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  1. Its most important that what is actual forum theme only posts that themes not another than that it shows good and ease of users.
  2. 1. The result of transplantation depends on patient selection is adequate. That is, that the patient has sufficient conditions donor site, design planning areas to implement it correctly, and that the patient's expectations are realistic to the above. This optimal satisfaction is achieved. 2. Is there any way to prevent hair fall? We must have a proper diagnosis the cause of the fall. Based on this, if it refers to male androgenic alopecia, treatments of excellence to be maintained over time such as Finesteride. In the case of female androgenetic alopecia, after carrying out the necessary studies to see where this dysfunction that produces such alopecia, may be the patient satisfaction. Other types of fall, such as alopecia areata, also require individualization of each case to assess the treatment. We could extend this response as a function of many other types of fall, but I guess you refer to male androgenic alopecia, and the answer is yes. 3. Doctor, how much is about a hair transplant for a man, 53 years old, growing alopecia? It depends on the center where it is performed in the technique you choose. The price can range from highly variable but you could say that the average price is about 6.000euros in Spain. 4. Are men or women more transplants are done? Until recently many more transplants were done in men. At present the number of query for performing transplants and transplants in women, is increased significantly. 5. Technical It is advisable to remove the donor follicles, the strip or FUE? Depends on the age, habits of the patient (long or cropped hair) and especially the amount of hair you want to transplant in one session. FUE is a very long for extracting the follicles and a very significant with respect to the strip which provides a much greater number of follicles in a short time fewer time. 6. once the transplant, we must take special care ?. The transplanted hair over time, may fall as your own? There are several techniques for implantation ?, what are the best After any medico-surgical procedure, it seems reasonable to take extra care, at least for the first few days. Then no special care is required and the transplanted hair naturally live as long as I lived in the area from which is extracted. However, the residual hair was in the area where implant, the balding process will continue unless medical treatment is applied. In one of the above questions we respuesto in passing on the advantages and disadvantages of the technique it was about technique Strip. 7. implants are good women ???? If we explain to the candidate to expect the transplant, you could say that the satisfaction of it is great. 8. You can restore hair in areas where it no longer gets any treatment other than transplantation? Thank You Very Much Doctor. No, this is not possible, as well as for treatments that make you can not get to grow hair on the palms. That is, where no living hair follicles can not grow spontaneously or induced unless it transplant. 9. Good afternoon: is there any effective cosmetic treatment is an effective alternative to transplantation? Thank you very much Obviously today's hairpieces has evolved offering a completely natural and consistent look with sports and other activities. In mild cases, and with a good selection of the candidate, micropigmentacion, voluminadores, etc.puede obtained acceptable results but remember that the latter are a complement to full circumstances 10. To what extent is true the myth that if our grandfather was bald us suffer baldness .. noticed that my grandfather was bald? Caucasian males are bald by definition. The aggressiveness of the balding process depends on the penetrance of inheritance in each case and may vary from one brother to another. Baldness is a polygenic origin, that is who is going to make a difference, but baldness is common in Caucasians and many other ethnic groups. 11. hair falls more in certain seasons? If it is clear that the move is common to most mammals, and man is not immune to this. But we should not confuse seasonal moves with baldness. 12. Alopecia is a fundamentally genetic issue, right? In that case we will assume that a male subject whose father and his father's father is bald, it will be too? Or is it possible to stop it or depends on other genetic pathways? The first part of your question I have responded earlier. Caucasians are candidates for baldness with varying penetrance. Within the same family we see more bald than other subjects. 13. What precautions should have with hair dyes? Basically they are not irritating, and are little harmful for hair. 14. There in the market a wide range of shampoos. How can we know what is the best for our hair? Do we have to look at our scalp? This question is common to the dermatological visit. In people with depleted hair appearance, reasonable forms a bulking shampoo is recommended in people prone to dandruff, you will see that we have an array of shampoos able to cope with that problem today in patients with pruritus leather haired, have shampoos that can alleviate this problem, you can further extend this response to shampoos for patients with dyes in the scalp and a long etc.La pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries offer a wide range of solutions. 15. How much hair loss is considered abnormal? The average of hairs on a healthy and youthful scalp is 100,000 (80,000 to 100,000). 16. Are vitamin supplements helpful? They are very useful as a complement, for example if you are trying to androgenic alopecia, you can supplement your treatment with vitamin supplements that will help optimize results. The same applies if you are under stress or other situations that lead to a deterioration of the hair not for any specific disease, you will find a good help these vitamin supplements. It will be well aware of it, sometimes because their nails also improve quality by taking many supplements. 17. It is possible hair loss by hard water? Hard water, you assume you mean the shower or swimming pools, it is not beneficial for the hair, I think it would be more correct to speak of damage to the hair. Nowadays you can avoid this problem with excellent softeners easy installation in your home. 18. Good afternoon. What about those who go to Turkey for two hard to implant hair? I saw a report on television. Is it something reliable? I have not visited the centers of Turkey, and should assume that there is professional honesty in many clinics, the planet. However, in a method of the importance of hair transplantation, where decisions must be made positioning of the hairline and security in the handling of the grafts, technical choice to make, and final satisfaction of the process, I personally would opt for my next doctor. 19. What do you think of as Ugraft transplantation techniques, which rely on collecting hair to other parts of the body hair for graft posteior head? This is something that all of us involved in transplantation have done or do on occasion, but not a standardized technique for the treatment of androgenic alopecia. To treat androgenic alopecia a large number of follicles are needed, and the usual forms of transplantation, are very advantageous, however, has sometimes you reason obtaining hair from other areas, not scalp, may offer some advantage. 20. What is your medical opinion on Minoxidil 5%? Minoxidil works in androgenic alopecia, but it really should be applied 2 times a day and this is difficult to do. Moreover is common scalp irritation by propylene glycol, which is one of the alcohols used to make the suspension of crystals Minoxidil 5% and on other occasions allergy Minoxidil itself. We must remember that the treatment of androgenic alopecia should be lifelong. The patient must assess for himself the advantages and inconvenientes- 21. begin to 'lighten' the crown but the rest of the head is healthy and strong hair. What I can do to prevent 'acolyte effect'? Thank you very much. I NOT know how old you are but you can probably opt for the Minoxidil or Finesteride. Remember that treatment is for life, if you will start for a few months, it is not worth. If you are consistent you can stop the balding process. 22. do you recommend for a beginning of androgenic alopecia, a transplant or other options? Depends on what to you will affect, perhaps you happy if you stop the process Finesteride or Minoxidil or if you are more ambitious combine medical treatment with transplantation. 23. Are there risks Finesteride carcinogenic with long-term? This is an issue of great importance and is widely discussed in the meetings that have regularly trichologists. To date, the trichologists are giving Finesteride, and we do so because we found no evidence of cancer grounds to deter us from doing so. Obviously someone who is trying to breast cancer or prostate cancer, for example, do not start treatment with Finesteride as the oncologist's therapeutic strategy that prevails in these patients. 24. After a hair transplant .. is it true that is needed for life medication for the transplanted hair will not fall? What kind of medication? Are there any side effects? Thanks We have mentioned this before. Hair transplantation does not stop the natural history of alopecia. Therefore it is very advisable to complement the transplant medical treatment for life. 25. There are foods that strengthen the hair? .thanks Yes, if you review the composition of the complementary treatments both orally and topically, you will see that in his compositions appear cystine, vitamin complexes and etc. as well as topical treatments, there are molecules like stemoxydine 5%, resulting from great help to have a quality hair. 26. As can treat alopecia that is attached to a desquamation (not dandruff)? Separate flaking and dandruff can be difficult. I think you can treat alopecia with his usual treatment and flaking or dandruff own treatments to remove it 27. This united the fall of hair to wash hair short or long? Formerly it was said that the hair must be washed once a week because it was falling. If this were so, today most of the population would suffer from frequent washing, frequent washing with a suitable shampoo gives much higher than just washing hair benefits. 28. If you arrive at 39 with no steep ticket, the 49 will be a lot of hair on top of your head? You can not generalize. There alopecia which is much focus on the entry area and others that behave more anarchic form. Each case must be individualized. 29. The continued use over time of finasteride (Propecia) is a risk? I took 10 years taking the product, Propecia and first since a year ago, the generic. What happens if treatment is interrupted?
  3. I am glad to see my own country profile and results thanks for sharing ...
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