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  1. A few days shy of 1 year. All and all, extremely happy with my decision. I went with only around 1600 grafts, as I only wanted to fill an age appropriate hairline. Definitely feel it was worth it, I started from nothing as you can see at the start of this thread. I haven't wore a hat in 6 months - that alone was worth it!
  2. Dennis Miller openly admitted to having 2500 grafts (believe he was implying fue) on FOX awhile back. He was bashing Joe Biden's transplant
  3. 4 months today. It is amazing the progress that is made month to month. From what I started with, at 4 months I really have no complaints. I still have quite a few hairs that have just broke skin, and it seems to be thickening weekly.First picture is the morning before the surgery. The rest are today.
  4. 4 days shy of 3 months. I work from home so I check the mirror constantly. Two weeks ago I was going through the doubting my decision phase. Within the last week I have (guessing) a hundred new hairs that have popped through. Most are very thin with very little color as of yet, but still, is exciting as hell! I will post some pics in the next couple of weeks.
  5. I believe it's around the same at 75%. It's getting hard to tell. Visually I can't really tell unless magnified. I can feel the hair that has not shed when I rub my head. It's almost like the remaining hair that did not shed has broke off close to the scalp to some degree? I don't know if that's possible or not. What remains is a lot shorter than after the procedure.
  6. First few hairs have popped out (literally 3 lol) - and have a few other small pimples started! 66 days out
  7. Dr. Feller, Why not offer a free FUE to cover the FUT scar? I mean - that does seem to be a huge part of the decision making process when one goes with FUE.
  8. All this public pissing does nothing except insult the intelligence of your potential clientele. Both procedures have pros and cons. It is dependent on the patients situation.
  9. I would say I have a 75% shed at this point. I'm 37 days out from the procedure.I did notice quit of bit of pinkish area throughout the entire recipient zone. It seems less pink over the last few days, but I am not entirely certain. I work from home and have worn out two mirrors from checking my progress pink is good/normal? I have a follow up on the 10th of August. They did take some photos. I need to remember to request them.
  10. Well - shedding isn't a concern anymore. Now I'm all freaked out going to post op pics to make sure there was a graft where I now see bald ....gonna be a long next 6 months
  11. Dr. Samuel Feinberg. He is with Christie Clinic in downstate Illinois. I had went to a consultation with a recommended Dr. in Chicago, but in talking with Feinberg, seeing results and talking/seeing results with someone that had a similar size/scope procedure with Feinberg- I went with him. It worked out well because of my location too. Now - I wait :-/
  12. Yes - we talked quite a bit about coverage. I'm 49, really just wanted a very conservative procedure. I just wanted to attempt to fill in, and follow the existing hairline I had - pic 1. I'm hoping that will be done. I like how tightly packed the grafts are, but If I need a 2nd procedure, I'll do that.
  13. I had a smaller procedure 19 days ago - 1550 fue. I know it can take a bit for transplanted hair to fallout, but I haven't seen 1 hair drop. I've looked very close with magnified mirrors etc. - transplants have definitely grown in the 19 days. Is this normal and I should be in a be calm and wait 5 months mode?? My surgeon is said it can take up to 4 weeks, or longer at times to begin to see transplanted hair begin to shed and if will not effect my results. I just wanted your guys opinion if this sound right with your experience? Thanks -
  14. I've read so many comments warning of technicians doing the actual work, not the doctor. It initially made me leery of the doctor I chose. That is what I meant.
  15. Hello, I'll share my journey as well. I had 600 grafts done with Bosley mid 1990's. It was an OK job, given the amount of hair vs. loss at the time. I waited for another procedure until I had shed where I felt 99% of my hair loss was complete. I had 1500 FUE today. It was a fantastic experience. The doctor listened exactly to my wishes. I wanted a conservative procedure, filling in only the outline of what I had existing, and recreating a hairline. Procedure was done at Christie Clinic in Central Illinois. Dr. Feinberg. Feinberg does not do the actual procedure, they are done by the dreaded technicians. I was lucky enough to sit an talk with a guy who was there for a 3 month follow the day of my consultation. His work was fantastic. After meeting with Dr. Feinberg, and how active a role he took through the processes made me comfortable. I will post more pics at around 5 months. This forum is a great resource. I leaned on it heavily through my decision making process.