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  1. Beard Area after 3550 Graft Extraction - Hope this Helps ! 9 Months after 3rd HT
  2. 9 Month Post Op - 3rd HT - 3500 Grafts - Sept 27 - 2018 Slicked Back Undercut right after Haircut and Shower
  3. 6 Month Post Op - 3rd HT - 3500 Grafts - Sept 27 - 2018 Dr Bansal
  4. 3rd HT Before - 3500 Grafts - Sept 27 - 2018 Dr Bansal Hair cut short in above Pictures before the Shave Above - Beard Area after 2046 Grafts Extracted
  5. 12 Months Post Op, At Eugenix Accommodation 26 sep 2018 - 2nd HT - 4500 Grafts
  6. 10 days Post Op Back Home - 2nd HT - 4500 Grafts - Sept 27 - 2017 Dr Sethi
  7. 1st HT - 4400 Grafts- FUE/BHT Darling Buds - Jan 20 - 2015 Dr Bhatti https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/41407-fue-4394-grafts-dr-tejinder-bhatti-india/ H T Eugenix After searching Doctors experienced in achieving good density in extensive bald patients through FUE and BHT, I found Eugenix and decided to have my second and third Hair Transplants with them. Both procedures were preformed through DHT - (Direct Hair Transplantation) A Modified version of FUE where the grafts are Implanted within minutes of Extraction as a result increasing survival rate. 2nd HT - 4500 Grafts - FUE/BHT Through DHT - Sept 27 - 2017 Dr Sethi - 3000 Head Grafts + 1500 Beard Grafts 3rd HT - 3500 Grafts - FUE/BHT Through DHT - Sept 27 - 2018 Dr Bansal - 2000 Head Grafts + 1500 Beard Grafts The HT Procedures with Eugenix - New Delhi Planning the Hair Transplant and Hair Shave Local Anesthesia slight Bearable Discomfort Recepiant Sites made By Dr Sethi + Dr Bansal Extraction and Implantation - Simultaneously. Patient Advice Highly Recommend Eugenix, especially if you have extensive hair loss. Both my procedures were Successful and I am Very Happy with my decision and the Results achieved. Eugenix provides accommodation so I stayed at the clinic 3 days after my Hair transplant before flying back to London. Highly recommend staying at the clinic which is based 45 mins away from New Delhi Airport. Some advice for future patients, On the flight back you want to chose an Aisle Seat next to the Toilets so you can Spray the Grafts with Saline Solution in the restroom. Also get a Travel Pillow. A Big Thank you Dr Arika Bansal and Dr Sethi and the Eugenix team especially, Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr Abhinav who has extensive knowledgable on hair transplantation and for being very informative during the procedure, but also Nelson for taking care of me when at the clinic, and reassuring me before and after the procedure. My Post Op Hair care Routine I'm using a Sulfate and Paraben Free shampoo and a conditioner but also Nizoral 3 times a week Regaine foam daily and Vitamins - Saw Palmetto - Pumpkin Seed Oil - Zinc - D3 - B Complex
  8. Having 2 Hair transplants with Eugenix, I would Definitely recommend Dr Bansal and Dr Sethi to join this community 2nd HT - 4500 Grafts - FUE/BHT Through DHT - sept 27 - 2017 3rd HT - 3500 Grafts - FUE/BHT Through DHT - sept 27 - 2018 Dr Arika Bansal is a Highly Experienced and a Patient Caring Surgeon who along with Dr Sethi and their team are Consistently Producing Impressive natural Results. They Should have already been Recommended a long time ago. Will be Posting my Hair Transplant Results with Dr Bansal soon.
  9. I just looked up 'hair Jo'... again so suspicious, like 3 other posters who popped up, to bash FUE, around the same time Fellar started the thread. Talking about starting a thread I think, Someone needs to start a thread about this - - ( FELLARS FAKE FRIENDS ON THE FORUM ? ) I think its ridiculous that doctors like Fellar have to resort to such behaviour, ruining this forums credibility and misleading the trusting users and future patients for their own financial benefits. Now everytime I read a comment I have to do a background check on the poster to see if he is genuine or another cheerleader/ instigator/ Basher etc. Absolutely right BaldingBogger, "This kind of thing is going on a lot" But WHATS NOT RIGHT is they're being allowed to get away with it, by this Forum itsel. Such poster/accounts should be deleted by HRN no questions asked. Like I said THIS FORUM IS LOSING ITS CREDIBILITY by allowing such manipulative users to mislead future HT Patients.
  10. Hey MJ0101 You were one of the few patients at the time, who had great results with dr Tejinder Bhatti and convinced me to travel all the way to India and have my Hair Transplant.. and Im glad I did. I just wanted to say Thank You for uploading your results on HRN../ All the best.
  11. So True... Anyone else noticed this user (SunSeeker) pretending to be interested in getting a FUE HT, but constantly in most of his posts just writes negative statements bashing the FUE results of the patients, or even asking questions that would scare the sht of a hair loss patient considering FUE.. ( Im my case he accused me of using toppik in my picture ?) Soon as I said something negative about Fellar he was quick to respond with a positive reply on the doctor. Clearly, works for Dr Fellar, trying to discourage future HT patients from getting an FUE HT Something need to be done to tackle all these fake users? Maybe a thread that exposes them or brings their attention to the moderators ?
  12. hey California Great example and transformation by Darling Buds through FUE and BHT I'm planning HTno2 with Dr Bhatti next year, concentrating on the crown. Regarding this patient, do you know the details of his second procedure ? Do you know the Graft number ? FUE/BHT / Chest/Beard ? and Specifics . Thank You In advance
  13. Your right home1212 I'm happy with the results thus far, I just hope my hair continues to improves further in the coming months ?
  14. Hi there sunseeker, next update will be at 10 month mark, like I stated in my 8 month post. Since you only have hairline recession you should speak to hairline patients I WAS a full bold norwood 5/6... My goals were full coverage not density, and I'm happy with what I have. I think you should maybe start your own thread with pictures so informed individuals from this site can comment on your situation. Although if I was you, I would just stick with FUE, whch is minimally invasive, and AVOID FUT and the scar that comes with it. Since you're from New York, If your planning on a HT locally, I would AVOID Dr Fellar IMO, who's very dishonest and manipulating, especially in his efforts to convince future HT patients to go with FUT. I even heard he sued a dissatisfied patients who had poor results with him. While he preformed FUT on Dr Scott Alexander, (has posted his pics on his website) but he refuses to tell us who preformed his Hair transplant surgery ?.. He also charges an arm and a leg which is ridiculous. daylight robbery. Don't let traveling limit your options.. Good luck and start your own thread....
  15. thanks okay2land. I'm letting my hair grow out, / I hope I have a bit more maturing and thickening to come in the next few months....
  16. no worries David, hope you were able to get rid of the spots and I'm looking forward to your 6 month update.. all the best
  17. Thanks California Planning HTno2 with dr Bhatti next year, although I still need to update him on my current results and get his input on restoring the crown
  18. hey there Sunseeker, thanks for your reply, I'll take that as a compliment.. I'm currently keeping my hair very long, to get extra coverage, its about 5 inches in length which visually improves the density of my hair. If my hair was around 1 inch in length it would look thinning. In my 8 month mark pics, I only just got out the shower, let my hair dry and used Regaine foam. When my donor hair gets longer it will be brushed forward to cover my thinning crown, till I address it in my next HT. Ill add some better quality pics for you on my next update..
  19. 2 months since my last update and at this point my transplanted hair have improved significantly, especially in the front. I'm keeping my hair long to get extra coverage and when the hair in the donor area grows longer, it will cover my thinning/bold crown. This time next year I'm going for a HTno2 with dr Bhatti to cover up the mid scalp / crown and I'm almost there. Next update will be month 10 than 12.
  20. I feel for you Scandinavian, I was in the same situation, using a ton of toppik than hiding under my norse projects snapbacks. Its tough first of all DO NOT rush into anything. Research and contact good FUE Doctors. Your donor seems average or even above imo, similar to mine so you really need to tread carefully in terms of choosing a reputable HT doctor who is going to deliver the results you want. IMO you need to chose a doctor who has vast experience in large FUE 4000 + and BHT experience with the results to show. You can not afford to get it wrong, and ruin you donor supply. Look for a doctor who has operated on lots of patients similar to you, In terms of age, hair characteristics, complexion etc and do not let traveling abroad limit your options. I traveled from London to Indian to have my HT.. Be careful if you're thinking about a HT in Turkey, There are 100s of clinics that offer FUE + BHT but only around 8 doctors are producing top FUE results constantly. Most clinics are run by doctors who have their trained staff (technicians) preform the ENTIRE procedure, from extracting the grafts to implanting them. Some of these clinics will offer unlimited grafts at a cheap rate but the results will be ???????? Do not base your hopes in the results of a patient who has received 20,000 grafts FUE + BHT , he is the 1 in a million and probably has millions in the bank. Have realistic expectations and realize you will need at least 2 procedures, so planning is very important........... Look at the recommended physicians, their patient results + patient experiences on this forum, so you can make a well informed decision. Good luck Scandinavia and Let us know your plan of action........ Informative You tube Channel - Spencer Kobren's The Bald Truth