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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair
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  1. The curly hair will go another month. I started using comb more frequently after 6th month and then it took another haircut to straighten things out in my case. Right now, I do not have curly hair. It is wavy, as it always used to be before the big fall. Edit: Forgot to mention, the difference is huge between starting point and current point. You will always look at some points wishing it would be better if this/that was also there. But if you look at your pics and think in a realistic manner, you have achieved a lot. Congratulations and happy journey for the next months.
  2. Hope things are looking good on your side, mate. Updates would be nice.
  3. Here are some pics that I just clicked. Sorry for low resolution as I have decreased the size of the pic to upload in here. Dont know why but not able to upload better resolution pics. As you can see in the last pic, there is a bald spot still remaining behind my hairline. I had hair planted in this region also, but do not understand any reason why this spot is left yet. Also, the pics do not justify the look because you see gaps as the camera is too close. And fortunately, I have some height where is it not possible for everyone to have a top view of my scalp, i feel the bald spot is hid
  4. Thank you guys for the compliments. Means a lot. Completed 6 months post surgery. The hairfall I noticed post fin withdrawl has been arrested. Have continued the medicine again, though there are no more side-effects anymore. I guess it was somewhere in my mind that the medicine gives you side effects and it played an important role in my decision to discontinue fin. Hairfall is still there but it is like 20-30 hair and getting less. Regarding growth, I have never been happier in my life w.r.t. my hair. The hairline is strong and the hair seems like growing thicker and thicker. My hai
  5. The hairfall is still there, I have started fin again from last 1 week but there is no stopping the hairfall right now. I am quite apprehensive that it might hamper the result if it continues for long. Not sure what to do. The doctor isn't replying either.
  6. Everything was going fine but had to let go of fin after experiencing side effects. Been three weeks discontinuing fin and the hairfall from one week has been massive. I am worried about what to do. Everyday it's like 50-100 hair falling. Any advice about what to do?
  7. Sparkling difference between third and fourth month. I experienced the same. It will start to thicken now and you will look for mirrors more often than ever.
  8. Going through the forum and stumbled upon this thread. I was using fin from last 6 months and there were no noticable side effects. But from last 15 days, I feel like I have been hit by the sides. Low libido, problem with erection etc. I recently had a transplant and do not want to lose more hair. Fin stopped some of the hairfall but the sides are intimidating. Should I lower the dose and try? Or should I stop the medication totally?
  9. Thanks. Yea taking the meds as mentioned in signature. Though going to cut off the finpecia now. Other than that, taking other medicines regularly.
  10. Just like that, 4 months have passed. Time is going fast and everyday I feel good while looking myself in the mirror. The growth is slim but atleast the hairline has started to show. Going by the figures presented in the forum many times, it is just 25%. So I am assuming a lot of growth to come. Have started getting compliments from people. "Your hair is growing back, what did you do!" is not uncommon to listen these days. Though if i examine properly, I can still see empty areas in between, but it doesnt look as bad as it used to. Hoping to get some more growth in coming months. Here are some
  11. It has been 3 months and 2 days today. Didnt appear too long for me, maybe because my work kept me a lot busy along with some family gatherings and all, didnt get much time to think about what will my result be. Even then used to check every now and then how does it appear. The hair is coming along, though it is still a bit sparse. The grafts that have come out have grown a bit longer and they are blending with my original hair. While touching the scalp, i can feel some new hair sprouting and pinching a bit of my palm. It itches sometimes but i control and tap a bit at max, if it goes out of
  12. It has been two months exactly today. The shedding of transplanted hair was over long back. Some of the hair has started growing. I have ditched the hat and going to the office and around without cap most of the times. People sometimes stare at my head. Nobody has a clue that I went for a transplant. Just waiting for the hair to start growing. Current growth is sparse, but atleast I can see the empty area filling in. Hoping the growth will kick in more in next 2-3 weeks. MEanwhile following the regimen strictly.
  13. It's the shedding of transplanted hair that happens normally after transplant. No reason to worry.
  14. This will keep on happening for next few days. Do not get alarmed. The transplanted hair sheds with the root still intact. I went through the same phase. I am on day 37 and I have around 20% of transplanted hair left only. Shockloss would be somewhere around your donor area and the recipient area if you had any hair in that area. From your pictures, it seems like recipient area had very few hair, so it's highly likely that it is the normal shedding that is quite standard with the process.
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