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  1. I would like to see the photos at this present time. That's why I believe in the strip method. I'm sorry if you are upset with the results it's life consuming sometimes. I hope you find an alternative approach to this and get your hair back. Good Luck
  2. I've seen doctors being maligned and disrespected on this site many times by malicious people who don't even know certain doctors . I've seen certain people constantly stalking doctors and trying to ruin their reputations. I think you need to moderate and investigate certain people before their hurtful posts are posted . See if these posters have malicious intent like being paid to support certain doctors and rag on others if people are going to make vicious statements they should come forward with their real names and concerns if they are genuine or have a real problem with a doctor. Why not call the doctor directly and say their piece. Anyone can make things up show us proof of what people are saying investigate. I'm sure some people are being paid to steer people towards their doctor and knock other doctors. This forum should be about the truth knot hear say from some paid person or out right crazy person . Moderate to help potential clients and protect good doctors . Stop letting garbage information get on the sites . Valid patients with valid results we can see and judge for ourselves . Not babble from people who just want to malign doctors they know nothing about . You can't give a review of a movie if you haven't watched the movie.
  3. All the finesteride in the world cannot replace or even come close to a great FUT surgery . I can't believe so many people out there still think it's pluggy that was about 20 years ago or more. Or maybe if you go to someone who does HT as a side job . But a qualified HT doctor will give you the best results. Plugs are out people!!!!!!! they are tiny grafts now look at the picture especially Feller and Bloxham and then you decide do some research you'll be surprised on how great these HT's can look. Good luck whatever you chose .I'm an FUT believer.
  4. Doesn't every good doctor start somewhere and trained by someone with more experience if not there would only be one doctor we could choose from . That's the field of medicine and the cycle of life.
  5. I have seen Bloxham's before and afters they are amazing results. I would choose either one of the doctors both great results.
  6. I would also like to know if you have any improvement I hope so . I know what scalp pain is and it's no joke. I hope you're doing better.
  7. I think the pinching is just the healing process . Tiny little nerves trying to reconnect. I'm sorry this is painful for you . Did you get any advise from your doctor ? Can he give you something for the pain? I hope you feel better soon . I know it sucks.
  8. All the doctors I go to have a partner I never know who I will get but I trust the whole of the practice. I pick my doctors from word of mouth, good results and how good the staff is from the front desk to the cleaning crew. If a doctor has been in practice for a long time I'm sure he knows the ropes of how to hand pick the right people to do the right job. To expand a practice includes adding new staff that has been trained to your own perfection.
  9. Give it time I think it will get better soon . I wish you the best
  10. I guess we are back to the same stale thread. No thanks!!
  11. I don't think BH is the way to go but that's my opinion I think BH belongs on your body not your head for reasons previously mentioned
  12. I take 2 Aleve I suffer every day with head and neck pain. I truly hope you get better I'm sorry to hear you still have pain. it's so hard to deal with pain especially in your head believe me I understand.
  13. I think it's like some are posting it's nerve damage and also the healing process that makes you feel itchy try not to scratch although I know you want too. Sometimes it takes awhile for the nerves to heal and calm down. Cold water on a wash cloth just lay it on your head it will sooth the itching for awhile. Good luck I know it can be terrible but give it time.