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  1. I have to agree, bottom line sexual act itself doesn't cause hair loss, but hormonal exchanges and conversions do. People who are hyper-sexual and masturbate more get hair loss of their follicles are DHT sensitive.
  2. nice work, and also lucky guy for everything went well, congratulations are in order.
  3. Bill you have any before pictures and also what the hair looked at 6 months 1 year and two years mark?. It will be helpful to compare. Hair looks good, probably little thin at frontal hairline, but seems to have really stood the test of time, kudos to you and your doctors.
  4. They replied to my email after few days, apparently they are extremely busy due to high volume of patients.
  5. Nice work, however you are only 22?, have you accounted for potential future loss of hair and need for future transplants?, work looks top class you should get god result.
  6. Hey Bill, What are the ways a doctor would apply for approval other than his/her patients posting some excellent results?. Though I have reservations on pricing, there is no doubt that Dr. Pradeep - eugenix has had his patients share their results and stories and seems to have done some excellent work IMO. Are you guys evaluating them for recommendation? the same way you evaluated cases for other doctors?. Is there another behind the scene story that we as forum members are not aware of?. For one it makes it easy for forum members to objectively posts their results in a recommendation thread or make them feel more confident of getting HT done from a recommended doctor.
  7. I think you only need two things, minoxidil foam and finasteride, other stuff are bogus in my opinion. Also you can choose between rogaine/minoxidil foam versus laser cap. (foam is definetly better than minoxidil liquid or spray, belive me!).
  8. DObler, I have been researching this for a while, I am Norwood 5 and want HT, probably 5-6k grafts in bank per my assessment and couple of professional doctors, but two of recommended docs here have rejected me saying unsatisfactory donor or too large area. Eugenix is my next stop. I personally (via this and other forums) know at least 3 people from US who had their HT with Dr. Pradeep and seemed happy with their results. They do seem to take up high Norwood 5-6-7 cases with ease and excellent results. Only thing I wish is that the prices were published on their website. So they do get clients from outside India, you do not hear about them because they are not recommended here, may be they never tried to get recommendation since they have plenty of clients already and busy with their work?.
  9. Hey David, Thank you for disclosing the above, I appreciate it. By the way your hair looks amazing!, must be getting lots of attention by many chicks?.
  10. WOW!, great result. Good work by doctors, congratulations to you and Dr. Pradeep and Dr. Arika of Eugenix, India.. Dipan, any pictures of the donor, donor area seems to have thinned out a bit, though in latter pictures it is better.
  11. hey man, I looked at your thread, you will have nice result, your doctor did a good job and if everything is growing well your hair will be thick. Yes I still need to dive in to transplant, myself being NW5 stable for few years. I hope to find good surgeon. How do i contact your surgeon?, I am in US but it is very pricey here, want to consider someone in India or Turkey or even Europe. I have seen some recommended surgeons and may are very good but still pricey. Some I do not have any liking for hairline and density etc.., I think I may have at least 5-6 thousand grafts available and want to use them with caution and carefully choose the doctor for my transplant.
  12. COngratulations Dr. Bloxam. You thoroughly deserve it. Bill and David, is there a financial incentive for HTN for approving doctors?. Is there a financial incentive to HTN if doctors post their results towards recommendation?, where do we get this info?. Asking above questions in view of full disclosure. (don't have to disclose the size of incentive, just yes or no would do). Also one of the pictures I posted on Dr. Bhatti case got deleted by someone and never got posted?, wonder who deleted it?. Just fair expression of opinion on good or bad things would need to be allowed given the forum says it is by patients and for patients. Please do not take my questions in wrong stead, just wanted to clarify certain things. Thank you for the service and help you have provided to bald community over years. Appreciate any answers.