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  1. I have eyes in my head and just with the one example I posted compared to any fut case of a similar size the yield must be very high do you not agree matt? All drs and both techniques have failures its up to each of us to determine which is best for US. I have the same medical credentials as yourself non. I also have a similar size procedure as you though mine was fue. Just as your doc or hasson & Wong ect ect constantly knock out stellar results the same can be said for several fue docs.
  2. But all are better known for fue and why not with results like this http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/171024-dr-jose-lorenzo-5035-fug.html I think the next set of ishrs will show fue has overtaken fut in popularity. Its also worth baring in mind the next set of figures are for members of the ishrs how many clinics are not members? The above fue case posted by mick is that a 60,70,80% yield would you say Dr feller? Strip will always remain until a non surgical fix comes along. Naysayers are backers of each procedure but to say fut is way In front of fue in yield or the appearance is better is simply not accurate when done by top fue drs
  3. Fut more popular that fue? In the states yes the rest of the world I would say fue. In the states drs said themselves they managed to talk two thirds of people wanting fue into having fut. Why is that? Pure and simple is the laws regarding tech involvement. How many strip clinics are there outside of the states that just do strip? Dr Feller are you telling us all these other clinics that offer fue only or indeed both techniques are lying to us when they quote 90% yields from fue? That sounds like what your saying and have been since you reappeared on this forum after a long absence? Your reappearance at the same time as taking on a new partner and unveiling a (new) technique would have nothing to do with all this fue attacking would it? Why did the isrhs threaten to expel members if the doctor did not sign up to agree to do ALL extractions? Who tabled that motion let me guess was it by chance a US doctor? Outside of the states people get what they want and for the vast majority imo its fue and in the states the same patients get talked into fuss You have shown us next to nothing and told us little of ( mfue) but are trying to widen the gap in yield between fue and fuss and trying to slip (mfue) in there. Even the name (mfue) is parasitic in that parsitez latch on to their host to benefit from them. Whilst I prefer other drs to you in both techniques I have up until all this nonsense held you in high esteem and this is probably the case with your peers also. Let your work do the talking like most other drs do. Yourself and the north American ht industry seem to be trying to fight tooth and nail to stay relevant but I think if your not already you will be playing second fiddle shortly. Where are all these dissatisfied fue patients? Were are all these fue patients with different hair in the recipient compared to the donor? One case study by two inferrior fue practioners is no basis for stating fue yield %. You yourself Dr feller must of had poor yielding fuss it happens with either technique. How many over harvested fue cases have we seen posted? Now how many people wanting their fut scars sorting. The guy last week had SMP into a bad fut scar created by a reccomended dr He had fue then 3 days post op the SMP into the fut scar. You lept at the opportunity to bash fue without knowing all the facts. In my eyes Dr feller you've harmed your previous outstanding reputation.
  4. The smp has done quite a good job hiding that scar. Got to ask who was the doc that cut that strip out? Its got to be one of the most lobb sided scars ive seen. I presume your feeling better by the day. Enjoy europe
  5. Which of your own questions are you answering on my behalf Dr Feller? I will answer them myself if thats ok with you? I have seen about a dozen patients that have been to turkey and non from india I have not met a person in person who has had there world destroyed along with their donor. And final one no i have never stood accountable to the world on what i would advise him because ive never met him. One response to this dr feller. Most of the answers you already knew but if you were not so bloody expensive he might have come to you in the first place, In his desperation it seems he will pay any price! The way i see it thee is ethical and then theres ethical. You as a ht surgeon are dealing with desperate people as im sure you know. Why charge so much and burden people with financial suffering?I dont expect or want you to answer this next point its your own buisness- but how much do you earn anually? ask yourself do you really need all you have? i presume nice big residence,nice car ect ect ect. You alieviate one type of suffering then cause another. Its this simple for me it had to be fue, do i hate fuss?not at all brilliant results are gained by it but what puts people off is the scar as you know. Its all well and good saying i will only give someone WHAT I THINK IS BEST FOR THEM but answer this point trufully. If your clinics patients dried up because everyone was going for fue would you just do fue like everyone else or would you shut the clinic and retire? You probably are in a position financially now but what if this happened when you were'nt? Would you stick to your principles or sell them for 40 pieces of silver? What price do you put on your morals your principles? When i first came on here looking for help you was THE MAN but that was back in the day and i personally have nothing a all against you but i think your fue skills have been surpassed by quite a few drs but i still rte you as one of probably the top 5 fuss drs. I like being talked to straight and i talk straight. I admire brutal honesty and i'm brutally honest. You can say what you want to me and i wont be offended and i hope i have not offended you i am just being brutally honest.
  6. Irishsailor,ontop, as i said in the first post its just a were and what? at this particular point in you would have. Either you know what you would prefer or you are undecided. So baldingbogger your going fue but not in turkey? so would it be the US or europe or elsewhere? Like i said in original post short answers please its not meant to be a discussion there are plenty of threads for that already. Thanks guys
  7. Blake is it correct feller and bloxham charge $10 per fue graft ? If it is then with F&B 6000 fue would be $60.000 correct? With lorenzo 6000 fue $20.000 So a third of the price these are unreputable facts. We are talking about cost to the patient not what is most profitable for clinic. Its a no brainer probably the most highly regarded fue doc is a third of your price for 6000 fue but tell me why is it people are going to europe.turkey.india ect ect?
  8. Oh nurse oh nurse the babies spat its dummy out of its pram Don't worry ko your buddie blake won't spank you or is that what you want? Seriously get a life away from here get a ht and move on your on here all the time. You are what we calll in the uk billy no mates. You obviously don't have wife or partner how could you your here all the time. Its quite sad I actually pity you. What was it your mate blake said? Oh yeh people attack when they are losing a argument. Life is passing you by and before you know its gone. And before you retort. I'm married and have been for 20 years. I have two kids and life is sweet. And I've already had a 4000 fue session. Insult me or anyone else and you just look like a fool who cannot hold a sensible civil debate
  9. For around $20.000 you would get 6000 grafts and far better results going with lorenzo. I wonder why dr feller and blake are taking the stances they are? So for dr fellers price for 3000 grafts if it were possible you would get roughly 9000 grafts with lorenzo. Its a no brainer isnt it? Erdogan is roughly the same price i think as lorenzo
  10. The most important thing is that your in good health and everything is ok with your ht. I agee not a good idea to have the smp 3 days post op but we all make mistakes. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Good luck with the growth.
  11. Ok guys there are lots of fue v fuss threads going on so if you want to say your piece please go to one of them. Please just cast your vote with a simple one word answer. FUE OR STRIP ? And were would be your preffered choice based on the results attainable? EUROPE & TURKEY OR NORTH AMERICA ? Examples - fue and europe or strip and north america or fue and north america Thanks for your time
  12. I have said it before and i will say it again Blake you should resign your moderator position imediately. Why ? Your bias for one type of technique over another has been clear for some time now but that is not the issue we all having our prefared technique. The job of moderating is to be impartial and keep the ball rolling in a fair and polite manner for all involved in the disscussion. A few points i will raise so correct me if i'm wrong. 1- you have been working with dr feller for about 18 months ? 2-you have been working on mfue for about 18 months? 3-dr feller had been off this forum for approx one year and before that was absent for the previous 6 months so he has basically had two bouts of posting on this forum in 18 months. Dr fellers latest posts started once you had already announced mfue ? Dr feller and you both say you like fue but knock it at every oppotunity now you can say this is incorrect and reafirm you like fue but everyone reading the posts from both of you can see what i am saying is correct. The argument over fuss v fue will linger for the forseeable future till something better comes along. Enter mfue a rehashed technique previously tried and dissmissed. What have you shown of this 18 month period you have been doing this by the way of donor area shaved down photos? non Recipient area grown out results? non You cannot even tell us the size of the punchs used. You pick and choose which posted questions to reply to instead of answering each and every question WHY IS THAT? A guy sarts a thread saying he is worried for his health after a fue op and dr feller seizes the oppotunity to do a video attacking fue mega sessions with this cutting off blood supply line-the guy had 3500 grafts but we regulary see numbers way above this and have we ever seen a problem of lack of blood supply on the forum because of it? i have'nt Turns out the guy had smp into his STRIP SCAR 3 days post op. His problem was not down to lack of blood supply because of a fue mega session but down to his desperation to hide his STRIP SCAR. Fuss guys backing strip- fue guys arguing for the merits of fue all fai enough but blake and dr feller you IMO have come out of all this with far less respect well from myself and a lot of other readers. Dr Feller more people go for fuss? really? even blakes best buddie ko concedes fue is more popular maybe not in the US but in europe and especially turkey it is and if you think otherwise your dreaming. Who are the most respecting ht fue surgeons in the world in regard to results? Where are they in the states or europe and turkey? We all know the answer. We see the results and we choose our drs based on the results and thats why people are flying from the states to turkey or europe its that simple they cannot get what they want in the US and its fue. What would 3000 fue cost at feller and bloxham? They are PAYING CUSTOMERS and you wont give them what they want FUE.