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  1. 1) Blake I would ask that you either edit or delete the video to block out my face for confidentiality purposes. 2) My haircut in the photos you posted was 3 or 4 days after getting my haircut using 1.5 guard and the purpose of me shaving with the 1.5 guard was so you can examine my scars more closely because they are raised and are not flat which is why I am concerned and why I met with you that day so you can take a solid look at them and guide me. 3) The contract did say do not go below a #2 guard but when I get my haircut using a #2 guard the scars are still noticeable that is why I am not satisfied with the scars. I also showed you a picture of how short I wear my hair prior to surgery and I asked you if that length was fine after a transplant (it was an old photo of me after 1.5 guard haircut). The thread is called scar repair so that is why I posted the scars to get some advice and suggestions. If the yield was my main dissapointment or thought the yield was poor I would have posted the hairline. The frontal hairline improved slightly. I did not go through great lengths to show the scars. It was hard to get solid pictures of the back but overall the pictures of the side were pretty simple. The lighting in the doctors office is a little dark and those pictures with the flash were not a great representation of the scars which is why I did not use them in this thread so I took my own. Forgive me because I am occupied and struggle to read everything off of my phone so I will respond again later.
  2. Hello I am 13 months post op from my Mfue procedure and I am not satisfied with the scar. I need some guidance/advice from other users or surgeons. I am African American descent and my hairline started receding when I was 20 years of age (2010). I have been using Rogaine since then but started doing extensive research in 2012 about permanent solutions. I consulted with Bosley in 2012 to discuss hair transplants as well as other products (propecia). They also explained to me how the FUT procedure was performed but I was not interested because of the linear scar that would be noticeable based on how short I get my hair cut. In 2014 I did more research and looked into hair forums and studied the FUE procedure. In early 2015 I had an online consultation with Dr. Umar and he gave me a recommendation of how many grafts would be needed performing the FUE procedure and I strongly considered it but decided to hold off on it and do more consultations. I joined the hair restoration network and looked at different individuals post and came across a couple of different Doctors who were recommended with high praise. In the summer of 2015 I consulted with Dr. Alan Feller in regards to getting a hair transplant for my receding hairline. I wanted to discuss the FUE procedure but based on my hair type the doctor did not think FUE would yield a good result. Dr. Feller suggested I consult with Dr. Blake Bloxham and the new MFUE procedure.I consulted with his partner Dr. Bloxham the following year August of 2016 to discuss the MFUE procedure. Dr. Bloxham explained the mFue procedure in more depth and that the hair transplant results provides the yield of the FUT procedure with fue scarring and that simply getting the fue procedure does not provide good quality grafts. I viewed the thread on the website hair transplant restoration network titled “Introducing mfue” thread created by Dr. Bloxham where there was a patient who received the mFue procedure from another doctor and the patient was wearing a very low buzz cut. I looked at the pictures of the patient and I could not see the mFue scar. This is why I was most intrigued by the MFUE procedure because I thought I was getting strip quality grafts with minimal scar appearance like FUE. Based on my hair loss in the corners of my hairline Dr. Bloxham decided I only needed about 250-300 grafts. I decided to make an appointment for the procedure September 2016. The morning of the procedure Dr. Bloxham asked me if I had a preference on where the scars would be. I then asked him “where should the grafts be taken from?” because I assumed the grafts are always taken from the back of the head. He decided to take the grafts from 4 different places. I did not understand why he decided to take some of the grafts from locations on the side of my head but he told me the scars would be 2 centimeters. He took the other grafts from the back of my head and from each side of my head. My head was shaved in the donor area where the grafts were taken as well in the recipient area where the grafts were placed. Once the grafts were taken the doctor and his team used staples to close the wound. The procedure was about 4 or 5 hours. Once the procedure was complete Dr. Bloxham told me that they took 900 grafts total as opposed to the 300 grafts he recommended however he did not charge me the full price of 900 grafts. The additional grafts that were taken were for future hair loss that may occur. I was told to leave the staples in for 10 days and then I can go to a doctor to remove them or come back to the office and get the staples removed. I decided to come back to the office and get the staples removed. I experienced a lot of shock loss in the donor area and temporary shock loss in the recipient area. Once I got my first haircut which was about 15 days after the procedure I was not pleased with the length of the scars and I had two dents on the side of my head. The dents that I had on the side of my head were underneath the scars and the dent on the left side of my head was much more exaggerated. Dr. Bloxham told me that the dent area would heal once the tissue relaxes. I also had what I thought was a bump at the end of 3 of my scars. I was concerned so I went back to Dr. Bloxham and had him take a look at the scars and he explained to me that what I had was extra skin at the end of the scars and that they will flatten out as the scar matures and he said it was caused by the folding of the skin when the wound closes when the staples were used. I asked the doctor if there was anything I should put on the scars he recommended Vitamin E only. I used Vitamin E for a few days and stopped because it made the area feel very weird and itchy. The temporary shock loss in my recipient area went away in a bout 2 months but then I experienced possible seasonal shedding at the 5 month mark in the recipient area and around it. I was not sure if it was because I stopped using Rogaine or if it was seasonal shedding so I continued using Rogaine for my hairline. Before the hair transplant procedure when I got a haircut I always told my barber to use a 1.5 guard but ever since then I tell him to use a 2 guard but unfortunately you can still see the scars when I get a haircut. With one of the scars on the right side of my head that had extra or stretched skin on the end of it, it appears to still be trying to heal or hopefully contract but it is like hitting a bump in the road whenever my barber shaves on it. I have been considering cortical steroid injections and cool laser treatment by a dermatologist to help flatten the scar or reduce it. From what I have seen when I look at scars in general they are flat but my scars are not. From my research and what the doctor told me scars take about 12 months to mature and we are passed that point. Please provide your opinions, thoughts, experiences suggestions etc. Last time I spoke with the Dr. Bloxham about FUE into the scar he thought the scars looked fine and were not noticeable to the average eye but I disagree and prefer to wear my hair shorter. The Pictures below are 1 day after getting my haircut with #2 guard.
  3. Thanks! that's a good heads up about the time period from being able to get my haircut
  4. I am 25 and I am African American. I have read that it is most difficult to do FUE procedures on African Americans because of how curly the hairs are so that is why I would prefer someone who has lots of experience doing FUE procedures on African Americans. I have been using Rogaine since the age of 20 and early on it worked very well but as time has passed the hair loss is a bit more aggressive and the corners of my hairline has receded more but Rogaine still helps minimize most of the loss. In my last year 1/2 I have been searching for FUE surgeons that are experts on doing procedures on my type of hair and came across Dr. Umar. I have seen his work and I am very impressed but he is located in California, requires a lot of personal information that I would have to submit online regarding my employer, etc. and does not even take American Express(My highest credit limit) as a form of payment. I have seen Dr. Feller has been recommended as far as top FUE surgeons and his work looks good based on two photos I have seen done on African Americans and he is much closer to me only one state over in NY and I am in NJ. Any advice? 1) recommended FUE surgeon in my case 2) How soon can I get haircuts from my barber after FUE procedure 3) Planned on taking 2 full weeks off of work after procedure is that a good time frame, seen many people who have lots of dry scalps and scabs and I cant wear hats at my job
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