a shampoo called Pura d'or? Its suppose to have lots of natural ingredients to combat hair loss
  10. Youve got the right idea but just keep in mind somtimes you catch docs when they are busy or tired from surgery so dont base everything off of the consol.
  11. There was a senior member on here thats speaks very highly of that clinic, forgot his name but if I remember correctly I think hes from Australia or somthin.