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  1. True - I'll start on 0.5mg of procepia and see how it goes. Anyone know a good site to buy from without prescription? The genuine stuff not generic.
  2. Yeah think I'm pretty certain FUE is the way for me. I know it's a lot even for a 2 day session but I'm thinking I might just go for it and hope Dr Erdogan can produce something like the results I've been seeing posted on here. I was on minoxidil for a while - got bad headaches and no improvement in my hair after a few months so stopped that. I haven't took fin - a bit concerned about the sides I've read about, might start on a lower dosage of it soon though.
  3. Really? Seems like from reading peoples experience they say that's the worst part. Injections at the dentist never bother me in the slightest so if it's less painful than that then all good!
  4. I hear you there. I'm definitely not underestimating the procedure, pain wise or the length of time I'd be in the chair. I've read quite a few of people's experiences for 4000+ fue sessions. One things it sounds like for sure is the anaesthetic injections hurt. For me it's 2 days sacrifice out the rest of my life. I'm willing to deal with two tough days. I do have quite a high pain threshold and good at just zoning out. No doubt it would still be tough though.
  5. Yeah I've had lots of good advice so far, appreciate peoples input. The more I've thought about it over the weekend I'm more and more going off the idea of FUT. The fact that scar is going to be there forever. The idea of having a HT for me is to try and forget about the worry and stress of your hair. Don't really want to end up having the stress of covering a scar and worrying if it will stretch or not. I work in a physically demanding job which involves a lot of lifting, so that could add to the risk of scar stretching. Think I'm more than likely just going to take my chances with FUE and hope it's successful. Just deciding wether it's a smaller 3000 session with bisanga or really going for it with a 5000 fue session with erdogan. Very tempted with the latter right now. Lots of questions to ask at my consultation though before I make that final decision.
  6. I'll ask him about that. I'll get an idea if what he thinks the best option is.
  7. I will definitely consider this. A 3000 fue session all on the front/mid scalp was suggested after an online consultation with Dr Bisanga. I'll ask him about this when I visit the clinic next week.
  8. Hi, I haven't contacted Dr Bhatti but I will look at his website and results now. A online consultation certainly can't hurt. Thank you!
  9. I'll be meeting Dr Bisanga next week and get a proper evaluation of my donor and potential number of grafts available. If it was above average I'd be tempted to try and hit the crown as well. If not I may have to re-evaluate the approach I'm taking. I don't know much about SMP - need to look into that.
  10. Exactly what you said there is my exact concern with 4-5000 fue session. What I'd be left with for the future. I haven't had a face to fave consultation yet so not sure what my donor capacity actually is.
  11. I get what you're saying - especially when you're spending the kind of money a HT cost. You want the best results possible. I guess 3000 grafts in the front/ mid area could be an option and just go with dermmatch or something to cover the crown until I can address that.
  12. Blake, Everything seems to point against a large FUE session. Seeing Dr Erdogan's work is really the only reason I'm still open to it.
  13. @baldingbogger it seems a lot of people think a fue session of 4/5000 is a bad idea. Is the general rule that this produces less than acceptable results? The scar is my only issue with going the FUT route. As of right now I think I'd cover it easily - it's just that fact of knowing if for any reason I need my hair short in the future it would be pretty damn embarrassing have a smiley face across the back of my head Appreciate your input - I'm looking into Feriduni now too.
  14. Hey Blake, I definitely don't want to start another FUT vs FUE heated debate ha ha. Trying to steer clear of that argument! If I decide to go with the FUT option I will feel extremely comfortable going with Dr Bisanga. The only concern I have with the 3000 FUE route with Dr B is how the crown will look and if I'll still be able to cover it. Knowing it maybe be a couple of years before I could return for another surgery. This is why I'm intrigued by Dr Erdogan's 4500/5000 option which would give some crown coverage. I'm trying to work out if this is a viable option. I'm seeing very impressive results from him for similar cases to mine and his clinic appears to be outstanding. On the other hand, I am also am wary of being left with enough donor incase needed in the future. It seems there's always going to be pros and cons with any route you go.
  15. I think whichever option chosen for anyone in this situation, it's always going to be a roll of the dice. Everyone wants that wow factor - the fact is not everyone is going to get it. If I find that I still have a good number of available after a 4500/5000 fue session with Dr Erdogan then I think I'd chance it chasing that wow factor result and hope for the best. Knowing I'd at least have some remaining grafts available for the future. As it stands I'm not sure what my donor capacity is. I think Bisanga Fut option is probably the 'safe' choice (not that any choice is safe) - solid but no wow factor. I'm not educated enough in this subject to way in on the FUE vs FUT debate. I can only go on what I read /see. Good luck with your FUT surgery with Dr Hasson - wish you the best!