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  1. Thanks for all your feedback, which only reassured my opinion on the issue. This procedure wasn't done in NY nor in Canada- you get what I mean by that. To be very objective, the results will not be as drastic as I wanted them to be. His approach is extremely conservative. The Doc only filled in the current thinning area. According to him, circa 980 grafts were used. Having said that, I will definitely need a second procedure to close the temples and lower the hairline. I just wished it was done all at once.
  2. Hello everyone! I just had my first ever FUE with Artas but I feel that the doctor could have lowered my hairline and filled in the temples. That's what I was expecting and told him so, however, he refused saying that my whole look will not look natural and that it will crappy if my current hair starts to fall as well. I totally disagree. What do you guys think? Attached are fresh pictures, 2 hours after surgery.
  3. If you were given the same number of FUE grafts and all other variables are held constant, which surgeon would you recommend and why? I know some surgeons are better at FUT than FUE and vice versa, and some have better expertise in framing the face among other skills. But, I'd really like to know who would yield a better result at FUE, Dr. Dorin in NY or Dr. Rahal in Ontario, Canada? Thanks!
  4. thanks everyone. i think ill most probably choose FUE as many of you advised. Also, the smiley scar at the back is really a deal breaker. I like to have a buzzed look sometimes. I wonder if the number of grafts can be increased to 2,100 FUE (as I hit my budget limit).
  5. Aren't the pictures a good indicator of the range at least? That's the whole point of this thread.
  6. Thanks Hairweare! So you're basically advising me to go with the FUE, but isn't that too low? Would 1700 suffice??
  7. Perfect, thanks. But that still doesn't answer the FUT or FUE route. Advice?
  8. What I meant basically is to look as reasonably young as possible.
  9. Haha! It is funny. Thanks voxman & Garageland! I'm 26. I took Propecia in the past for 6 months (3+3) a year apart. I currently started using minoxidil. My expectation is to look as similar as possible to when I was 22! I was using toppik at that time.
  10. Hello everyone! So I have decided to undergo surgery with Dr. Robert Dorin in NY given the excellent results I saw on his website and the encouraging reviews about him and his fellow associate Dr. True on this forum. Given my case, I was offered the two traditional routes but for different grafts: 1. The FUT route for 2,200 to 2,500 grafts 2. The FUE for 1,700 I know both will produce different results and they both have different fees so I really do not know what to choose. I have a budget and want to make the most out of it. Another confusing point is that this guy http://w
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