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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    10 years +
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    Norwood II
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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    Dr. Koray Erdogan
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    Propecia (Finasteride)

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  1. Wow Spidey - I remembered following your story before having my own HT (mine was with Erdogen in Istanbul). I't great to see you've had such great long term results. Congrats!
  2. Yes, I was just one day - though only just squeezed into a one day slot, so could just as easily have been 2 days. Despite me finding fault, I am very happy and wear my hair spiked up in front with my hairline there for all to see. I'm over 2 years since the HT now, though I think my last pics were 9 months or so and I was happy then....I must be easy pleased.
  3. When the hairline was drawn I did ask about natural looking variation and he replied that he would factor in enough 'micro and macro' variation to look natural. And to be fair, there is enough variation that the hairline passes as natural......though I would recommend to anyone else to request more variation, eg use a few less grafts so that hairline arches upwards a little at the temples, which is an ironic request as receding temples is the exact problem we want corrected..though I believe just a slight curve remaining would look more natural.
  4. One temple filled in perfectly, the other remained a bit thin. Overall, I'm happy and if I could pick one fault it wouldn't be the thin temple. The hairline is just a little artificial looking; it is quite straight and doesn't have the regular variation and small short hairs just in front that a natural hairline has. That said, overall I'm happy and have no regrets....though I do recall vividly the ugly duckling phase and not sure I'd be lining up for that again in a hurry, lol.
  5. Yep, still taking Propecia. I've been on it forever and have been lucky enough not to have had any side effects.
  6. HT-FUE, Wow - where does the time go. I remember chatting to you on here as you went through your procedure, and I went to Turkey and had mine shortly after. I'm now over 2 years post HT also, and am super happy I went through with it. Thanks for your encouragement at the time, and I'm so glad to hear you had a great final outcome. I think your results look perfect and I would avoid the drama and recovery of another HT until if and when your hair loss progresses. Ersko
  7. Hey JustJax, You are looking great for 5 months. I remember looking patchy right up to 5 months - then by 7 months I was 100% confident and was more than happy to bump into people in broad daylight. If my rate of growth is anything to go by you should expect your already satisfactory result to improve further still. Congrats on making it through the duck phase. Ersko
  8. Hey Astaldo, you look great! With such a great starting position any improvement from a further HT could only be marginal, and the difference would be invisible to anyone apart from you. My advise is to enjoy your results and revisit only if/when your hair loss progresses in the future. Congrats on a great final result!
  9. Wize move avoiding the buzz cut JustJax. Sticking with short hair (blade #2 ) was my greatest regret...it gave me nothing to disguise the bordered 2 zone appearance of thick native vs thin transplants.
  10. Right on tack Just Jax. The worst is behind you, from now through to 6 months you'll really see things come in.
  11. Hi JustJax, yeah, I get a few comments - most people ask if I've lost weight and got fit or something. Others closer to me suspect something like a HT, but only one friends has come out and asked me direct. I remember my aunt saying a few months back 'what's going on? you look 10 years younger'. I thanked her, told her I had lost weight and the conversation moved on. Hi Wibbles - my hair looks fine wet; the change in transplanted hair to native hair is no more noticeable than when dry. I'm one of the rare few who doesn't bother with product so I'm not sure how that would go, though based on my hair looking good when wet, I'm guessing product would be fine.
  12. Hi YouOnlyLiveOnce - Well spotted. Yes, right up until today behind the temples is not as thick as the first couple of centimetres behind the hairline. I'm guessing the cause is that lighter density is applied further away from the hairline, that whole 'illusion of density' thing. That said, even up close I appear to have a full head of hair that can be styled standing straight up at the hairline and it would take a fine eye to spot my temples are a little thinner ....so it's not something that worries me.