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  1. Bump... Looking for any advice relating to physically healing while on immune suppressant drugs like Cimzia and Imuran for Crohn's disease. I could skip a dose or two before the surgery especially when my disease isn't active. Dr. Umar just replied to an email stating that he wouldn't be comfortable doing a HT on me... Slightly discouraging... Chris
  2. Physically... Specifically related to the above quoted bullet point... I'm worried that I'd be wasting my money if it doesn't heal right... Chris
  3. Thanks for the doctor recommendations, I'll take a look. Does anyone have any insight into the proper healing question??
  4. Hi everyone! I am new here and figured I would register and start getting more involved. I am strongly considering a FUE procedure as I really like to keep my hair short (<2 on the sides.) I just went to a consultation with Dr. Lindsey in Virginia (close to me) and they actually called recently to offer me a cancellation spot for a $2k discount. He had suggested I would need 1000-1300 FUE grafts. The timing isn't quite good for me so I am continuing my search. I've uploaded a lot of pictures from different angles, lighting, and parting of my hair to give the best look at my thinning. Those are here: HT Before - Album on Imgur Normally, I am not too concerned with my hair except for the thinning in the very front middle and front side temple areas. I have a few questions that I was hoping some of you could help me out with: Does any of the better FUE doctors do the extraction and implantation themselves or is it always a group of technicians? I am very concerned with returning to work 1 or 2 weeks post procedure. I think that is what is mostly making me hesitant and only considering the holiday time frame (Thanksgiving / Christmas time)... Any advice or suggestions on how to make it less noticeable? I have Crohn's disease and am on Cimzia and Imuran. I understand this could affect the healing process. Are there many doctors who have any similar cases and their results? Any advice here? I am generally very healthy otherwise. I think most autoimmune diseases would apply here. I noticed Dr. Umar's uGraft appears to assist in the healing on the donor areas, any truth to this? Although cost isn't my first criteria, I am slightly concerned about an $7-8 per graft cost for FUE for some of the best doctors. Are there any suggestions for good FUE doctors at a lower cost (quality is still the most important factor)? I've already done the research on the best FUE doctors in general. Thank you so much for any time spent answering these questions. Chris
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