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  1. congrats harin....looks perfect keep posting your pics....it will benifit us all
  2. @abhay...I am unable to send you a personal message. I will share my details with you soon. In the meanwhile please get in touch with the Doctor. Then I can share my personal experiences if needed.
  3. Thanks everyone! :-) @economicalindian ...for prices I think it would be good to get in touch with the clinic directly. Also, the prices might have changes since I got the HT done. Please ask me questions related to HT.
  4. @abhay1...sure plz let me know about your questions. I would suggest to get in touch with the doctor for detailed answers @harin...do let me know if still have any questions. Just after 5 months the result that I have received, I would definitely recommend Dr. Arika.
  5. @thor86 yes...I did consider him but he is not in NCR so did not consult him. Also, was satisfied after meeting Dr. Arika so decided to go with her.
  6. Attaching some pics of 5 months post surgery..very natural results and very happy. And apart from my family only 3 people know that I have undergone a HT
  7. 1. yes the grafts did fell and regrew. May be not all. But it was good that they fell. After felling the looked more natural in terms of colour and thickness. 2. Yes...Was bit cautous not to touch them. Use to sleep with pillows under my head. 3. Not sure about hotels. I am in Gurgaon so did needed a hotel. There are some good guest house/hotel near her place. But again it all depends on the budget. Let me know if you have any more questions.
  8. Attaching some more pics for review. They were taken today (after 3 months and 3 weeks)
  9. sorry for not providing updates since few weeks! had been quiet busy. I am attaching my 2.5 weeks post op pics. Harin, specially for you. They might be able to help you take the decision. I am happy with the results that I have received in 2.5 months. Senior members can provide their comments/feedbacks.
  10. You may contact them at the number given in contact us (Name Ashoka) section on their website eugenix
  11. you may contact Ashoka on the number given in eugenix website contact us.
  12. Sutureles, I think you have misunderstood. My HT is done by Dr Arika Bansal (eugenix) and not by Dr. Garg Dr Arika does BHT. I had consulted Dr. Kapil Dua's clinic as well. They have big fancy clinic in Delhi's prime area, as a result they are costly. They can also provide cheaper options, but the HT would be done by some other doctor in his clinic. The problem with such big brands is that you cannot be sure who will do the HT. May be the main doctor is there for only couple of minutes and all the work is done by other doctors. And you don't know how much experienced they are. I would always prefer my HT to be done by the doctor whom I consult because I have the trust on the doctor and not the brand.
  13. Thanks David! Harin, --1. What has been our experience in researching various HT docs in New Delhi area? and why did you choose this physician, was cost a major factor?, did you compare their results? I met a lot of doctors and got more and more information, but at the same time it was getting confusing. I came across fancy words like feather touch, bio FUE, robotic, Etc. And everyone claiming to have the technique patented or the only one doing in India. So many clinics in Delhi/NCR region have mushroomed these days. Definitely, many of them would be good but still lot of saloon/spa centers have also started doing HT. Cost was the major factor but not the only factor. Mainly, I wanted my hair line to be restored so I didn’t want to take risk. Also, I wanted my existing grafts to be saved for any future transplants and also not destroying my existing hair. I met some good doctors at lower prices as well. But my confidence was built on Dr Arika. Also, I gave preference to experience (number of surgeries done) and education (Dr. Arika is passed out of AIIMS). Also, Dr Arika did not seem very money minded. Some of clinics have their marketing team who would keep on calling you with offers and you would be surprised that I met a doctor who claimed to have a lot of experience but did not know what Alopecia Areata was. Also, I wanted the HT to be done by the doctor whom I consult and not be surprised to find an unknown face in the OT. Many doctors have posted very good results on their website but looking at some of their other results makes you feel why they even had HT done. Ultimately, you need to have confidence on the doctor who does the HT and leave rest to God. But before that do some research because I have seen some really very bad results and they person has gone multiple surgeries and wasted a lot of money and still no results. --2. Do you have pictures of your donor area, from the back? I will share them soon --3. Do you have any recommendation as such in ND area from your own personal experience? I would suggest Dr Arika because my experience with her was good. You may also contact – Medispa- Good results, a bit costly but wanted me to go with FUT Dr Anuj Pall- Good results shown, costly, HT was to be done by other doctors Dr B K Garg – Awarded best doctor (as given in their website), not costly, good results shown on their website but some results are not good arhtglobal Rajaouri Garden-I found them good, not very costly but met a person who was not very happy with the results and was going for a second HT. Also, it seemed that they have excessively worked on promoting themselves on the internet but the results shown on their website look photo shopped. An international form should have at least high megapixel camera You may contact me in case you need more details.
  14. Thanks Harin for your reply! Finally, I got my HT done last Saturday. Thought of penning down my experience on this website. After talking to many doctors, I thought of going ahead with Dr. Arika Bansal in her newly built Gurgaon clinic. She was one of the doctors who advised that my hair loss is diffused and can be cured using medicines except the hair line which has receded too much and there are no roots left. I went ahead with hair line make over. My overall experience was very good. The place was very clean, hygienic and well maintained. The HT started at around 11:00 AM in the morning and completed at around 8-8:30 in the evening. 2153 grafts were implanted using MPCID technique (FUE). The complete process was very easy going for me and the doctor and her staff was very polite and supportive. I was so relaxed and comfortable that I slept for approximately 3 hours during the HT . The doctor seemed very expert in extracting the grafts and making the holes. The staff placing the grafts also seemed very experienced. A team of 6 people was working on me at the same time and all the grafts were implanted within couple of minutes of extraction. Today, I have completed 4 days and I have not experienced any swelling till yet. All the grafts are in place till now . Initially, the donor area didn't look good and was reddish. On day 4, my donor area is almost healed with no pain. I think it should be completely normal in another 2-3 days. Don’t feel that I have undergone any surgery. Just waiting for results in the long run. Posting my day 4 pics and the hair line that I had agreed on the day of my first consultation with the doctor. I will get the pre-and post pics from the doctor when I visit her next and will also share them. Please let me know in case anybody needs more information.
  15. Hi friends, I am planning to get my hair transplant done in Delhi/NCR. I have visited Dr B K Garg (Aravali Clinic) - and he has suggested 4500 grafts at Rs 30/graft FUE. I am planning to get 3000 - 4000 grafts transplanted. Guys any feedback for the doctor? The things which I like is that that the most of the procedure would be done by the doctor in 2 days (even for 3000 grafts) so expecting quality. The doctor has received best doctor's award in HT. The negative is that he is listed in Best Hair Transplant Surgeons for Hair Loss Treatment India as well. Not sure how trust worthy is the chain. I also met Dr. Ashit Gupta (Gurgaon). He quoted 65k for 3000-3200 grafts. Does any body has reviews for him. Also, please share other doctors/clinics reviews if any. I am planning to get it done soon (in a week or two). Thanks