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  1. I just spoke with my surgeon about it and he believes this to be temporary shock loss. I also just shaved it down to a 1 guard and it looks much better. Hoping that this will return to normal within the next few months. My surgeon is Dr. Vories.
  2. Hello all, A little concerned about my donor area on the left side of my head. I had 1,500 grafts in total removed. I feel like this is way to patchy and noticeable. Can anyone give me some insight as to if this is normal at this stage? I was told I can easily have a buzz cut but at this point this is not looking like a possibility. I am thinking about shaving down to a 1 guard to see if it looks any better but I am not sure if that is a good call at this point. Any advice or feedback would be appreciated.
  3. Did you have any adverse side effects using finesteride? I just got it but the focus of my surgery was in the frontal forelock not in the areas where the drug would really make a difference.
  4. I am wondering if it is best to continue taking them or not take them at all. I understand the loss is temporary for the most part but want to manage my ugly duckling phase as best as possible.
  5. I also just realized you mentioned the shock loss in your orginal post. Should have re-read that Thanks for the additional clarification though.
  6. No worries, I am now 6 days out of surgery. My reason for reaching out to you is because I used the same surgeon and had a relatively similar procedure. If you check out my post and see my pics most of my thinning was in the front. The procedure went well other than the vasovagal episode I had which unfortunatly resulted in us not being able to finish the last 500. However I think the 1,500 I had will give me a pretty noticeable difference. My biggest concern is exactly what happened to you though. I have pretty thin hair in the front as it is and losing 25% of it would be pretty hard to bear with for a couple months. Unfortunate to hear you aren't satisfied with what you have right now. It does look like you have significantly more hair than when you started. How did you wear your hair during the phase of shock loss? I am debating whether or not to try and grow it back to the way I had it or wear it buzzed for the next three months. I've got a long road ahead and really hope it works out in the end.
  7. Did you suffer from any shock loss at all because this is a diffused hair thinning case?
  8. I have another question if anyone else can provide some insight on. I have never taken any medication (rogain, propecia, etc) to manage my hair loss. My Dr. did recommend that I take propecia to maintain the existing hair and agree with him and plan on pickling up the prescription soon. However after doing more research (which may be doing me more harm than good) I read that individuals who get FUE who have never been on propecia have a higher likelihood of shockloss. And shockloss can occur if I begin taking medication so soon after an FUE transplant. Any thoughts on this? Is there any truth to those statements or is my concern for shock loss misplaced.
  9. Thank you David. I just got the exact same answer from my Doctor so I will take this advice and move on without concern but more caution as I didn't have any bleeding. Its crazy what the subconscious will do sometimes. Also thank you on the feedback regarding the hair count I am hoping for great results as well. Will update soon.
  10. Some concern. I just woke up in a sort of daze stopping myself from rubbing through the grafted area with my fingertips. It has been day 5, so I hope most have set in and all I was doing was rubbing off scabs. Any thoughts? Did my dream self just really screw up and cause potential damage to the new grafts? Attached is a pic.
  11. Hello all, Brand new to the forum. I am both excited and anxious about my recent FUE surgery. Really hoping to get some good results and looking for advice from some of the veterans on here for support and advice so I don't bug the ever living hell out for my Dr. I have posted pictures before and directly after my procedure. I had 1,500 grafts done in the frontal forelock. I was actually quoted to recieve 2,000 grafts but had a pretty serious vasovagal episode during my procedure delaying the last 500 grafts. My Dr. said this is most likely due to anxiety which I do suffer from. I possibly also see this being as a result of a poor breakfast and lack of sleep the night before. My goal is to thicken up the front so it doesn't look like its going as bald as it is. At this stage my Dr. is under the impression that we will most likely want to finish the last 500. I would even be fine with doing another 1,000 to cover part of the back if necessary. But we are going to wait for the final results and re-assess. My surgeon is one of the recommended on this site and I want to keep him confidential for now. But I will say that him and his staff were incredibly accommodating, friendly and supportive especially as I was going through the vasovagal episode. I had some pretty intense light headedness the first day after the procedure and some head swelling. But other than that the donor area is healing very nicely, very little pain. He used a .8MM punch I believe, the holes are much smaller than I anticipated which is great considering this was one of my biggest concerns. Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated. Particularly around if anyone thinks that 1,500 may be coverage to hide the thinning in the front. I understand I will never have the same thickness I did when I was 16 but would like to make this less noticeable. Other side notes are the the total number of hairs were in excess of 3,000. My Dr. also said I a very thick donor area and good quality hair that transplanted well. I will be updating periodically to showcase my experience. All the best.
  12. Thanks for clarification. I had a recent graft amount hence my curiosity. All the best in your continued growth! Looks great.
  13. Hi Eli81, I cant tell in the picture. Where were most of your transplants positioned? Frontal Forelock or scattered all over the thinning area?
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