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  1. Lasercap I send you a person message regarding advice for the laser cap or advice on selecting one. That's for all your help and support thus far.
  2. Objective evaluation of what is exactly happening huh? Because your option is the answer and you know what's going on huh? Again, what are your credentials? You are a dude that got a hair transplant just like myself, making an ultimate assumption on pictures from "low resolution grainy pictures". Yes, Im here asking for help and advice. While your option is valued and appreciated, let's agree to disagree on this one. I gave a clear explanation of why I believe the hair to be thinning in the transplanted area and explained it has not thinned even remotely close to what your explanation would sh
  3. Welp.....you seem to be adding your two sense quite a bit and also going in a circle. I want to know why infact the TRANSPLANTED HAIR has thinned from the success pictures? IT is CLEAR it HAS.....forget about your "hypothesis" Dr. FUEBLONDE just a for a second, k? Let's say my whole damn head went bald due to significat progression in alopecia, after the transplant. By the scientific studies you have "clearly" referenced then the "my hypothesis" would be that I should have my transplant DHT resistant hair from the FUT on my frontal hairline that was recreated...... and then be bald EVERWH
  4. What I see......is that clearly from the pictures I posted the "transplanted hair" that I'm sure you are well aware is RESISTANT to DHT, has thinned significantly from the 5 month post opp pictures. In addition, as I'm sure once again you are well aware, it takes 12-24 months for the full results. So wouldn't it be safe to say... at 5 months the results are clearly a success? So.......which leads me back to my original question.....after 4 plus year why has PERMINATE TRANSPLANTED HAIR 50% or more thinned out? Let's focus on my question and a possible solution. Not bringing up opinions
  5. As in regards to Native hair receding further back, it is not and I can assure you this, as I am the one looking at my own head. However, let's just assume the native hair has received further back......the transplanted hair is still thinning(alot) So, if what you are proposing is in fact the truth, wouldn't there be the "DHT resistant" transplanted hair on my frontal hair line(where transplant was done) followed by a gap (or balding area) then leading back to the native hair on the crown? P.S. its shedding not shredding
  6. Question for you, your names is LaserCap are you associated or affiliated with marketing, sales, or clinical representation of any type of Laser Cap hair solution, products, promotion, and/or business? Hahahah I agree I may try the lasercap it's just expensive and I'd rather try and save for another Transplant If this is going to be my unfortunate disappointing outcome. I was using all of the about you listed besides the lasercap and PRP (which I've been researching). Until Spex stated to stop rolgain and nioxin bc they are notorious for shedding. I really do appreciat
  7. Ok all I am currently taking is zoloft (generic 100mg) 1x daily for general anxiety and depression and propecia (generic). If your referring to the other prescriptions in the picture as the cocktail so to speak, I share the bathroom with my girlfriend and we live together and both out prescriptions are in the same medicine cabinet. What is biotin and the other you recommended? Anything else I can do? How short do you recommend to keep it? Dr Alexander told me to never go lower than a 3 on sides to hide scar.
  8. And I went in actually and spoke with Dr. Alexander face-to-face in late November or early December of 2018 and was told it was a shedding period. I will be amazed if this 6 plus month "shedding period" returns to how it was. I'm sorry I just am extremely upset I was told this hair was resistant to DHT. I have no idea why this happened, but it was my worst fear.
  9. I actually noticed a significant thinning around August of 2018.....but I would say 2018 is when this started happening. But forsure from August 2018 until now March 20 2019 has become extremely noticeable. Here is with completely dry hair. I just got it cute the exact same length I always do. So it will is the same as in 5 month comparisons. Also, lighting is the same as before too. I'm not trying to pull a fast one. My hair is thinned so bad its embarrassing. I will guarentee you and tell you first hand. It has thinned and thinned alot.
  10. Its honestly only in the transplant part. Would it still be seasonal shedding that's continuing for over 6 1/2 months?
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