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  1. There are clearly no guarantees since every patient responds and grows differently. But I'd say the best bet to ensure the highest odds of a good result is to use a top-notch surgeon.
  2. Dr. Harris is as skilled a surgeon as they come and his credentials absolutely impeccable, but even he cannot guarantee a perfect result. What he can do, like he did here, was to assure the patient that IF things don't turn out as they both expected, he will make it right. What more could any patient ask for? That's nearly unheard of today in almost any service industry and shows how absolutely stand-up a surgeon Dr. Harris is and why I trusted him implicitly with my transplants. This book is not yet written. It needs 5 more months, so I'm not sure why so many here are pre-judging
  3. Dr. Jim Harris - Denver. Couldn't be any happier with my FUE results. He's a pioneer in the field and many surgeons use his instruments.
  4. Steve - In my view, you are overthinking this. Agreed that if you're chasing the perfect hair (your teenage hair probably) you'll be remarkably disappointed and yes, you may continue to lose hair after a procedure requiring addition follow-up. Your hair transplanted hair will never be as good as your original, lush, thick non-thinning/non-recending hair. But, if you're willing to take the chance, sometimes you can end up with utterly fantastic results...
  5. I noticed the same thing today. Was a bit surprised how much recession Bush 43 showed just 8 years after he left office and at age 70. Good post and definitely something to think about.
  6. Wow! Almost 4,000 grafts for an NW2? I was more advanced (a pretty thin NW3) and got a full head of hair with only a bit over 2,000 grafts. I have tons of donor hair left in reserve, just in case. So glad I went with such a conservative doctor!
  7. Looks great! You were in very good hands. Dr. Harris is the best there is! My results have been spectacular with a very conservative use of donor hair, which is an amazing benefit of using a surgeon like Dr. Harris. Can't wait to see your final results!
  8. Congrats on your procedure with Dr. Harris. I had 2 no-shave FUE's with him (initial one and then small touch-up) and totally agree with your assessment. Awesome and relatively easy procedure and fantastic doctor and staff! Even better, incredible results. I feel VERY fortunate to have used him as my transplant surgeon. Keep us updated on your progress!
  9. FUE can work out very well in the hands of an experienced surgeon. Absolutely thrilled with my FUE. Dr. Cooley did a fabulous job here. Very impressive!!!!
  10. Nothing to worry about at all. Of course, you will soon lose your ability to do that as your new transplants fall out!
  11. I really think a highly skilled surgeon can make a lower number of grafts go considerably further with the "illusion" of thick hair - you see it on this Forum often. I have only had a bit over 2,000 grafts and had a dramatic transformation from where I started and I've seen some very high "dense packing" grafts with poor end results. Doctor skill plays an enormous part in this, in my opinion (and personal experience), so I'd focus on that and finding a super skilled surgeon rather than seeking a set density expectation.
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