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  1. Hi Petroholic, Thank you for sharing with the forum your experience with Dr Bhatti thus far, I hope you have the time and energy to continue to update us all on your future progress. It's very reassuring that after vigorously exploring all your options in your native India that you decided to proceed with Dr Bhatti. I personally will be following your journey with interest having spoken to you previously. As always feel free to call me if you need any help and guidance. Happy growing my friend.
  2. You looked happier when you was bald.😀
  3. Hi Baldlives, There are many surgeries that do not produce the desired result, many life determining ones too that are carried out at great expense, especially in your native US. I wonder if these patients get full refunds if things don't work out as planned? With other goods and services we consumers purchase and feel are not quite up to our expectations, do we ever get full refunds? In the case of the patient Techie you will see that myself and my US colleague California reached out to the patient at an early stage. The patient actually never did have any dialogue with me. Moving onto the surgery itself, it would have been carried out exactly the same as mine just 7 months prior and I'm yet to see a result nearly 5 years down the line that comes even close to mine considering the number of grafts used. So why did the surgery fail? I'm sure you are aware being an ex and current patient yourself that many factors besides the surgery itself can determine an end result. Amongst other factors, a patient's own physiology comes into play and a patient's own state of mind in my opinion. In this case, the patient does highlight that he was pretty stressed with work. Hair transplant surgery besides, is this the right frame of mind to recover from any surgery? Should a surgeon that has performed a near perfect surgery be penalised for factors out of his/her own control? Is the offer for free repeat surgery not already a generous gesture? The patient himself refers to the other poster husqvarnawrk as being present at the clinic and having his surgery the previous day, well here's a link to his own review, https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/41858-dr-bhatti-1500-fue-on-crown-29th-april-2015/ The exact same high level of care and surgical protocols would have been used for both surgeries. As for not trusting the Doc who gave him a bad result, in the patients own words, "Overall impression is everyone there including Dr. Bhatti are both very personable as well as professional. I felt extremely comfortable the whole time" Ultimately if a patient declines a free surgery with the Dr who gave him a bad result and decides to go with another surgeon who has in all likelihood given other patients bad results then that's really their prerogative. Unless of course that particular surgeon has a 100% success record!
  4. Dr Bhatti stood by the result, accepted full responsibility and offered to fix it for free but the patient was working in South East Asia and decided to visit a local surgeon instead. And that's the last we heard from him.
  5. Not a big fan of Laser, in fact I see at as a big con aimed specifically at vulnerable hair loss patients who will try anything to get their hair back. You only have to do a google search for "laser hair therapy" and check out the results some of the cosmetic clinics claim are down to laser therapy. Scandalous, don't be taken in folks.
  6. Shera

    FUE on grey hair

    Prior to my surgery Dr Bhatti's team used their own dye, haven't a clue what the name was, but worked a treat. When I occasionally dye my hair I use Schwarzkopf Live, comes in all different colours and each box lasts about 5-6 applications. I actually just use the black (no 99) but may experiment with other brighter colours now that I approach my mid life crisis!
  7. Shera

    FUE on grey hair

    As mentioned earlier, dying the hair before surgery is the simplest option. Been there myself, no issues whatsoever.
  8. Sadsurfer, Your scalp donor area is looking quite thin after losing 3200 grafts. I would say anything 2000 or so grafts will make the thinning more noticeable. If you want to take more, then you might want to consider future SMP in this area to mask the transparency. You do have the option of taking grafts from the beard, if you love your beard then you could just take 500 or so from the shadow area under the chin.
  9. Shera

    Can donor area regenerate new follicles?

    Once your follicles/grafts are removed from the donor area they are gone from this area for good, that is the norm and that it what you should assume will happen in your case. No one has an infinite number of grafts and I'm yet to come across a patient in real life or across the many forums who has miraculously regrown grafts in the donor area once they have been removed.
  10. Shera

    Can donor area regenerate new follicles?

    A young boy went up to his father and asked him, "Dad, what is the difference between 'potentially' and 'realistically'?" The father thought for a moment, then answered, "Go ask your mother if she would sleep with Brad Pitt for a million dollars. Then ask your sister if she would sleep with Brad Pitt for a million dollars, and then, ask your brother if he'd sleep with Brad Pitt for a million dollars. Come back and tell me what you learn from that." So the boy went to his mother and asked, "Would you sleep with Brad Pitt for a million dollars?" The mother replied, "Of course, I would! We could really use that money to fix up the house and send you kids to a great university!" The boy then went to his sister and asked, "Would you sleep with Brad Pitt for a million dollars?" The girl replied, "Oh, good heavens! I LOVE Brad Pitt and I would sleep with him in a heartbeat. Are you nuts?" The boy then went to his brother and asked, "Would you sleep with Brad Pitt for a million dollars?" "Of course," the brother replied. "Do you know how much a million bucks would buy?" The boy pondered the answers for a few days and then went back to his dad. His father asked him, "Did you find out the difference between 'potentially' and 'realistically'?" The boy replied, "Yes, 'Potentially', you and I are sitting on three million dollars, but 'realistically', we're living with two hookers and a future congressman."
  11. Shera

    Hair loss or natural parting?

    Hi, You might want to start taking the same photos at monthly intervals and comparing them. You'll soon enough know whether you are suffering from early hair loss. Only then you should try to address it.
  12. Shera

    Confidence level.

    Same here Pete, mine just seems to fall into place like its got some kind of auto styling mechanism built in
  13. Shera

    Confidence level.

    This is one of the major factors for most patients for undergoing hair restoration surgery in the first place. I would say everyone who has had a successful surgery would answer a resounding Yes to your question.
  14. You are a Norwood 7 patient with very limited scalp donor. Ideally to cover such a large area you will need 5000-7000 scalp grafts, potentially 11000 to 15500 hairs If you go for the 2000 scalp, 1500 chest and 1000 beard, that's 4000 grafts in total potentially approx. 7000 hairs. I have assumed that scalp grafts will give you an average of 2.2 hairs with body hairs mostly singles and I have assumed all your grafts will grow out. So, looking at that breakdown I would say you are very likely to have a follow up second surgery in your quest for hair. Even if you decide to leave the crown alone, I still think another pass a year later will be required, I hope I'm wrong.
  15. Hi Saizakout, 2000 grafts is probably hitting the maximum from your scalp donor. What you don't want is to overharvest potentially resulting in damage to the few grafts that are left behind. It might make more sense not to be so aggressive in this area so you can take some more out the second time around. 1500 grafts from your chest is a good number but I would concentrate on 1000+ grafts from your beard area before hitting the chest. If the grafts grow out successfully over your hairline and mid scalp then you might be happy with the coverage but I think you will need another pass to strengthen some areas when you go for your second surgery to address your crown. Again, as recommended to all patients, do your research with the emphasis on patient posted independent reviews. across different forums. All the best to you.
  16. Hi Saizakout, As I have personally seen your pictures I would go with the plan you mention in your first post. This will maximise the impact of the very limited grafts you have and hopefully will provide you with a good foundation for further surgery(s) when successfully grown out. Yours is a very challenging case so you should set your expectations accordingly.
  17. “I’m never going bald”, “No chance of me losing my hair, look at it, it’s like a Lions mane!”, “If I ever lose my hair I’ll just do something about it”, “If I ever lose my hair, there’s bound to be a pill you can take and it’ll just come back”. But when I started to lose it, I started to lose it, the Lions Mane was no more, there was no magic pill and I was going bald, what could I do about it? I was in my mid thirties when the penny dropped, after a little research I started taking Regaine at night massaging it into the scalp, however I was just delaying the inevitable, there was no magic cure as I had thought years back, maybe if I could delay it for a few more years until the magic cure was found. So a little Regaine at night and life carried on as normal. Fast forward five years, my hair definitely was receding or maybe my forehead was just growing, having been blessed with a large forehead anyway, did I need it to grow any bigger? Alas the hair was definitely receding and where it wasn’t receding it was thinning, to my horror I could see my scalp, I could see the scar that I got from being hit with a hockey stick in my school years, I hadn’t seen it for years! The Regaine had done it's bit but was now tired and in the throes of defeat, there had to be another solution until the magic cure was found. Fibres! yes fibres that when sprinkled on the hair make it look more fuller, now that’s what you call magic! So I stopped using Regaine and switched to sprinkling fibres (Nanogen and then onto Caboki) and then spraying with fixing spray, great solution, BUT will only work if you have something to attach the fibres to. So switched to using fibres for the next 3-4 years, no one had a clue what my real hair looked like, not even my closest friends, even when on lads holidays no-one was none the wiser. In fact the only side effect was the wife constantly giving me earache for staining yet another pillowcase! Circa 2013, at the ripe old age of 43, the fibres were running out of hairs to attach to, I was more or less sprinkling the damn things onto my scalp, something had to give, was this the time to shave it all off and join the ever increasing band of Duncan Goodhew lookalikes. Did I have a choice? Maybe, time to turn to my old friend Google. Hair transplants, what is this trickery, is it real or is it just another big internet scam? I know Wayne Rooney (English and Man Utd Footballer) had one done in the Summer but he’s minted and it probably cost in the tens of thousands. So I looked at UK clinics, with one of the largest and more well known, I arranged for a consultation for the FUT procedure. Over the phone I was quoted about ?16,000 but on further research I was a bit weary about having a massive ‘machete attack’ type scar on the back of my head, I probably would keep my hair short so it would have been visible. However at the same time I came across this site and after reading a few posts, in particular a chap from Australia who had the FUE procedure carried out in India for a fraction of the price I was quoted for FUT in the UK. This got me thinking, the place in India, Chandigarh was quite familiar with me, my parents origins were in the villages in the Punjab that were just about 80km away. I had visited Chandigarh previously on a visit to India, it was quite modern compared to the rest of the Punjab, but then again most places are lol. The surgeon who carried out the procedure was Dr Tejinder Bhatti, I searched again on the forum and came across a few more people that had the FUE procedure carried out by him, no one had a bad word to say about him, and in fact everyone praised the whole setup from start to finish. Further research revealed that Dr Bhatti was a pioneer in the field of FUE, he had a host of qualifications and was very well networked. At this point I also searched for any complaints or scams (Sorry Dr Bhatti if you are reading this) but one can’t be too careful these days! I decided to make contact with Dr Bhatti through his clinic Darling Buds. I was surprised how quick the response was and basically this was the same throughout any future contact I made with the Dr Bhatti and his clinic, I always received a response within a couple of hours at the latest. I sent some pictures of my scalp to Dr Bhatti and a realistic photo of what I wanted, at this point I did not want the world, I just did not fancy being bald. Dr Bhatti replied saying the hairline request was realistic, it was type V, I would require about 4000 grafts and that it would take a day. All I had to do was pay a deposit and turn up, I would be picked up from Delhi airport and all hotel arrangements etc would be made. I decided to go with it so promptly paid up my deposit, there was no turning back now, full steam ahead. I didn’t bother meeting up with the UK clinic, I didn’t bother contacting anyone else, I went with my gut instinct that this was the right thing for me to do. It wasn’t until Oct 2014 that I managed to juggle my commitments to have a week free in which to go to India to carry out the procedure, a close friend Mick insisted on coming with me which was great, party on! So I arrived in Delhi on Monday Oct 19th 2014, my procedure was for the following morning, a 7am start. I was fully aware that it would take more or less all day so I guessed it was probably for the best that I was jetlagged to the max so I could sleep through most of it. In any case the next 5 hours on the Roadtrip from Delhi to Chandigarh were not going to be much good for sleep unless you can sleep through extreme turbulence. Dr Bhatti’s driver Sachin was there to meet us at the airport, he explained who he was and took us to the car. On a quick inspection of the car, I did notice there were no scrapes, scratches or dents on the car, this in India is usually a credit to the driver. Turned out Sachin was every bit the driver and more, the guy must have had parking distance sensors built into his head. In another life he would have been an F1 Champ! Great guy as others have also commented. We finally got to Dr Bhatti’s clinic, Darling Buds in Chandigarh about 6 pm for a consultation, a bit weary from the flight and journey. Dr Bhatti was very welcoming, he explained the procedure recommending that I had between 3,000 and 3,500 grafts. He drew the hairline on my forehead which I was happy with, asked if I had any questions or concerns. No concerns so I was ready to rock’n’roll come morning. I went to see the girls in the office; I settled the bill and was given some medication to take overnight. Whilst at the clinic I had a good look around and couldn’t help but be impressed with the general cleanliness and presentation; it would be wrong for me not to mention this as it puts many surgeries and clinics in the UK to shame. We were taken to our hotel by Sachin, booked in and told there would be someone to collect us in the morning at 7.00 am. The hotel was the ABS hotel nearby (5 mins walking distance and special rates at 50% off for Darling Buds clients), it was comfortable and all facilities were nearby with a restaurant and bar on the ground floor in which we went for a curry before popping the pills and retiring for the night. There is already a great review of the hotel already completed by another patient of Dr Bhatti, Raj Bains who had the FUE procedure a day after me. Well worth a read at the links below, http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/177363-hair-transplant-dr-bhatti-oct-14-part-2-procedure.html My Hair Transplant | Free Advice on Hair Transplant The day of the Procedure I got up, showered and washed my hair prior to the procedure. The young chap from the clinic came promptly at 7.00am to pick me up and lead me to the clinic. On arrival at the clinic Dr Bhatti met with me, drew the hairline again to which I agreed and then I was asked to get ready for the days procedure. I changed into the robe, had my hair cut and dyed so that it was easier to carry out the various steps. I then had my hair/scalp washed again with special shampoo to prevent infection etc. Then I was off for the harvesting session which would all be done from the donor area at the back of my head. I had to lay face down in the operating chair, it was comfortable and Dr Bhatti then commenced anesthetising the donor area at the back of my head. I did feel a few needle pricks, but I was fully aware that some discomfort was to be expected, but it wasn’t that bad at all. Once the anaesthetic had kicked in, Dr Bhatti commenced harvesting the grafts using the Punch Tool. Dr Bhatti made it clear that if I felt any pain I should say so and he would apply more anaesthetic. Because of the jetlag I was a bit drowsy during this procedure, on the few occasions I did feel a hint of pain, Dr Bhatti was quick to apply more anaesthetic. The harvesting procedure lasting about 4 hours, it was time to take a break for lunch and then onto the next procedure. Lunch was bought from the downstairs Hot Millions restaurant, a renowned chain specialising in Indian and western cuisine. Dr Bhatti was pleased with the harvesting procedure, once counted the graft/hair count was as follows Singles 713 Doubles 1633 Trebles 959 Total 3305 Grafts Total Hairs 6856 I have looked into this since and in the words of Vader himself, it is "most impressive!" The next stage was to make the slits in the transplant area; again the area was thoroughly numbed first. I felt no pain during this procedure but I will never forget the crunching noise in my head as Dr Bhatti made the slits, (thoughts of an ice pick did go through my head at one stage lol), Dr Bhatti made over 3,000 of these slits, this procedure took a couple of hours. During all procedures I was constantly asked whether I was Ok, whether I needed a break etc. So, onto the final procedure, inserting the grafts into the slits. This procedure was carried out by the skilled techs (Parneet, Tina and Pooja), it was somewhat soothing to hear the female techs chatting away whilst carrying out the procedure, almost therapeutic. This procedure took approximately 4 hours in total, Dr Bhatti would routinely pop in and out to ensure that all was going as planned. I had a break half way through the procedure. During the break I was perfectly well to walk around, talk to my friend who was hanging around and by now had almost perfected the hair consultant role himself after chatting with the numerous visitors to the clinic mostly from abroad. Once the final procedure was complete I was wrapped up and Dr Bhatti gave me instructions on what to do post procedure. I was to return to the clinic the following morning for further instructions on general care including washing the donor area. I would also be given medication for the next 14 days including pain killers. The clinic recommended I took the following medication for the next 6 months (to commence once all scabs etc have fallen out) which I have been doing so religiously since. Minoxidil Foam 5% (every late evening) Finasteride 1mg (1 a day for six months) Revilus Hair Supplement Soflets (1 a day for six months) Baby Oil applied to scalp in mornings All medicines above were as recommended by Dr Bhatti and purchased in India for a fraction of the price in the UK. I couldn’t fault the whole process at all from start to finish, it was a first class service in every way and I sincerely congratulate Dr Bhatti and his staff for providing such an exceptional service. I was in Chandigarh for another 5 nights so I did pop over every other day whilst passing to get my hair washed etc, I was always made to feel most welcome. Also at the end of our stay, Sachin drove us back to Delhi airport. So the procedure was carried out 5 months ago, I thought I would wait to do a review so that the results can be seen in the same post rather than forummers having to come back every month to view. So here are the pics of my results. I would appreciate the thoughts and comments of fellow forummers. Don't really need to say much more, the pics tell the story.........
  18. Oh dear, I really feel for you there. We make it crystal clear from the outset to each patient that they should sleep upright in a chair using a decent flight pillow (memory foam is more comfortable than blow up ) for support for the first and possibly second nights following surgery. I would have thought this would be common sense too but I suppose a patient after a long tiring surgery doesn't always think straight. Fair play to your doctor for offering to fix the problem for free, I hope over time it all works out for you.
  19. Hi, You can contact me any time if you wish to discuss things. You have my personal contact details. Give me a call and we'll have that chat.
  20. Shera

    HT or hair system

    Harry, Post some pictures up of your scalp and the forum will soon let you know if hair transplant is a viable option for you. There may be other options too, everything will be clearer when we see your pics.
  21. Hi Harin, This is not the first time this has happened recently. I can't see any valid reason for a new user doing this apart from him/her being coerced to do so from another clinic. My own natural instinct in such situations is not to idly stand by. I've also a pretty good idea where it came from which is a surprise because I actually held that clinic in extremely high regard. Even during my own patient review you will see several times my result being unfairly knocked and it actually took one of Dr Erdogen's star patients Yaz to shut down the trolling once and for all. Professional jealousy is very much alive and kicking. Anyway I agree whole heatedly with the rest of your post, spot on. Also I hope you are enjoying your very own fine new head of hair, it'll be great if you could post some fresh pictures, I'm intrigued to see how 9000 grafts look like a few years down the line. All the best to you Harin.
  22. Hi Yungpab, Your hairline looks OK for 8 months. You still have the possibility of more growth and your hair itself will over the next few months mature back to its natural state hopefully giving you a more softer look. Be patient and ride it out.
  23. So sad to see that you register a new account specifically to make a post on a thread that is nearly 4 years old. The doctor(s) that you are working for should be embarrassed by your stupidity, the forum is not so taken in. If they are fairly new to the forum then perhaps they can be forgiven but they should be made aware of forum etiquette by the mods and maybe next time show a bit more class. Do we really want to go back to the days of shills and trolling goons? No, lets try to keep this forum positive.
  24. Yes, read my patient review in the link below written long before I represented the great man himself.