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  1. judging on them pictures Dolph it looks good. hairline is well established. u cud try SMP into the weaker side to give density illusion. SMP is cheap in comparison to HT and u wud only need a small bit
  2. look where u are now to where you were at the start. i spent many long days looking into the mirror frustrated and worried that it wudnt work. something i did to see the growth was look at the hair under very bright light and a magnifying mirror. there was hundreds of hairs that wer growing that wer too light in colour and diameter to actually see them wit the naked eye. but they were there waiting to mature. they looked like babies hair
  3. hairman congrats on ur HT. i wouldn't panic yet. i reckon ur only gettin to the good part
  4. man you are right at the good part. the hairs can be nearly invisible like babys hair so dont worry about not seeing black hairs or black dots i was very worried at one point until i use a harsh harsh light which showed up hundreds of hairs the naked eye cudnt see at all. they are there mate
  5. right at the good part mate. In 2 months ur going to be one happy happy lad. Enjoy
  6. Most if not all gels seem to seperate the hair strands makin the hair look thinner when you comb through it. Do u find aloe gel different?
  7. Hi all, recently as I have grown my hair longer and longer it has become harder to manage. I use a leave in conditioner on it a Shea Butter one which is great but I have started to need to use more and more to control my hair. Unfortunately the more product any of us use the thinner the hair looks. I'm wondering if there is any type of product/conditioner out there which can control hair but also still look dry and fuller. The alternative is cutting the hair a lot shorter, requiring less product to control but losing the density illusion you get when hair is longer. Any ideas?
  8. its easier said than done dolph but u need to try forget about it til 4 months or more post op. Thats when the magic happens.
  9. Your entitled to your opinion and fair play. Please have a look for yourself at my post and tell me your opinions I would genuinely welcome your thoughts?
  10. Hey wibbles feel free to check out my post on my HT with Dr Saifi http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/181146-fue-hair-transplant-dr-marwan-saifi-wroclaw-poland-fue-2050-grafts-2-10-15-diffuse-norw.html i decided on him after over 6months of extensive research so maybe your 10minute decision is somewhat naive
  11. Thanks man. You were a big help. All the worry and anxiety seems like a distant memory now. Have you got ur third yet? there is pictures of donor area before HT on the first page of this thread. Never heard anything about the ears but my doc said everything he used was in safe zone. the minoxidil helped a lot on the patch behind in the crown. I use it twice daily.On the ears part iv always had light hair around the ears even as a kid. I don't think I have nape thinning but it has again always been a bit lighter in the nape and around ears just my hair characteristics I guess.
  12. So it's 10 months and I think this will be my last update coz I can't really imagine any more growth considering the number of grafts I got. I'm very happy with my result. It's been life changing. You can judge for urself from the pictures whether u wud be happy urself. I don't get on here much anymore which is strange because at one point I was constantly on here to a point of obsession. Some1 once wrote that the guys happiest with their HT usually disappear and stop updating because they are busy enjoying life and that really seems to be true for me. I wish everyone here the very best of luck and don't be afraid to take the plunge if u do ur research well. It will be worth it in the long run. Don't set unrealistic expectations and you will be happy. Ull never have that 18yr old hair again but you can make people believe you do. Remember it's all illusion if u are a high Norwood. To the ppl who helped me I will always be grateful and to anyone needing help I'll try my best to do so. Special mention to HT_soon, Dolph1969, buzz2 and jacekplacek
  13. It's still early days man and it looks to be improving well. Everyone grows at different rates. The front view looks very good and that is the most important view
  14. Can't believe I missed out on this one considering iv been on this site for some time now. Feels pointless agreeing with the vast amount of comments but wow top class result man. I particularly liked the "file this under: Holy Crap" comment