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  1. It is now 11 months after my second hair transplant procedure. First one was FUT(3400 scalp grafts) and second one was FUE(2300 scalp grafts and 2700 beard grafts). Although I am quite satisfied, I still need some coverage on the temporal region on the sides towards the crown. I would like to go all the way instead of leaving things when its not quite finished :-) Obviously, I am also worried that I might not have any donor left :-( Let me know what you guys recommend.
  2. I have done HT with both Dr Radha and Eugenix. Refer to my threads and it should be easy to make a decision.
  3. Hello all - I am back again with some photos updates post 8 months approx post surgery. Overall I am happy with the result and I am not looking for any further sessions. I guess my donar area on the head is already used up and I don't want to go through the trouble of HT for beard hairs BUT you never know ;-)
  4. I did not get any feedback from Dr Radha. I have moved on with my second HT. Refer to my post below http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/184784-norwood-6-7-dht-dr-pradeep-sethi-5000-grafts.html
  5. Hey there again, Attached photos 5 months post op. Couple of photos are taken indoor and rest are taken outdoor. Only slight bother for me at this moment is depleted donor area. I made a mistake by trimming down the donor areas. Will have to be much more careful with my hair cut next time. Next update after couple of months. Happy growing ! Regards
  6. I have spent almost 30 minutes but cannot figure out where the goddamn edit button is ! Someone help please Strange - I am able to edit this post. The irony of it. Why can't I edit my old posts?
  7. It has been exactly 4 months since my HT with Eugenix. I have attached some photos taken today to help fellow forum members make an informed decision. This is my second HT. First one was with Dr Radha focused purely on the frontal third. Refer to link on my first post.
  8. Wait another 45 days if you can and i will post my results for 4 months progress. http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/184784-norwood-6-7-dht-dr-pradeep-sethi-5000-grafts.html
  9. I think it has to do with the fact that Doctors at Eugenix use DHT. People (myself included) are scared when they hear new terms such as DHT even though it's just a modified form of FUE. Who cares, as long as the results are good.
  10. Thanks David. Did you get a chance to read my second comment? Does that look normal to you or did I pull out some grafts ? I have been using saline spray for the first week, I guess that stopped the itching for the first week.
  11. At day 8 of my hair transplant, I started to feel really itchy because of the crusts and I tried to remove some of them when my scalp was dry. Some times I noticed long hair follicles attached to the crusts. Now I am worried I might have pulled the grafts from the root after all the post-op care I did for the first week. I have attached a photo. Experts opinion please. There was absolutely no bleeding or pain
  12. @Harin - I have just had the transplant done at Eugenix. Out of curiosity, I would like to see your crown results if possible
  13. Note: This is my second HT. You can refer to the below thread for my first HT exp and results. http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/178974-norwood-6-7-fut-dr-radha-rani-3400-grafts.html Hey again ! Everyone who has been following my thread knows that I was actively looking to get my second HT done. Its done now and I hope I don't have to go through a third one again. Its a lot of money, effort and stress(all the post op care and the loss of comfort during sleep, outdoor, etc). Anyway, this time I decided to go with someone purely based on the results I have seen on another fo
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