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  1. Thanks Dr. Felle and I am sorry if I misunderstood; however; I have inclined again that megasession FUE is safe and reliable if it is done by expert hands. See my progress over my donor area, I took the pictures a week ago; this is po 15 days, I think "craters on the moon" have been closed now and hardly visible, but China wall is still here and visible from the moon, but thanks to the SMP (I had 2nd SMP just before to take these picts.) - I hope the scar will be invisible soon as with FUE scar when covered by donor area hairs. I dont suppose now that I had a big shock loss over my donors. I have seen many sucsessful results by megasession FUE from Turkish Clinics including my clinic in another forums, why not here? And some topics started by some guys who had 4500-5500 grafts in one session of FUE and which I was following were deleted here, why? Sorry but it seems that you and your moderator-partner dont like any competition here. And please see although I had just nw2-3 and had large FUT session before (see my scar again) from recommended one here, the density was so low and I needed a second pass over my previously transplanted area. So, can we say and generalize the common idiom -"FUT can give better yields than FUE" ?? We hair loss sufferers become aware of some facts, some recent discussions in this forum has proven that fact, although it costs someone dearly, resulting banning from the forum........ I will be off until I complete my trip in Europea, thanks to everybody including Dr. Feller for their support.
  2. Yes, feel better now and have just returned from Cappadoccia trip to Istanbul. Fut operation was done by a recommended doctor here, I will not mention name, but was not Dr. Feller, he just try to help people by creating videos discrediting megasession FUE, I talked to my doctor about the claims in Feller's video. He said "there is no risk for less or depleted blood supply after both FUT and megasession FUE. However, FUT can cut the nerves and may create temporary or permanent numbness -but not pain- over the north part of the FUT scar, FUE totally spares the nerves as well as the vessels and much more comfortable thereafter. The donor sensitivity which lasts in 3-4 weeks -itching in fact, not a real pain- after FUE is just due to wound healing caused by histamin release into the wound. Nothing is related with the nerves and nerve cut as there is zero risk for blood supply to donors. Complaining about the pain after FUE is just related with the (low) pain threshold and psychology of the patient." Since I had both FUT and FUE, I can bear witness to my doctor's comments now. And hope Feller also read this comments. What do you guys think my result and density after FUT?, I marked my transplanted area with FUT, see pic.
  3. (mega session) FUE in Turkey ( I had one FUT from recommended surgeon and one FUE in Turkey)
  4. Other photos before and after my operation, my doctor insisted on me to do FUT scar revision but I did not want because I planned a Turkey and Europe trip after the operation. I understand now I hurried to have SMP so early, hopefully it will not affect my progress and overall result.
  5. Yes I have made some mistakes. I also formally apologize for that. OK, these are my pictures which were taken yesterday, I think I have some shock loss but SMP also may cause it, my doctor assured me that everything will be OK - I hope so.
  6. All they did was make me panic. Thats not helping. The correct respose which would have been helpful is; there is no way such a thing could happen please dont be concerned there is ample blood supply provided to the follicles or something along those lines. Anyway the doctor did provide me with his number i only assumed being the weekend i couldnt reach him. I them realised it was a 24hr 7 days line
  7. Hi you are right. After speaking with the surgen who preformed my HT I was assured everything was normal. They were crusts coming out not follicles even though they were clear and some had hairs in them they were definitly crusts. As for the patches it is evident I inherently have thin hair and so my scalp is more visible.I panicked and made an error in judgement. I suffer from anxiety and tend to panic when something I dont expect happens. I also has micropigmentation to the donor site 3 days after my operation which probably led to the shedding of hairs not follicles. If hairtransplantnetwork.com is a responsible organisation they will remove this posting. The post was based on erroneous judgement and the advice provided here is either unfounded or blatent lies. After much research it is impossible to cut off blood supply to the donnor site using mega session FUE. I appologise to the doctor who performed my HT and to those who were mislead by this post. I am looking forward to my great results and now in my sobber mind I support megasession FUE and recommend it to anyone for many reasons.
  8. I dont know what went wrong. No i didnt have fue into my strip nor did I have it revised. I think my skin is thinner than most people. The nurse mentioned my follicles were close to the skin unlike she has ever seen before. Yet continued with micro motor digging deep holes. I think i was not a good candidate and the operation should have been stopped and manual extraction recommended. Either way its either a lack of understand or greed on the practitioners part that has left me in this situation. Strip is still the best option of older patients who like to wear their hair long with high elasticity and I now belive for patients with previous strips as in my case.
  9. Dear Dr Feller thank you so much for taking the time to provide such a detailed explanation. I am in Istanbul and everything is closed. I recall the nurse saying that my grafts were the closest to the outer dermis she had ever seen yet she continued to punch deep holes unnecessarily. I am truley concerned about my health and my continously sheeding donor area follicles. I will keep you updated on my progress and post photos real soon. Though its hard to make out the patchy hair loss and the scalling from photos. I am hesitant to name and shame this doctor as he is my only hope right now. I am truely at a loss as to what to do. I have made plans and booked flights to travel throughout Europe. Thinking of catching the next flight back to Sydney. I was so happy on the day of my op. Now i am miserable. Thank you once again for your valuable input it is much appreciated. I hope no one goes through what I am going through.
  10. I think it may not be so much the number of grafts but rather the understanding of the nurse. She openly said during the procedure my grafts were the closest to the surface she had seen yet made no adjustment. The pain is not the issue I have entire patches of hair which has fallen out from my donner area and continues to fall out. I dont even want to think about how bad this will look. Each time they fall its a fresh sore with insufficient blood to the area im suseptable to infection even blood posoining. So who cares about pain.
  11. Before I answer that can you tell me am I losing these hairs for good? I have already lost heaps they are very clearly follicles with hairs in them falling out from the donor site. If indeed I have lost these hairs for good im going to be incredibly thin around the donor almost non existant.
  12. I had an fue 6 days ago 3500 grafts and the pain from my donor area is unbearable. But whats most alarming is tousands of folliclea are coming out from my donor area. They feel like hard scales or bumps and when i rub them they fall out and they are clearly follicles with hears in them. Is this sever shock loss. I am loosing thousands of grafts from my donor area. And why am i in so much pain so 6 days after the operation??
  13. I had an FUT in 2010, I started gym again 2 weeks after my hair transplant. I have had problems with my scar being a little wider than average but I don't think that has anything to do with starting gym early. The fact is after 5 days the hair follicles in the recipient area have fully taken hold. Unlike other cosmetic surgery HT doesn't effect blood vessels, and local anesthetic means no general anesthesia after effects. So why doctors say you can't go back for 8 weeks after HT is beyond me, as far as I'm concerned you should have started gym 8 months ago.
  14. Thanks for the advice and nice work! I understand you are highly recommended in SMP however im in Australia. I think I will do SMP even though its only temporary. While most of the strip scar is white and flat there are portions which are either raised or pink, since its been like that for 5 years I dont see it getting better. I have no intentions of having a shaved head I think that is something I just won't be able to achieve in this lifetime. But if I can completely camouflage the scars with SMP and quarter inch hair length I will be over the moon. And if I have to do SMP every year so be it. And yes scar5 that is me with the black hair, luckily my hair is black with no graying.