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    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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    Dr. Victor Hasson
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  1. Hey Mav, I had to sign a confidentiality agreement where I'm not allowed to disclose the details. I appreciate all your support. Corey
  2. Thanks to everyone who followed along on this thread and offered their feedback. I appreciate all the honest opinions. As some of you noticed, I edited the name of this thread. It is clear that I had a different expectation for the procedure. I do value Dr. Hasson’s work and by no means do I think I’m a typical case. I appreciate the efforts made by Doug at H&W to help Dr. Hasson and I reach a mutually agreeable conclusion. I’m looking forward to moving on from this experience.
  3. Thanks for the community’s support. I’m still in shock over David’s last post. Let me explain why… David said “Despite Corey being on Propecia for a number of years before surgery he was still loosing hair - a fact that he admitted on his consultation form at the clinic. His loss was not stable and Dr. Hasson believes that he has probably lost hair since the surgery and will continue to lose more hair in the future.” Yes, David, I declared my hair was still thinning on the clinic’s form but I said it was thinning SLOWLY. My crown thinning took 9 years to develop. I have no idea how you can logically say that in the last 18 months I’ve suddenly I've lost a lot more of my native hair in that area - so much so, that it counteracts the entire 2391 grafts placed by Dr. Hasson? In less than a year and a half time? It’s incomprehensible to me how you are saying my hair loss accelerated so much since my surgery. I very much doubt your statement. Plus, don’t you think there would be a sign of a ring on my crown where you could see the 2391 grafts and then my thinning that protrudes outwards from the crown area? I see no evidence of this in your high definition pics. David, you went on to say that, “Dr. Hasson did not plant this case at high density (he went for coverage which is the realistic goal for most patients when addressing the crown).” THIS IS NEWS TO ME! Please see below for the email that I received from H&W’s office on an assessment of my crown. Dr. Wong did the initial case assessment and stated in that email “approximately 2000 grafts will be sufficient for your needs. Dr. Wong will use these grafts to fill in the crown region for much improved coverage and density. Dr. Wong will rebuild the whorl pattern normally found in the crown for a completely natural result. Once the result has grown and matured you will have a significant cosmetic improvement that will allow for more hair styles and a stronger looking head of hair” (June 11, 2013 email). When I went in for my consultation in October 2013, with Dr. Hasson and Joe, they assessed my crown and I was told 2000 grafts would be plenty. I asked Dr. Hasson if he could do more grafts and he assured me that I didn’t need it - I’d be happy with the coverage for 2000 grafts. Not once was it mentioned that I would have a conservative result and lack density. Instead, Dr. Hasson showed me pics on the computer of results that I could expect – full coverage and improved density. Different angles were shown and not one picture was even close to the result that I’ve ended up with. If I only knew I’d get this result – there is no way that I would have gone through with this procedure. I now have a scar in the back of my head, I’m out 12k and I’ve had almost no visible difference in my crown. David, you also said that, “For all those posters that have expressed an opinion no one has asked a crucial question of how large the area was and without this information no one can make a proper judgement on the success or failure of the transplant. The size of area will affect the density- for example the density of a 8cm bald spot would be double that of a 12cm transplanted with the same number of grafts.” Unfortunately, it wasn't deemed "crucial" enough to inform me of this info??? Because had this info been clearly discussed, I would not have had surgery to begin with. Plus, the pics that Dr. Hasson showed me in his office were of patients with similar crown pre-op states and often less implanted grafts. Here are some cases that I could say represent the consultation that I had with Dr. Hasson and what he said he could do for me with the 2000 grafts: 1200 FUT grafts in crown: http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/148225-1200-graft-crown-case-dr-hasson-patient.html 1863 FUT grafts in crown: http://www.hairsite.com/hair-loss/board_entry-id-21543.html Look at the size of the crowns, his and mine. It is so similar, so why is there such a huge difference in our results? I know I wasn’t going to have hair native-hair density like I was 16 again, but come on – my results are no where even close to what I was told to expect. I’ve never seen results this poor for the amount of grafts that I had implanted. Lastly, David, you said at my 13 month visit, “Dr Hasson said that if [the growth] didn't improve then he would refund [my] money. Dr Hasson did not offer a full refund at that time because there was a lot of immature hair coming through in the crown area. Crowns take longer to see full growth which is why Dr Hasson asked him to come back again when the growth had matured.” I was in the room with Dr. Hasson during this conversation (just to be clear here - you were not). Dr. Hasson did say his clinic had a full money back guarantee or I could opt to get another surgery (I posted this exact comment in my original write up). Because I wanted to fix my crown, Dr. Hasson and I did not talk any further about the refund. It was offered though. Instead, I said I wanted to fix my crown and would go through another surgery. That is why I emailed H&W’s office on May 12, 2015 to not only set up another consultation with Dr. Hasson but also my second (pro-bono) surgery date. After the way I’ve been treated since my 17 month visit, I want no part in another surgery/procedure with this clinic. I know they perform great work, I’m not discounting that fact at all – it just didn’t work well for me. That is why, I’d like to move on from this experience and get my money back. It took me a long time to save that money and I need it now in order to get my crown fixed. I do not feel I’m being unreasonable. The community’s support has been quite clear – this is not an acceptable result. I hope Dr. Hasson and his clinic will take this into account and do the right thing – just refund the money. BTW – still no response from Doug regarding an appointment with Dr. Hasson for next week.
  4. I tried to post it two times, and a pop up came up said the moderator has to review it first
  5. Thanks to everyone for the feedback. I also appreciate David (Garageland) posting the office’s photos. Those are the same pics that I saw with Dr. Hasson and Doug during my visit on June 15. You should know that the length of my hair in those pre-op photos was at a #3 guard on the crown and the post-op photos (at 17 months) were at a #6 guard. Dr. Hasson also spent around 10 minutes combing my hair to make it look the best it could be for the 17 month pics. I acknowledge that David’s photos are the ones that I requested from Doug via email on July 5. I didn’t hear back from Doug by the time I wanted to post this write-up on the forum, so I just used my cell phone camera pics and mentioned in my original post that I’d be happy to put up the clinics pics once I received them. I also said I’d post the graft implantation pic (which you will find now below). I do understand David’s comment about taking the pics in the “same lighting angles [so that you can] honestly make an assessment on the crown area.” You should know that my cell phone pics for pre-op and post-op/today were taken in the same light and in the same spot in my home. For the Hasson & Wong clinic photos, I agree with “mav23100gunther” that I “don’t see much of a difference between the before & after pics besides obvious different lighting.” I haven’t changed my hair colour so I’m not sure why H&W’s pics show my before hair colour so much lighter. Anyways, even with the questionable lighting difference, I agree with the responses thus far saying there is “minimal growth” and that “this was NOT a successful procedure”. Here is what has been happening behind the scenes: July 15, 2015 I got a call from Doug (3 days later after my forum posting) and we had a 30min debate about my results. I told him I wanted what I was promised from Dr. Hasson, which was a full refund so I could move on to a different clinic. He said very clearly “no” and instead offered for H&W’s clinic to do 1000 grafts FUE. I told him that I wasn’t comfortable with that offer. First off, I don't have confidence in the clinic right now due to my first procedures results and secondly, I don't like how I’ve been treated lately. I was adamant with Doug that I just wanted to move on and get what I was promised by Dr. Hasson at 13 months – the refund. July 20 Doug called me and we had another 30min debate about the results. He kept saying that their office was “satisfied with my results” but they knew the hair didn’t grow to its full results. He also said that Dr. Hasson didn’t remember offering me the full money back refund and Doug conveyed that Dr. Hasson wasn't happy with me posting my situation on this forum. To be honest, I had no intention to disrespect the clinic by posting on this forum but instead wanted some honest feedback from the hair transplant community regarding my situation. I was quite clear with Doug at the end of the call, saying that all I wanted was this situation resolved and to provide me with the refund so that I could move on. Later July 20 I emailed Doug later in the day on July 20 to ask if I could book another appointment (next week) with Dr. Hasson so that I could handle this directly with him. July 21 Doug emailed me back saying that he will “get back to me… and hopefully we can set something up for next week.” So that’s where it stands right now… I’ll provide another update when I have further details. I feel like my situation is just being dragged on. I hope that I will be able to post a positive conclusion to this thread and that Dr. Hasson will uphold his word and provide me with the full refund that I was offered at my 13 month visit. I know my case is probably rare but I’d like to see this clinic take care of its patient. FYI - I was going to post a video of my results to give everybody an even better look at my post-op/today’s result but decided not to because even with professional pics from H&W, the results still look like crap. However, if you want to see the video, just let me know.
  6. Hi guys, I've been in touch with Doug at H&W, I'll post an update later this week.
  7. Reply: 1) All the grafts went into my crown. 2) Yes, I've been on Fin for 9 years. I tried Minox for a bit years ago but it irritated my scalp so I stopped using it.
  8. Thanks for the replies, everyone. Just to clarify, I have a pre-op pic posted. It's the first pic on the left with shorter hair. The 6 month post-op is next (in the middle) and then I put today's pic up on the right (18 months post-op). I don't see much difference but according to Dr. Hasson at my last visit, this is an acceptable result for the 2391 grafts that I had implanted. I'm don't feel the same way though - the pics don't lie.
  9. Thanks for the feedback, Sean. One of my before pics is included with my original write-up (see the first pic posted with shorter hair). The fact that you can't see the difference and say you'd like to see the pre-op/before pics says it all... not much growth.
  10. Hi Everyone, I’m writing this post to ask you for your feedback on my FUT results from Dr. Hasson. Background I’ve had subtle thinning hair in my crown for about 9 years and have been taking Propecia for that same amount of time. I’m now 33 years old. After researching hair transplant options, by using the forums and going for consultations, I decided to go to Hasson & Wong’s clinic in Vancouver. October 2013 I went into see Joe, the consultant at Hasson & Wong, about FUT surgery. He said that the doctor would likely recommend about 2000 grafts in order to densely pack the crown and give me great coverage. During the consultation, Dr. Hasson came into the office and looked at my crown to confirm the graft amount and that I would make a good candidate for the surgery. Dr. Hasson showed me a lot of photos of other patients with similar hair loss and their results. At the end of the appointment, I felt confident with Dr. Hasson’s service and decided to book the surgery. January 13, 2014 I came into the office in the early morning and Dr. Hasson examined my crown again. He confirmed that 2000 grafts would be sufficient to cover the area. At that time, he even joked with my wife that I was a “vain candidate” and that I wasn’t in desperate need for surgery. The surgery took 8 hours and, as far as I know, went smoothly. I ended up getting 2391 grafts. I went into the clinic the following three days in a row for a check and a shampoo. At two weeks post-op, I returned to get my staples removed. July 2014 At 6 months post-op, I emailed Joe, the consultant, and said I haven’t had any growth yet and was told the crown sometimes take longer to grow so wait a bit longer. September 2014 At 8 months, I booked an appointment to go in to the office and see what Dr. Hasson had to say about my results. Dr. Hasson agreed there wasn’t much growth yet, took a couple pictures, and said he felt confident that the grafts would still grow and wanted to see me again at my 1 year post-op point. February 23, 2015 13 months post-op and I still didn’t have a lot of growth so I called and booked another appointment to see Dr. Hasson. When I went into his office, he was surprised of how little growth I had and said that my result was rare. I asked if he knew why the hair didn’t grow and he said he wasn’t sure and that he had only a couple of these cases, every couple of years. Dr. Hasson said his office had a full money back guarantee or I could opt to get another surgery. With a lot of prior thought, I said I would opt for another surgery. He said that before we go for another surgery to come in at 18 months post-op to confirm my situation. May 12, 2015 I emailed Daria, the receptionist at Dr. Hasson’s office, and asked her for an appointment to see Dr. Hasson for the 18 month post-op visit and also to save a date for my second FUT surgery. She booked me into see Dr. Hasson in June and saved September as my second FUT surgery date. June 15, 2015 Due to my work schedule and lack of days off in the summer, I had to go back to see Dr. Hasson at the 17 months post-op point. When I went into the office, Dr. Hasson again examined my crown. To my complete shock, he now said that all my grafts had grown and that I had a good result for the 2391 grafts that were implanted. I was shocked. He went on to say that he thought “I would never be happy with my result” and that was why he hates doing crown surgeries. Again, I was shocked. Was this the same guy that told me just 4 months ago (at my February 23, 2015 consult) that I could have had a full refund or opt for another surgery because the hair didn’t grow? Dr. Hasson then went on to show me two large pictures on his computer of my crown at 8 months post-op (my September 2014) visit and then pics that they took of my crown that day. He also went through the other photos (pre-op, graft placement, 8 months, 13 months, and 17 months). He said “clearly, the hair has grown.” I didn’t see it – and neither did my wife, who was sitting in the room. The pics all looked very, very similar with minimal hair growth. I pushed and said that I (as well as family and close fiends) didn’t see the difference from my pre-op to post-op state and I’d like to do another surgery of 2400 grafts, like he had offered me 4 months ago. Dr. Hasson said he wouldn’t do another surgery that big and offered only 1000 grafts or I could take a $5000 credit. He kept saying that he was only offering these two options so that “I would be happy” since he felt the results were as good and as expected. He went on to suggest that I could try SMP on my crown to disguise the lack of density. He showed me pictures of a model client who had SMP and had a good result. I walked out of that office so frustrated (to say the least) and wondered why I should have to get SMP to hide my “lack of density” if my $12k+ FUT procedure was a success? Pictures don’t lie. I’d appreciate your honest feedback on my three pictures below (pre-op, 6 months and post-op/today). What should I do – ask for my full money back? Did I get a bad result? FYI - I’ve also requested all my pictures from Dr. Hasson’s office (emailed Doug, a consultant at the office, over a week ago now but haven’t had a reply yet) as well as the graft implantation map. I’d be happy to post them when I have access. Thanks for your feedback.
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