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  1. agree, however if you are traveling within few days of HT then I would not choose an aisle seat. I did travel on day 5 or 6 after my final day of transplant (last session done after couple weeks of first sessions). I had no issues. Though I personally would NOT choose Aisle seat, its just me that I worry about people walking past the aisle might accidentally bump my head. No other reason. Having said that the plan of spreading the HT sessions over a period of few weeks helped me heal quickly. Plus got me the results I wanted. Good luck with your procedure.
  2. https://www.eugenix.in/cost-of-hair-transplant.html So the prices are very competitive and the pricing is very transparent. With Exclusive package you get two days of stay and food complementary, I guess beyond two days you can extend the stay with reasonable price. So now tell me how is this double the cost of other clinic, this is exceptionally great price for such wonderful clinic whch has as you all admit exceptional results in high Norwood cases. Temples, Whorl on the crown and Hairline are aesthetically important areas. I like the overall theme, it is all well explained.
  3. I have been trying to make folks understand the same, my experience has been nothing but great.
  4. Yes, they provide 2 nights free stay if you book their package and also pick up from the airport as well as drop off....in short end to end service. DHT slight;ly differs in for the fact that slits are made first then grafts are harvested and immediately implanted. In transplant terms (solid organ) we call it as ''Cold ischemic Time''....lower the cold ischemic time..less grafts are lost. (same is true in solid organ trans plants eg: more than 4 hours of cold ischemic time for transplanted hearts increases the rate of rejection). This is also the reason that grafts grow faster with DHT...., at least most of mine grew by 6-7 months time. I hope your results turn out great, praying for your results. Good luck.
  5. Good to know, then present it here, provided you are comparing apples to apples then either Eugenix will have to provide answer why it is charging double then!, sometimes it might be worth paying the premium, specially if you are a high Norwood person. I am glad you had your HT with Dr. Bhatti, whom i respect a lot, I hope and pray for your excellent growth.
  6. Isn't it a bit misinforming that you quote the price without actually quoting the restrictions within the quote?, here is the link to Darling buds. https://darlingbuds.com/hair-transplant-cost Max wait for 0.87$ is approximately 15 days, if you want the date of your choice then it is 1.5$ which is approximately 105 rupees. How is that the double by Eugenix?. As far as I understand Eugenix will have lower prices depending upon the involvement of Dr. Pradeep and Dr. Arika, I will message them to review this post and post here when their website is updated with price listings.
  7. Work looks pretty good, i think you will have very good results, patient is now the key till it all grows in by 8-12 months. Good luck.
  8. I am not bashing your post, you are entitled to your opinion as long as it is based on facts, if you have any e-mail exchanges with the clinic which shows that prices are double to that of Dr. Bhatti then please present it here. I myself will take Eugenix to task if that is the case, it is simply not true in my own experience. I am simply trying to set records straight if there are any incorrect suggestions in above posts (not just yours). Again, if you have documentation to prove that Eugenix is twice as expensive then please share, I will ask Dr. Sethi to explain the same. Now some other posts have called genuine patients as agents of Eugenix, even in my case I am a physician working here in US and earn amongst the top 1% of this country, i do not need to live on anyone's commissions and expense. I simply am a happy patient who is overjoyed by results given to me by such expert and dedicated HT specialists like Dr. Pradeep and Dr. Arika. I am happy to share my experience anytime someone asks for it, only intention being that I want those patient's to have same or similar results like mine, if few lives are made happy and content by this..... then my real duty as a physician in pointing a patient in right direction is accomplished. That is just the essence of being a healer for me. Again I agree with @Melvin-Moderator, no need for more toxicity here. I do respect all recommended clinics here, if those doctors who rejected me for HT may have done so due to their own experience or wisdom. (I am not a HT expert), I respect that and I moved on, without bashing them ever (but documenting that a high HT like me has limited number of surgeons who are confident enough to take up my case and achieve such results...... which is fine). Good luck to everyone in their search, lets keep the discussion civil without unjust insinuations.
  9. Very untrue, you should call the clinic or e-mail them and ask for a price quote, and from mine and multitude of my friends' whom I have recommended to Eugenix (who are grateful and happy with their results, most of them are physicians from USA) they have been transparent with price. In fact even in my case the time between obtaining the quote (first e-mail) vs transplant was more than 6 months by which time their prices had gone up, but Dr. Arika and Dr. Pradeep honored the price they quoted for me. Never asked for a dime more, it was very clear from their happiness about how much pride they took in their work and as mentioned in my original post Dr. Arika even advised a patient from Iraq in front of me not to undergo transplant since it was not yet time for him. (testament that they always keep patoient's interest first) So just to insinuate based on hearsay is not right. Please share if you have personal experience and we all honor the same and respect everyone's experience, that's why we have this forum. And for others to just sat that a former patient of Dr. Pradeep be banned just because he shared his experience is preposterous. Even now Dr. Pradeep inquires about my health and HT status, all i can say from MY OWN experience is that folks at Eugenix are genuine, they care for their patients' and are passionate about their work and stand resolutely with their patients'. Since there have been numerous posts on this thread asking about pricing, I reached out to Eugenix and they will be updating their website with their price. There are other doctor's handpicked by Dr. Pradeep and Dr. Arika who are as good as their mentors,...but you can request Dr. Pradeep or Dr. Arika for your HT but you might have to wait for a little while for they stay busy with their patients. But if you request the package where you want their involvement then they will be involved. Having gone through the experience it is MORE THAN worth the price. After having researched multitude of clinics both in India and outside India. (I am a physician living in USA) I can confidently say that there are very, very few HT doctors' who are doing such exceptionally high quality work both inside and outside India. There are very, very few who would take up high Norwood cases like mine and come out successful. And perhaps the only one in India who are right now doing justice to high Norwood individuals including exceptionally refined results using BODY HAIRS. No one else in INDIA comes close, in my opinion. Notice what I have said above without unduly criticizing Dr. Bhatti or any other clinics. In fact before Eugenix gave me NEW LIFE I was rejected by many doctors, including most recommended doctors FROM INDIA here on the forum. Only Dr. Arika and Pradeep had experience, training, passion and confidence to take it up apart from couple more. (no other doctor from India was ready), please see my original post to see the details of who all rejected me!. I do have the proof of those rejection in my e-mails if anyone wants to verify. So if you have had experience with Eugenix then post here, not just unduly hypothetical, imaginary scenarious. Little sad that it has come to this. Anyway to each his own. Good luck and peace out.
  10. Would it not make your travel and life easier if you are picked up from the airport (so that NO ONE CONS you with a insanely high TAXI fare, as it often happens near most airports, even in USA), and have no worry about where you will stay and where you will eat?. How is that being McDonalds?. Please think before you write such things. Just because they are located in India how did you assume that you have not heard of them or they have not been in business for long?, may be in your own small world, but they are pretty well known..and have consistently produced exceptional results in high Norwood cases, they have a unique well established technique DHT, if their patient's are passionate about their work, it is because their work speaks for itself, patients are happy with their results and vouch for them?, what's wrong with that?...sad to see such uninformed comments.