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  1. Thanks. Shampoo- I'd have to agree with your analysis. Another proud graduate of 'Wong university'
  2. Chris 39- I agree with you. Over the past 12 months I have had periods when I've thought my hair looks thin, thick, lense dense, more dense. But whatever the case the surgery has had a dramatic impact on before my surgery. Home1212- Dr Wong has done a fantastic job. I'm so glad that I chose Dr Wong.
  3. Thanks Have you also have surgery with Dr Wong? I recall that when I was 4 months post op I was probably in a place similar to where I was prior to having surgery.
  4. I have taken pictures of my results 12 months post op. I'm really happy that I chose Dr Wong to undertake my surgery.
  5. Oh my days.....what a fantastic result...one of the best results I've seen in a while!!
  6. I am hoping to schedule in another surgery with Dr Wong in the forseable future to refine my hairline and more density midscale and crown area
  7. Dr Hasson felt that my hairline which had been established from a previous fue surgery years ago was fine in terms of its position and that he would refine it, make it dense and go back as far a possible. Dr Hasson also felt that due to my previous fue that I had approx 2000 grafts available. However Dr Wong felt that my hairline needed to be raised and he felt he could get approx 4000 grafts. Following my surgery I recall Dr Wong advising that he belives I have another approx 4000 grafts available.
  8. Aftermath- I actually consulted with both Dr Hasson and Dr Wong prior to surgery. I met with them both over the years when they came to London. Interstingly both Dr''s had a different approach to tackling my surgery and also significantly differed on what they believed was possible in terms of available grafts. I would concur with you that both Dr''s are exceptional surgeons. However in coming to my decision I went with the Dr that was most aligned with my expectations.
  9. I have also attached a close up of my hairline which highlights no visible scarring from where Dr Wong removed previously placed grafts from a different clinic. Happy days!! I do want to refine the hairline to make it more dense with a stronger shape together with ensuring that any other remaining irrelevant grafts from the hairline are removed.
  10. I am posting my results 10 month post op. Given from where I first started i've made a lot of progress!! Also there is no scarring visible from where Dr Wong removed grafts from the hairline, from an initial procedure I had many years ago with a different clinic.
  11. Garageland- thanks for your comments. Your support has been greatly appreciated. It's feels good to be able to grow my hair having had years of not been able to do so. I'm excited to see what further improvements the next 5 months or so will bring
  12. Any comments/ feedback would be appreciated. I feel I've made good progress as compared to my pre op pics. However Im hoping that my mid scalp area thickens up. I'm only 7 months in so hopefully the next few months will help thicken things up with any last grafts coming through now.
  13. Any comments/ feedback would be appreciated. U feel I've mm add good progress as compared to my pre op pics. However Im hoping that my mid scalp area thickens up. I'm only 7 months in so hopefully the next few months will help thicken things up with any last grafts coming through now.
  14. I have also met with Dr Rahal. I really like the work he does and it was a really tough decision between Dr wong and Dr Rahal.
  15. It went really good. I'm only 4 months post op so Ill have to wait and see what the final result is like. Bit at the current time I have not regrets. I met with both Dr hasson and dr wong before deciding who to go with. I actually had consultations with a few doctors before deciding on Dr wong. None of the other doctors that I consulted with were from the UK
  16. I'm from the UK and from the research I did I decided to travel outside the UK for my HT. I went with Dr Wong although I had anot her surgeon ony shortlist and he was not from the UK
  17. Hi- have you considered Hasson and Wong. I've had my surgery with Dr Wong and am happy with my surgery and progress so far. Why not contact the clinic and consult with them
  18. Spanker, I can't see the fue scars from where the hairline was raised. Dr Wong gas done a really good job although I know I'll have to go back and refine the area. However, I'll need to wait and see how it all grows out over the next 7/8 months
  19. Hi I am just over 4 months from my surgery with Dr Wong from Hasson and Wong. I think I am back to where I was pre op with some improvement. Hopefully from this point it will be onwards and upwards!!! I've attached some pictures as an update. Let me know your thoughts.
  20. If I was you I would contact the clinic and ask to speak to the doctor with regards to any concerns you may have. Follow up care is an important part of process irrespective of however any grafts you have had. It shouldn't make a difference how long it has been since surgery and in your case it looks like it has only been just over 3 months.
  21. Hi Have you considered Hasson and Wong. I have recently had a HT with Dr Wong and years of consideration over who to go with. I had my own list of Dr's and through a process of elimination I came down to Dr Wong. Having had the surgery and almost 3 weeks post op I can say that I have no reservations about my choice to go with Dr Wong.
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