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  1. thank you to everyone for the replies. i really appreciate the feedback. i've been on fin for a couple of years now and use rogaine foam daily as well. loss does not seem to be progressing any further, which is comforting. i am 31 years old. i will be looking at patient results from both doctors over the next few months and go with my gut instinct. cost won't really be a factor with these doctors because they are similarly priced. Well actually, Vories is significantly cheaper per graft, though with his higher graft estimate, I suppose it will mostly even out. cost with Cooley would end up around 16k. Vories would be similar total price if I did the low end of his graft estimate (15.5k) but up to 19.5k if I did the high end of 4,000 grafts. yes i know, price should never be the primary reason for a decision, but lets be honest, not everyone is rich looking forward to doing more research on these 2 doctors.
  2. I'm considering Dr. Cooley (North Carolina) and Dr. Vories (South Carolina) for a FUE procedure. Both doctors seem like control-freaks as far as doing most of the work and not having techs do it - this is of course fine with me How many grafts do you guys think I will need to fill in the frontal and crown? Dr. Cooley estimated 2500-3000 (suggesting 2000-2500 frontal and 500 crown) Dr. Vories estimated 3500-4000 (suggesting 2000-2500 frontal and 1500 crown) Of note, both clinics said my hair does not currently look natural at all, which is disappointing. I suppose they could just be trying to sell me a H.T. but I like to think they are both busy enough and have such solid reps that they would only give their truthful opinion. My right side is more sparse than the left.
  3. thank you to everyone who has been giving me feedback. i took advice from one member here who told me to cut my hair shorter (as it will make the density look thicker than it really is)... i cut down to a #4 attachment. i don't think this was a good idea.
  4. thanks all, i appreciate the feedback. dr. bhatti was always quick to respond to my messages and i know he's a professional.. i'm not concerned about his willingness to help or anything like that. as i mentioned, i think my expectations may not have been realistic which is not the fault of the doctor and hearing others say that it doesn't look unnatural makes me feel much better. i pretty much knew from the get-go that a 2nd procedure was likely in the future, i just thought it would be to address the crown, not to hit the front again.
  5. thanks htsoon. i certainly have much more hair now than before i started.. my only concerns, and perhaps it's just paranoia, is that it will be noticeable that i had something done (versus balding which is at least natural). what do you think?
  6. 1 year update of frontal hairline. these are what i look like when i first wake up, no styling or combing. i was hoping the spacing between follicles would be less noticeable but perhaps my expectations were not realistic. i'll post more photos (when it's combed and with my styling products) as soon as possible.
  7. definitely going to try some sea salt spray... don't know why i never thought of it before, anytime i get out of the ocean my hair feels incredibly thick. thanks for the tip!
  8. i still need dermmatch unfortunately (currently 10 months post op) - mostly in the crown, although my hairline looks softer with some in the front as well. this regimen is nice to get a modern/slicked back look, but i'm not sure it adds any density... maybe in comparison to other waxes/gels? with everyone raving about the products in this thread, i haven't really experimented with any others. my process goes: 1. wash with aveda 'pure abundance' volumizing shampoo (i don't use conditioner, maybe i should try it) 2. applying samy '0 calories' fat hair throughout towel dried hair 3. applying jonathan dirt texturizing paste to style my hair 4. sprinkling some aveda hair potion into the crown and messing it about with my fingers...i'm not sure if this aveda hair potion makes a difference, perhaps some before and after photos are in order.
  9. 10 month update. sorry for the bad quality of the donor area pics (difficult to take pics behind my head!)
  10. here's a couple more random photos from 9 months. do you guys think the frontal hairlinee will "soften up" a bit or is 9 months a pretty good indication of where things will be in 12-18 months as well? i suppose i can be patient and wait since speculating does no good... just thinking ahead
  11. thanks for the feedback htsoon. "pluggy" probably wasn't a good word to use, i didn't mean to be offensive to dr. bhatti.. i like what you said, "pronounced". and you're right, i have come a long way! look at my before pictures here.