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  1. Hello all, I am considering a HT with Dr. Timothy Carman in San Diego. This website recommends him, but reviews are limited. I would love to hear first-hand experience from members. Please PM or reply all. Thanks in advance.
  2. Is strip method dead? Does everyone only do FUE?
  3. Hi folks, What are the differences between these two surgeons? Thanks in advance.
  4. How is this a class 3 vertex loss if we haven't seen his crown? Is the follow definition of 3 vertex correct: Type III vertex: Represents early hair loss at the crown (Vertex) area, with or without the temples.
  5. Hello, What are some good questions to ask when interviewing HT surgeons? Thanks in advance
  6. Hello, Does concealer on short hair work? Thanks in advance
  7. Corey, Would you get another HT from H&W? This means completely on your own (time, follicles and $; i.e. unrelated to any conditions set forth from this "mutually agreeable" HT). If you can explain why you would go through it again that would help me decide on including H&W as a potential candidate for me.
  8. Hello, What are some good questions to ask when interviewing (in-person or phone) HT surgeons? Thanks in advance
  9. Well said Bill! Thus far H&W unfortunately has not been handling this matter as best as they should in my opinion and as evinced by mav23100gunther's post below. Mav is right. It really does seem that H&W was more interested in "the sell" rather than the patient in this example. I'm perplexed as to why H&W is handling the matter in this fashion. It's bad business. Not just for the patient (Corey), but for future patients who are reading this thread and say to themselves, "I don't want that to happen to me, so i'm gonna take my business elsewhere." Corey spent 18 months waiting for a result which did not deliver, now has a scar for a procedure which did not deliver and had to earn/save/spend $12K on a procedure which did not deliver. H&W on the other spent roughly 1 day's worth of labor and supplies for Corey's procedure. It's evident who lost more in this comparison, but just in case its unclear, it was Corey. I hope the folks over at H&W understand that this business is highly dependent on reputation. Because thus far in regards to the handling of this matter, H&W has received a slight bald spot on the crown of their reputation. Hopefully Dr.'s Hasson and Wong will do whats right and restore density to their crown. I'm sure they can, because as Mav so eloquently stated, "Dr. Hasson is in the top 5 strip surgeons on this planet." Let's hope he does his best to keep it that way by doing what is right today.
  10. Hi Matt, Your progress looks good and we all have our fingers crossed for you. I'm confused as to why there is still redness in your recipient sites. Rogaine still twice daily? May you please post some pics of your donor sites (e.g. any remaining shock loss). Thanks in advance
  11. I second this quote. Also, per houtex's original request did Dr. K use a motor assisted extraction tool or was it completely manually operated? Thanks in advance
  12. I agree on holding Dr. Hasson to his previous pledge of full refund. I'm a first time HT candidate and Dr. Hasson is in my top 3 choices, but if this is how he operates his business then I would choose to spend my time, follicles & money elsewhere. I'm also anticipating any updates from both sides, so please share when available
  13. Why is Dr. Konier one of the best? I'm considering HT surgeons and need to research
  14. Hello, I wanted to get your opinion on which is better, finasteride or dutasteride? Please include the following: 1. how long you have been taking it 2. dose 3. what side effects experienced 4. did you discontinue b/c of side effects Thanks in advance
  15. Hello, Does FUT produce more successful transplanted grafts? Or does FUE? Or are they equal? Any evidence to support this, that or the other?
  16. Where may I find evidence that FUT yields more successful transplanted grafts?
  17. Gillenator, May you reference where this info came from (diffuse pattern loss being more prone to shock loss than recessionary)?
  18. Congrats! How was your experience with the Dr? Can you describe some of his pros and cons? Hows your donor site looking?
  19. Ezel and all, I just want to reiterate how important it is for docs to either refund or perform a second surgery (including travel expenses) at no cost for failed first attempt surgeries. As a potential first time HT patient I will now consider your doc as a result of his good faith gesture. Thanks for sharing Ezel and please post pics of your donor area when available.
  20. Thanks for all of your comments. Is it true that most HT patients require more than one surgery? If so, is their an optimal order of operations (i.e. FUT first then FUE or FUE first then FUT)?