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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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    Dr. Arika Bansal and Dr. Pradeep Sethi,Guargoan, India
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  1. Excellent results, looks natural. Donor looks good too. Congratulations @Zoomster
  2. @Gatsby, my sincere apologies that I hardly visit the forum now-a-dayz and thus the delay in responding to your query about the Eugenix and @DrPradeep and @arika9ab, I tend to stay busy given the current COVID - 19 times. you are very lucky in the sense that your SMP does really look great and it suits you well (shape of the head as well), I think the person who did the SMP has done excellent job. From these pictures I really cannot tell that you have lost much hair, looks like u have shaven out of choice!. Given this you need to decide whether you really want to got for HT or not?.
  3. this will be a great home run, 2 more months. Good luck.
  4. Dear Melvin, Given the COVID-19 superbug, i have been superbusy with the task force, may the prayers be with all infected individuals. But dropped in here to say that my experience has been nothing BUT WONDERFUL with Eugenix, both with Dr. Pradeep Sethi and Dr. Arika Bansal. Both are HIGHLY skilled with exceptional results to show, beng able to talk to their patients, verify their results, so many excellent cases with excellent results on this forums and elsewhere. THEY DESERVE THIS COVETED MEMBERSHIP OF THE COALITION. I am sorry and my apol
  5. It will take time for texture to blend in, for me it took close to 12-14 months. So hang in there. Next 2 -3 months you should start seeing some good growth.
  6. You will start noticing growth with in next 45-60 days and it will thicken further by 6th month mark, happy days ahead, enjoy the growth. Congratulations again. Consider trimming with No 2 clipper after few weeks, makes ugly duckling phase tolerable.
  7. @elicochin, I am not a HT specialist, though assessment by Dr. Arika sounds reasonable. You do have limited donor so combo scalp plus BHT (beard, chest etc) would have to be used. In my personal opinion it is possible to achieve a good cosmesis with such combo HT. Just as in my case I hope yours would turn out to be a positive experience as well. In my opinion you have chosen the right HT specialist. Good luck with the HT.
  8. NOT dramatic altercation ...........should read dramatic ALTERATION, please spell and grammar check before posting, thanks.
  9. I got it done few years ago. (Nov, 2015) so at that time there were no options like they have now. Dr. Arika and Dr. Pradeep did a lot of work on my scalp including harvesting and designing and punching holes etc..etc..Looking at the website I do not think any of those options would be a bad idea. The clinic takes pride in their work and I am sure they will do good by you.
  10. Already such a great transformation, one thing is for sure, beard hair will soften over time (2 years or so) and will blend in more as time goes by. Given where you started this is an excellent example of how to blend scalp hairs with beard hairs. Well done Dr. Sethi and Dr. Bansal.
  11. Wait for 6 more months, the density might improve somewhat. This is a bit early to take a final call on this HT. 2500 is way too less number of grafts for the area being covered, again as many have mentioned you will require supplemental body hair transplants to achieve higher density. Do post your beard and chest area pictures grown out if possible. If at 1 year to 14 months results remain the same and if you desire further density then consider sending your pictures to suitable surgeons. (forum seniors are here to guide you). Often there will be ''some'' improvement in density
  12. agree, however if you are traveling within few days of HT then I would not choose an aisle seat. I did travel on day 5 or 6 after my final day of transplant (last session done after couple weeks of first sessions). I had no issues. Though I personally would NOT choose Aisle seat, its just me that I worry about people walking past the aisle might accidentally bump my head. No other reason. Having said that the plan of spreading the HT sessions over a period of few weeks helped me heal quickly. Plus got me the results I wanted. Good luck with your procedure.
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