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  1. Hey, thanks! I just hope things go uphill from here. Rawkerboi, I am not on Minoxidil yet. Though I love the way hairline has been shaping up lately. I was having qualms earlier, but it has been taking a great shape. I am at 4 months today and took certain pictures. Some are under harsh light (the yellow ones), some under good natural indoor light, and some under harsh sunlight. Overall, I found the growth fine, but the hair at the left temple are still to grow. I hope they shoot up soon. Shera, I saw your thread. Your transformation is mindblowing. Great great result by Dr.
  2. Hey there So am at three months today. There are thin hairs at the transplanted area. I am attaching few pics. I notice some thinning behind the transplanted area. Check the first picture. Is it what they call shock loss? It looks fine in the mirror though, but under lights and in the camera I found these hairs to be sparse. Overall, how does the progress look so far?
  3. Hello everyone, So this is how it looks currently. The temples are almost emoty with few thin hair. Sometimes it feels the hair wouldn't grow but yeah patience is the thing here. At two months, is it what it should be like? Am I on track? Ideally when does one start to notice growth?
  4. Hi Rawkerboi, More than 80% hair have come off. I am at 2 months today. I hope the growth phase starts now. I'll post the pictures soon. Thanks for following.
  5. Thanks for your words David. Thanks husqvarnawrk, I just hope they grow well. Here are my pictures from 2 weeks.
  6. I am just getting a bit anxious about the whole thing now. The hairline, how would it look on being matured, has it been lowered much, would it have looked good if it was a bit high, would the right density be achieved and would it blend nicely. It is like am checking the mirror every minute. I don't know, just getting freaked out lol. Pls check the image attached, does the hairline look fine? I feel it's a bit straight. Also, The left corner appears to be less rounded than the right. Am I being too finicky? lol This thing needs a lot patience! The image is from the 10th da
  7. Hi Matts7989, I did my research here at HRN and found him good. I too observed some of his work where the follicles were a bit spaced out, but then I thought the person might have a weak donor area. Having dense hair at the back of my head, I went ahead with him. I asked him what density could be achieved that will blend with my native hair. He told me 55 grafts per cm square, which is considered good. He told me if they go with a greater density, the grafts might not survive as there wouldn't be much oxygen and blood available for them. A 100 grafts per cm square would just mean a fa
  8. Felt a little bloated. There was a bit of swelling on the forehead and the face. However, there is almost no pain or uneasiness. How does it look?
  9. Rawkerboi, I will anyway have to take it now. Dr Bhatti has advised me finasteride and Minoxidil for next 6 months. Thanks husqvarnawrk! So I am done with my procedure now. Good luck to you too Cheers!
  10. Hello, everyone. So I am done with the procedure and can only be happy with the way things were executed with minimal discomfort. The professionalism and politeness of Dr Bhatti and his team cannot be overlooked. I appreciate the deftness with which the whole procedure was carried out. As the process started, I was given an antibiotic shot and was asked to wait. It was no later that I was called in. Dr Bhatti discussed my goals and drew the hairline which initially I thought was a bit low. However, after giving some thought, I felt satisfied with it. Dr, Bhatti then shaved my head an
  11. Thanks, David! I saw your pictures. Clean work from the doctor like always. I was advised Minoxidil by a dermatologist few years back. I used it for 6 months but discontinued it later hearing about its lifelong application for maintaining hair. My hair got brittle and I did lose some hair after I stopped using it. So I am in a fix here. I do not want to be on medications for a lifetime.
  12. Hi Guys, I am a 26-year old guy from India. I have been lurking around hairrestorationnetwork for quite some time now and during the process, I learned about some good doctors here. Checking the patient results posted in the forums, I chose Dr. Bhatti for my procedure. It has been around 6 years that my hairline first began to show the signs of receding, and only now it has started to concern me. I have a good amount of hair at the top and the back of my head, and it is only the frontal area that is thinning. I went to Dr. Bhatti last year for the consultation and he recommended 1200
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