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  1. OK - here are a few more new pics (this time aligned correctly). The hairline grew consistently during months 3 & 4. The last few weeks, I'm noticing more thickness, which is what I really wanted. I saw no reason to be overly aggressive in dropping the hairline; I'd just grown tired of avoiding overhead lights. Already very happy with the outcome - esp. when compared directly to those pics from last July (see first post).
  2. Not sure on tools/punch sizes, but I could probably find out that info. Dr. K strongly recommended (more or less "required") a full shave for FUE. I had planned on shaving, anyway - this was never a point of concern for me, since I just wore a wool hat to work for a couple months. Incidentally, I preferred my shaven head with the new hairline to the subsequent couple of post-op months : )
  3. Hi all. I readily acknowledge that these pics aren't the best, but they will give you a sense of the growth in the last couple of months... The first two pics are at the 4-month mark, taken under a fairly bright light. I'd already had a couple haircuts at that point (it grew very fast). The next one is taken today, at 5 months + a week. The right side is growing much faster than the left, for whatever reason. My loss was more pronounced on the left, so perhaps it's a genetic thing. I will try and post more pics, but the photos are uploading a bit wonky right now (they are rotated when I post them, but they don't look like that on my computer).
  4. Hi all. The purpose of this post is to briefly relay my positive FUE experience with Dr. Konior (1995 grafts back in February). I’ve included a few pics- 3 pre-op and a 1-week post op. Four months out, and hair is growing – will try to post more as things progress… First – I want to THANK YOU all for the informative discussions on this forum. The mere existence of a community with such an esoteric knowledge of hair and hair loss was a welcome surprise to me. For me, this whole follicular fixation is fairly new. I suppose my hairline was always (slowly) receding and thinning, but I didn’t even think about hair loss until I was 30. However, the last few years (currently 41), I began to look markedly less like me. Sure, post-35 will do that – but it was mostly the hair. I wanted to change it. Living in Chicago, it was a no-brainer to choose Dr. Konior. After a series of consultations (w/ both Tom and Dr. Konior himself), we agreed to focus on the hairline and frontal & mid-scalp density. Here are the main takeaways: 1) The effusive praise given to Dr. Konior and his staff is entirely deserved. Dr. Konior answers all your questions in as much detail as you need. His avid interest in hair as both an art and science is unmistakable. He and Tom respond to e-mails promptly and thoroughly. 2) Dr. Konior does lots of FUE these days – at least as much as FUT, I believe – and it seems (so far) that he gets similarly clean and polished results. 3) Dr. Konior is a direct, no-nonsense guy. He won’t sugarcoat things, bullshit you, or offer you more than he can give. 4) The procedure itself was relatively painless – but quite lengthy. The injections stung, but the most difficult part (for me) was lying face-down, completely still, for a fairly long period of time. It’s more than a little overwhelming when you consider that the outcome of the surgery depends, at least in part, on YOUR ability to remain motionless. Once I flipped onto my back for the actual grafting, it was easy; I even slept a bit. 5) Not much pain the first few days. However, things got quite painful on days 3-6. This may not be the norm (Dr. K said as much), but it bears mentioning, since ANY pain is contrary to the “walk in the park” narratives surrounding FUE. I couldn’t sleep for a few nights due to pain in the donor area and neck. When I finally tried to recline on day 5, the mere contact of my head with the pillow led to a mix of shooting pains, tingles, and a fiery itching/burning sensation. Don’t get me wrong – I would do it again in a heartbeat. It was bearable. But I was not expecting to use so much of the Vicodin that was prescribed. I mean, ultimately, no one should be surprised. 2000 holes in one’s head ought to hurt at least a little, right? 6) My post-op experience has been relatively smooth otherwise. Hairline looked great immediately post-op and for two weeks after, redness notwithstanding. After some expected shedding (which I barely noticed, since I wore a wool hat to work most days), the hair started growing again circa 3 months. Currently @ the 4-month mark, and things are looking promising. I'll try and post more current pics soon...
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